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She's here! **UPDATE**- Story, post#1

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Kaitlyn Xenia arrived June 28 at 5:17pm. 7 pounds 8 oz, 21-1/2 inches long. She looks JUST like her brother, it's almost creepy! Pretty intense story, I'll get around to it in a few days - We're finally home today and settling in.

Congrats to all the mamas who've had their babes while I was gone, until I get to read your messages individually!
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OK...so I had been 'dancing around' with the preeclampsia thing for several weeks, and my 24-hour urine on Saturday the 22nd came back more elevated than last time, so they said we needed to have this happen sooner rather than later (meaning they didn't want me to go past Wednesday). So, a bed finally opened up for me on Tuesday evening (40 weeks to the day), and I was admitted, to be induced Wednesday morning.

That night the midwife checked me and I was 3 cm and about 60% effaced. They started the drip pretty low at 10AM Wed morning, and contractions started up right away - I was mobile on the IV with a telemetry monitor, so I walked around a lot. However, I was still only 3 when she checked me at 1:15 pm, after increasing the pitocin 3 times between 10 and 1. She broke my water then around 1:15, and then things REALLY picked up. By 2pm, I was 5cm. By 3:20pm, I told her I was feeling really intense rectal pressure and she checked me, and was somewhat shocked to find me completely dilated and effaced (that was fairly intense, dilating 7 cm in only 2 hours). I have to say I LOVED the birth ball, it helped ameliorate the contractions...but I did cave in at about 2:30 and had a shot of Nubain, the pain was SO much more intense than anything I had during my first labor with my son (which lasted 8 hours, all natural and spontaneous). I asked them to give me just enough to take the edge off, and it was perfect.

So, I started pushing around 3:30. I have to say that from the beginning, it didn't feel like my pushes were really accomplishing anything, even though they were telling me I was doing fine. I pushed in all sorts of positions, on the ball, on all fours, standing, squatting, even on the toilet to help me focus more on "where" I should be pushing ....but somehow I just felt like it wasn't doing what it was supposed to be doing (I got REALLY swollen too down there, which also surprised the MW a bit, she said it was a fairly unusual amount of swelling..so I'll ahve to remember to ask her if she thinks that was significant, too, or if I'm just a freak! I'm finally back to normal, no more swelling, but it took several days of constant icing to go down).

Somewhere around 4:30, baby started to have decelerations that required me to take really deep breaths after each push to get her heart rate back up...and she hadn't descended any further out at all yet. By 4:45, I wasn't able to get her heart rate back up with deep breaths and they put an oxygen mask on me. Then, she had a really low decel on the next push and we couldn't get her heart rate back up. From that push in the birthing suite, through a very quick discussion and trip to the OR, until the moment they pulled her out at 5:17pm by repeat C-section, only 11 minutes elapsed - DH and I were amazed they were able to do it that quickly, and so thankful. DH said by the time they got him in a hat and gown and into the OR, she was already out on the table being worked on. She had a fairly tight, short nuchal cord, and apparently her head was not positioned well as she had a big bruise on it (the bruise is starting to heal finally now) from it pushing down on my cervix, but not being able to come out. Soo, we're not sure if it was just the cord and a bad head position, and/or if in fact additionally I do have some sort of pelvic bone issue going on (because DS didn't descend or engage either, through a natural and spontaneous labor), but a vaginal birth was just not in the cards for me.

Soooooooooooooo. Not necessarily what I had envisioned for a VBAC, but I am really grateful that A) I was able to labor and push in such a way that I felt like I did everything I needed to to try to have a VBAC, and B) the MD and staff were so great at their jobs and were able to keep our little one from any harm.

Because of the urgent nature of my operation, I was put under a general and they weren't as "delicate" as they might have been otherwise, so I'm still pretty sore around my incision, and it took a few days for my throat to feel OK after being intubated (I've never been intubated before).

The hospital staff was GREAT, the nurses were great, even my roommate was great. DD is a nursing fiend (I'm lucky to get 2 hours out of her, and she has a super latch and suck ), strong as anything, voiding really well, and I was able to nurse her less than 2 hours after she was born. Honestly, other than the throat irritation from the tube, I preferred the general to the spinal I had with DS, as that took nearly 7 hours to wear off and I HATED feeling numb from the waist down. Once I was awake from the general, I was pretty well "with it".

DD looks so much like her brother did at this stage, it's scary. I had brought some pictures of DS with me to look at when I missed him, including one of him 1 day old, and I showed several of the staff members, and even they couldn't believe it wasn't the same baby - pretty funny.

I'm really glad to be home, I'm healing up great (my incision looks amazing) and am loving every minute I'm spending with DD, DS, and DH. She's a sweet pea, but pretty feisty when she doesn't like something (like diaper changes, or being laid on her back). Things are going really well, and we are totally in with her!!

Oh, and on a side note: 2 hours after I was admitted on Tuesday night, our county went into a state of emergency because of flooding. Thousands of people were evacuated from their homes, we got the most rainfall we've ever had in a 24-hour time period, one of the local hospitals shut down and evacuated all their patients, bridges were flooded, major highways closed, rivers and creeks crested way above their flood points, and it was in general a major disaster in our area. And I missed the entire thing because I was in the hospital. So WILD. What a story to tell this little one when she gets older. DH and my dad took some pictures of the area to remember and show her when she's older. Thankfully we were spared any water damage as we live at the top of a hill far enough away from the river that it didn't affect us. But MAN. What a time here.

So, that's my very lengthy story (but would you expect anything less than a novel from me? ).

Hope everyone else is doing well!!!
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Yay Congrats!!
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Congratulations! What a pretty name!
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Congrats mama! Can't wait to hear your story!
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Congrats! I'm curious to hear your story as well!
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congrats! I'd love to know the background on her middle name.
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Originally Posted by PancakeGoddess
congrats! I'd love to know the background on her middle name.
DH and I wanted her to have the same middle initial as our son (his is Xavier), so we searched around to find a female "X" name with 3 syllables (to flow well with our last name and her first name), and really liked Xenia, and also liked the meaning - "welcoming, hospitable"...plus, we liked the way it sounded. :
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Story posted......:bump
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I'm so glad you had time to labor and push, and that she's here and healthy (and so are you!).
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So glad you are both doing great!
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Welcome Kaitlyn!

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Congrats! I'm so excited she's finally here, I can't wait to meet her. HA! You really did miss alot of the local flooding action around here. I've been off line for a week and being out of touch from the world is so strange. Getting a moment here to check the web while Mom is watching DD. I'll call you soon.

Congrats to you all!
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