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Here are some who like to run. They run for fun in the hot JULY sun. - Page 2

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I like the chant...I'll have to remember it and see if it works for me

Got back from a nice long run. I think it's about 6, maybe 6 1/2 miles. I walked a little at first and of course down and back up the stairs (I'm afraid of a mistep). It took forever to find my groove, but I eventually did. I always see these other runners and I want to explain why I'm so slow Silly I know.
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drjen~ seriously, you need to be saving these stories for your memiors.
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I have to agree...it would make a great labor book
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Back from my 8.2... wow was it hot! It's going to be in the 90s today.

Great story Jen... yes... I agree about the book.

BBM glad you got a run in... I know what you mean about wanting to explain... and it's that very thing that makes me remember everyone pretty much has a reason for their pace. We'd all run as fast as Superman if we could.
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doctorjen, I love your stories too.

I'm on for a 10er, solo, today. I slept in after a way-too-long day yesterday, so I think I am going to log them on the TM. It's not that hot now, but it would be likely 85 out there by the time I finish, and humidity is at 100%...so, feeling wimpy after many hours in the sun the last few days (still nursing a sunburn, in fact), I'll suck it up and use the TM. Missing my running partner the last few weeks, and I hope she's better soon.

I *think* we might spend a relaxing day mostly at home! Dh is out doing yardwork with dd now. Maybe I'll drag them over to the (pool) for an hour or two this afternoon. Maybe we'll grill our lunch in the park. Maybe they'll put hooks in and fish a little...anything is possible. I like mornings like this.

Better get moving.
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Just back from church. I'm a hormonal mess-cried twice during the service today. Sheesh. They did a patriotic medley that made me think of my grandfather and I just couldn't stop it.

I'm having a hard time with not doing the Peachtree. Dh is making all of his plans and is so excited and I feel so left out. It'll be fun to watch and cheer him, BIL and Mamabeth on though. We're even bringing pom-poms. Yes, we're nerds. :nana:

Dh and I are having a last little get-away this weekend. We're going to Savannah and I'm really looking forward to it, even though it's going to be so hot.


Doctorjen-Holy Cow woman! 4 hours of sleep and still won your group. I'm very impressed, even if it was a small race. I also love the chant!

Plady- Goats!

Shanti- Wow-what a rough couple of years. I'm glad things are going better and you seem to have more balance in your life now. for your kids! You must be so proud!

Kate~mom-8 miles with the jogger? Wow!

Mamabeth-I hope you had a great birthday.

Eksmom- for your aunt. We had a friend of the family that had some sort of cancer in her neck/shoulders and survived that and lived for another 40 years.

Balancin1-Did you make it out there this today?
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I'm back! 7.25 miles in 1:38, with lots and lots of water breaks. It rained on me the last two miles and that was like little kisses from heaven. Lots of homeless people still asleep in the parks, which makes me sad, but I only got asked for money once.

Off to take DD to the zoo...
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came out to work on my dissertation, my email was open and this was there from my sister:

I don't know what's wrong with me. Been crying for 2 days straight. Had two of my worst panic attacks ever yesterday, one while driving. I couldn't feel my face or my hands and I couldn't breathe. I just want this to stop. I don't know why I feel this way or how to fix it anymore. It's been 3.5 months and I'm still really sad and really frustrated and really lonely. I feel like the person that everyone forgot and I don't know what to do. I can't sleep for more than 2 hours at a time and don't want to go back on my sleep meds cuz they make me groggy during the day. I went to another psychiatrist on Wednesday and she tried to tell me that I'm bi-polar and make me take some scary medicine on top of what i already take. So now I have to find a new pyschiatrist, which is virtually impossible.

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went for a walk/run/walk this morning. it was so hot at 8am already! i am having trouble getting used to this weather...!

shanti - do you have a blog/site setup to sell your quilts? i can't remember.

kerc - your sister sounds like she is in so much inner pain. hope she finds some peace soon

eksmom - so sorry to hear about your aunt, that's heart wrenching news

drjen - a book, seriously. i bet you have some really amazing stories in general if the labor ones are any indication!

fussy, cranky kids...must go...
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Thanks for the welcome...

Dr Jen- Fond of the labouring stories as well. You can play a major role in empowering woman. Also slightly jealous as I am a ER nurse wanting to be a ob nurse wanting to be a midwife.

Shanti- Actually I am heading your way today- want to talk to the guy at Martins re new bike then the beach soooo very hot.

Run later, much later today when it cools down 28ish here today. I'm a night runner. I have never really understood the am.
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kerc, I remember having some very scary moments like your sister describes, about 7 years ago. I wasn't under treatment, though, and sometimes it seems as though navigating those waters is as tough as the inner part. I hope something changes for the good for your sister, and soon.

Welcome, new running mamas! I know you'll love it here, once you figure out how to keep up!

