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how many days past O did you get a +

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and what brand did you use?
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just popping in from June/July...

I got a negative at 17 days and disn't get a pos until 22 or 23! Then I was using a "Life" brand test. I was also bf'ing at the time so i don't know if this affected it or not.
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13 DPO, internet cheapie then a dollar tree. Both faint and slow, but definite.

I only tested that early because my usual luteal phase is 10-11 days.
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10DPO for me but now I am wondering if maybe I got my O date wrong because I've never had one that early.

ETA - Internet cheapie from saveontests.com
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11DPO with a $4 dollar general (blue dye +/- test)...also used a dollar tree and it was extremely faint. Didn't get a really firm positive until 14DPO
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The 7th was my last fertile day. I tested the 18 and got a Then the 19th I started to bleed thought it was my period but was very light then turned brown. I knew that wasn't normal so I took another one on the 25, 26 and 27 and they were all positive. I used the equate + - for the negative and the first 2 positives and then an Accuclear. So - 11 dpo, + at 18 dpo.
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10 DPO with First Response. I'm 100% sure of the o date.
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12 dpo, EPT, absolutely certain of ovulation date (confirmed by temps).
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13 dpo. Just like my last pregnancy. Internet cheapies showed it first, then FRER.
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12 DPO (very sure of O date), good line on First Response and also a positive on Clearblue Digital
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EPT test...not sure of my O...if I had been sure, I wouldn't be here, lol! I'm between 3 & 5 days "late" though.
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first response...got a very definate line 3 days before i was to get my period...but i'm wondering if i haven't been for a while b/c my m/c messed everything up cycle wise...but first response has always been good to me
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11 dpo with first response, first morning urine. Then later that day, two more BFP's with Target brand
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8dpo with some ebay tests, late in the afternoon, and then again the next morning with FMU.
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11 DPO with an OPK (thought it was an HPT)
12 DPO with CVS brand
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12 dpo.

It was a no-name brand from my local pharmacy.
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I got my BFP on about 7 dpo with an EPT. I also tried a First Response test but it didn't give me a BFP until a few days later.
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7 DPO with an EPT. Thank you, chemE_momE! I'm so glad someone else got a bfp that early! I was beginning to think I was seeing things...or dreaming!
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11 DPO, first response, very faint (12 DPO & 13 DPO they were a little darker)
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13 dpo (with $ Tree cheapie) got a -
18 dpo (I figured I was out of the game, so I didn't even attempt to test again until then!) ++
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