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Polarfleece "hair" tips?

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Hi --

When I get the opportunity, I now have the same rag doll pattern that my grandma used to make us a rag doll growing up - so Ina will get the same style doll from me! BUT - I'm wondering what to do with the hair. The pattern calls for typical wool yarn hair (picture Raggedy Ann) --- my Grandma made the doll using brown fabric for the back side of the head, and a little semi-circle (shallow) of the same fabric at the top seam of the head as "bangs." I think she did so to make it more durable, and also to make it easier to wash?

Which makes that approach tempting .... yarn hair IMO does have a tendency to eventually be loved out, KWIM? I'm wondering what experience/advice folks might have on fleece "hair" -- I read on an earlier post here about taking long strips of fleece and pulling it, and then it "curls up" for making hair. My big questions are - How well does this wash? (That is, does it stretch out into long lanks at that point, or does it stay curly, or do you have to re-stretch it to make it curly?)? And how well has it remained attached while being "loved"? Ina is nearly 3 and even assuming tht I don't get this dolly done 'til she's nearly 4 , I'm expecting it to get a lot of loving/dragging/attention (or hoping anyway).....
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fleece hair tips

I'm new and I see its been a while since you posted this, but I have made quite a few dolls with fleece hair and they turned out very well, and the fleece was much sturdier and stronger for hair than yarn and premade hair I have used before. I also like cutting the fleece into strips with pinking shears and it sort of comes out like thick dreadlocks.
Hope this helps if your project is not already finished!
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over time, i think anything will wear a bit. The fleece hair has a nice curl, but does eventually stretch a bit, in my experience. I just add another layer over the top.
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