I had a milestone 10 miles. 1:38:25. Walked another half to cool down, and now I feel much better about some of yesterday's fatigue-related snacking. Sticking with the New Deal. I even re-worked my training plan as part of the New Deal.

Dh took the kids to a petting zoo. Yes, we were at a big zoo yesterday, and it was there that dh realized that our dd would rather spend 3 hours hugging baby farm animals (for free) than walking around and pointing at exotic animals in re-created habitats (for, all told, about $50). So, she's off snuggling with goats and llamas. And now that we're around the house, let the grilling begin!:
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Ok, more than half my runs in the last few weeks have been canceled due to minor things that have kept me indoors: 95 degrees, tornato warnings, iffy sleep patterns...

Despite Phil's objections, I'm now in the market for a treadmill. I hate treadmills. They are boring beyond belief, but today I HAD to run and by the time I could get out the door, it was over 95°.

Recommendations on what to look for? I'm going to consult Consumer Reports, but I'm planning to craigslist it, so I'm wanting to know what features to look for and how to know it's workable for regular <6 mi runs. Features, pitfalls, etc. What do I need to look for?
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No run today. I decided to take today off because I want to run tomorrow for sure, and want to not be too tired. I'm planning to get up and run with the cross country coach's summer running group in the morning.

kerc - depression is so scary. Can she find counseling in addition to the psychiatrist? It's so hard because mental health services are so limited in many places. If you don't like the one person who is available, you're out of luck. Does she have any support near her IRL?

poppy - Somehow, I didn't realize you had such a cool first name!

So the other 2 birth stories.
First, was a young (21) first time mom who was due the day before. She woke up at 5 am with cramping, which by 6 am turned into contractions 5 minutes apart or so. She headed in to the hospital around 8 or so (while I was running my race actually.) She was 3-4 cms and 90% effaced on arrival, and she ended up with one of my favorite labor nurses who is our most senior nurse. By the time I arrived at 9:30 am, Tina the labor nurse had talked the mama into the tub where she was floating with the jets and sipping cold water. Tina had put an IV in because the mama was initially dead set on having an epidural as soon as possible and you have to have IV fluids first, but she talked her into waiting for the fluids to run while in the tub. The mama was much more comfortable in the tub, which was the nurse's goal to begin with. She asked me as soon as I walked in when she could have her epidural, and we talked about the risks/benefits. She decided to wait a while longer after we talked (mostly, she was really worried that it was going to get much worse, so I encouraged her to just deal with what was going on right now, and we could change our plans later if she wanted.) An hour later, she was wondering if she could have some pain meds through the IV instead. I didn't want to make her get out of the tub, and her baby had had great heart tones throughout, so we gave her a little Stadol through the IV in the tub. That was enough to help her really relax in between and take the edge off during contractions. She ended up staying in the tub until after noon when she decided she was too pruny to take any more water. Also, she wanted to be checked for dilation which we did and she was 8 cms already. She also couldn't stand lying down, so she sat on the birth ball leaning over pillows in her dp's lap while her mom rubbed her back for a while longer. Soon, she started grunting with contractions, then pushing in earnest. I'm fond of the birth ball, but haven't figured out yet how to get the baby out while still sitting on one, so she moved to the bed in hands and knees. Her water started leaking shortly after she started pushing. Tina, the nurse, is always lots of fun to work with because she's good at being supportive and encouraging without pitying or smothering. She really helped this young woman believe she could do it. Anyway, after a while her legs were too tired to stay on her knees, so she turned on her side. Actually, she was more diagonal on the bed, half on her side, half on her back, with her head wedged against the bed rail. Looked miserable uncomfortable, but was exactly how she wanted to be. She must still have had a forebag of waters, because the first time she pushed in this position her water broke in earnest, splashing several feet away! She pushed her baby out in this position shortly after - a nice plump 8 lb 9 oz baby boy with huge hands and feet. Today she is thrilled that she did it without the epidural, and still on a labor high. (And honestly, she would likely have pushed a lot longer with an epidural, and who knows how it would have turned out.)

The last mama actually had arrived to labor and delivery in the very early morning with her water broken, but no contractions. She'd already been leaking fluid for about 20 hours. We waited a lot of the day, but she didn't start to labor. She had switched to me mid-pregnancy because a neighboring town hospital where she'd planned to birth had banned VBACs. She'd had 1 cesarean followed by 2 VBACs already, so she wasn't eager to have a repeat cesarean. For various reasons, we didn't feel comfortable waiting indefinitely with her water broken. Around 2 in the afternoon, we decided on some cautious pitocin. She was soon in good labor. She turned out to have some kind of nutty family members, who were running in and out of the room and talking loudly and generally disrupting the flow of things most of the day. Around 7 pm, she started to want to push - and things got a little weird from there. She'd say "when will you let me push? Why can't I push?" and I'd say "Push whenever you want" but she wouldn't. And then a few contractions later we'd have the whole same conversation over again. Then she got very nauseous, and vomited several times. Her sister turned out to be one of those types who can't see people vomit, so she threw up herself. The both of them gagging away for some reason got my labor nurse going too (not the experienced one, this was the next shift) and she had to leave the room to avoid vomiting herself. With all that puking, the laboring mom also managed to push out a bunch of stool, which got the sister going again. Talk about the non-glamorous parts of my job - here I am alone with the laboring mama, the gagging sister, and all sorts of stuff that needed cleaned up. I don't have a weak stomach thankfully, and the biggest problem I was having was trying hard not to laugh at the absurdity of it all. The mama felt lots better after getting all that, er, cleaned out I guess, and went back to pushing a little, and asking me when she could push, and my labor nurse came back. Still, no obvious signs of baby. Finally, around 8, I checked her cervix and she had a thin anterior lip of cervix that slid right over the baby when I pushed it, and the baby slid down quite a bit. She did finally start pushing then in earnest, and the baby was born at 8:08 pm. The sister and mother were back in the room for the birth, and drove me nuts screaming "Push, push, push, push" at the mama, to the point that I finally yelled at everybody to hush so the mama could calm down, catch her breath, and ease her baby out. I almost never raise my voice, so I shocked even myself, but all that yelling is no way to come into the world! Baby girl, 7 lbs 1 oz, with tiny perfect features.

Of all the babies yesterday, my one mama who was due yesterday wasn't one of them, so I'm guessing she'll be along shortly. Hopefully not tonight, because I need a good night's sleep!
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Huge Gnome News!!!

The gnomes sent another gift!!!!! This time for Libby!!!! Read all about it in the blog!!!!
Also can read there about my bike ride today.
Sorry...but Chris will get mad if I'm on the computer too much while he's home, so I can only write it all once. : Please forgive me.
I love you all. i'll catch up on everything later!
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Exercise today? Cleaning my daughters' room. And rearranging some furniture. The girls' room is a scary mess - I haven't been able to vacuum in thre for - oh, months probably. Probably not helping the asthma : I through out a ton of stuff. I am working on decluttering our house - piles of books to donate to the library, some stuff for the church flea market, some for Sally Ann - and I have to figure out how to sell some of my mom's furniture and paintings for her. I don't want to keep it all but I am clueless about how to go about getting a fair price for her stuff, especially living in a rural area.

I need to get out running tomorrow. Too much chicken curry with mango salad tonight - and I won't admit to how many brownies I have had for dessert - so far:

We are off to the beach. It was raining last night so the Canada day fireworks were postponed until tonight.

It is driving me nuts that I can't join you all in a couple of weeks. Who all is going?

geo - I hate treadmills too, but if I had space for one I know I would do it. The only place we could put one is the basement - and it has 5 foot ceilings so that's a no-go : : :
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I just got back from a 16.5 mile bike ride. It was awesome! It's the first route I've found that I really like.

I won't even confess to y'all what gross food I put in my body today at the fair. But, we had fun and there are new pictures on my blog/on Flickr.

Kerc, I'm so sorry about your sister. I hope she finds a way to get hooked up with a therapist that she likes. to her and you.

drjen, more great stories! I have to admit I at all the puking and stuff going on in that last one. Glamorous for sure!

1jooj you were clicking along on those 10 miles. WTG!

HBM I'm sorry about the Peachtree. You are a good wife/friend for going along to cheer when you'd rather be running. Next year? And have fun in Savannah - that's where DH and I went for our honeymoon.

Hi to everyone else!
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Hey mamas just checking in. Had a bit of a rough weekend and need to go to bed and actually get up and run tomorrow morning. Hoping for no rain at 5am. Just a few miles as I have the 5k on Tues morning but didn't run Sat or Sun so feeling like a slug.

The open water swim on Saturday did go pretty well. Swam about a mile in 34 minutes. Not break neck speed and definitely not the most efficient swim but a baseline to start. Hoping to get at least two more of those in and some regular time in at the pool before the tri. Going out to the bike shop to look at aero bars for the bike and other fun goodies sometime in the next week.

I am getting so excited to see all you Dingos in less than two weeks now!!
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Oh, mamas, I forgot to say earlier... I have been bitten by the cake decorating bug again. I am going to try to make these for our 4th of July meal (Mom and Dad are coming over). I guess I'm going to make them tomorrow night... I'm not taking any time off this week for the holiday.
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That's cute eksmom

2BB's - I hope everything is alright

Kerc - I wish there were words to ease the pain. For you and your sister.
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I got up and ran 2.5 miles. Heck at least I did it. I am excited about tomorrows 5k.

Things are no worse than before in the relationship dept. Right now I am focusing on getting my workouts in and enjoying these hot days of summer. I am finding a new patience and perspective with my kids that I didn't have before. Basically working on the things that are from me. If dp can't get his s*it together at least I will be in the best place possible. Somedays that is harder to remember and appreciate than others.

Must get the kiddos up. Hope everyone's getting out there today!
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