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Here are some who like to run. They run for fun in the hot JULY sun. - Page 3

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2bbs - Good luck on the 5K tomorrow!

I did get up and run this morning. No one else turned up except the coach (holiday weekend still, I guess) so she just ran with me. We ran 3.55 miles, in what felt like a pretty good effort for me, in 34:10. I ran without the jogger because my dcp is on vacation this week and dh took the week off so all the kids can sleep in today. I was surprised that I wasn't a little faster without the jogger (that was 9:37/mile pace) but I guess considering I just ran a 5K that felt really hard at just under 9 minute pace that's not too bad.

Off to shower and go to work. I'd much rather climb back in bed with dh and enjoying the sleeping in!
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hi all!

kerc: at least your sister knows that she has problems and can express it.

Party_of_6 - hang in there

no running to report i'm in the midst of a very bad eczema attack. i can barely more my left hand to type or do anything as it's so swollen, and it feels as if tacks are pressing into my hands - pretty painful. This is the second day of it and i'm miserable. no running, biking, knitting, sewing, relaxing or being normal until it clears up. and it looks awful. and all of this because i had some espresso on my trip in minneapolis - coffee is a no-no with my homeopathic treatment that generally keeps this under control. and i had some tiramisu (espresso soaked ladyfingers) which didn't taste that good, not good enough to go through this nonsense.

btw - i love the title of this thread.

i'm off to finish this article i'm writing on spa software, so that I can go home early and feel bad for myself.
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Good morning mamas,

Kerc - I hope your sister finds help, it has to be a good thing that she can tell you how she feels though right?

Mandy - Ouch, that sucks! I hope it clears up fast!

Dr. Jen - That sounds speedy to me!

2bbs - Sorry to hear things aren't moving well for your dp but at least you are looking out for your own welfare and that's really all you can do, and the most important thing too. Good luck on your race tomorrow.

Shanti - mmm, brownies !

Eks - That's cute. I get bitten by that bug too but I'm really shockingly bad at cake decorating I hope yours turns out well. Now that I've seen that I've found myself staring into my pantry wondering of I should make a festive cake for tomorrow too

Poppy - I hear it's possible to acclimate. I have a friend who moved to Nashville about 7 years ago from RI and now she loves the climate

I'm really just here to post goals:

Monday - pilates
Tuesday - 3 miler
Wed - pilates
Thursday - 4 miler
Friday - pilates
Sat- 3 miler

According to the schedule this is a rest week which is fine with me since it's also dd's first week of summer vacation and she doesn't have so many activities lined up yet. And with that it's time to get dd off of pbskids.org and out to do something real before my pilates class!

: Kate~mom, HBM, BBM, Lofty, Balancin, Wawoof, Geo, Jenlove, Po6, 1jooj, cReb, anneliz, ND, cherylann, mamapoppins, flitter, and everyone I'm missing!
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Hi all!
Wow, I've missed 2 months of threads, but maybe I'll keep up this time
I have been running, and am now following a half-marathon training plan. Since I'm moving next month (to Odessa, TX) I don't have a race picked out yet, but I did find a website with area races, so maybe I'll have one to sign up for.
I'll be starting work as a faculty member at UTPB in the fall, and dh is going to be a stay at home dad for a while, and work on getting a woodworking business going. There are lots of jobs for him in the region if we need to go that route in the future. We just bought a house within a bike ride to the campus, and while I'm sad about not being able to have horses or acerage, there are a lot of advantages to this place as well.
I've got one more month here in New Mexico, and am working on finishing up a lot of projects (although my research group wants to keep me on part time for the next few years).
That's all for now, off to work on my geostats project! Hi to everyone, and great runs!
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2bb -

kerc - to your sister and you

doctorjen - love your birth stories!

wendy - thanks for the soccer league recommendation. now i just need to figure out which league(s) will work out schedule-wise. i'd love to play more than one day per week, but if i play the menlo park league i wouldn't see the kids after school 2 days/week so i may just do the palo alto league in the fall and maybe do the menlo park one when the kids are bigger. check out the runnersworld treadmill reviews

yesterday's run worked out well family-wise. we all drove to park that's on a bike path, and DH played with the kids (including E riding his bike) while I ran for about 30min. the weather was gorgeous - seventies and full-sun, reminding me why i'm lucky to live here. however, the planned easy run felt really hard. i realized during it that it was following 3 really hard workout days (brick thurs, soccer fri, long run sat). and the muscle just above my knee was really sore afterward, so I'm taking today off to recover. flitters and i just realized we live close to each other so i'm going to do the 5k with her tomorrow - can't wait to meet another dingo IRL!
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Hi everyone!
I haven't posted in awhile but am still in some semblance of training for the Philly Distance Run. Did 5 miles yesterday as my long run of the week. Did it in 1:07, so not very fast, but at least I did it. Wiped me out though. I blame the hills.

Plans for the week:
Mon: 2 mile walk with the kids in the stroller (maybe)
Tues: 3 mile run
Wed: 3 mile run
Thurs: 30 minutes of walking
Fri: 3 mile run
Sat: rest
Sun: 6 mile run
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Ride to work weather permitting

Mon: Morning run (check 2.5miles)
Tues: 5k race, 10-15 mile bike ride
Weds: 45 minute swim
Thurs: 5-6 miles run
Fri: 3 mile run(?), 20 mile bike
Saturday: 8-10 mile run, 30 minute swim
Sunday: 25-30 mile bike
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doctorjen--thanks for sharing the birth stories.

july4 racers--i hope you had fun, and that it was less humid in your neck of the woods than mine. last year my fil and i ran a fun 5k. today, lemon sorbet instead.

this week: wed swim, thurs pilates, fri swim, sat swim.

i'll pop back in soon with a race for the list.
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I, of course, love the title of this thread

I didn't get a long run in this weekend, but dh, K and I went on a trail run Saturday morning-thought of you mamabeth and your trail run. Well, it was less than stellar. We have run these trails before -it was in a Nat'l park- although that was pre-K. I kept asking dh if he wanted me to push her-no, no, no-I am fine,etc...parts of the trails were really brutal and not very stroller friendly. Anyway-he ended up with some kind of heat exhaustion-the hills killed him-he felt horrible after. He compared it to one of our 20 milers a few years ago-where he just wanted to die afterwards-again heat exhaustion. Then I got stung on my head by a wasp or something? It felt like a pen knife in my scalp digging around for the rest of the day. Not good-my head still feels bruised today. So no running yesterday. Went out for a 4.5 mile run this morning-hot, but good.

mon-4.5 miles (check)
tues- 5 miles
wed-5 miles
thurs-4 miles
sat-8 miles

Back later! K just woke up-short nap today...
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Just saw this and it cracks me up!
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Thread Starter 
Originally Posted by 2babybees
Oh, that is too funny! EK could use one of those!!
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OMG, I need one of those for E!
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OMG that is too perfect. I am going to show DH!

Goals for the week:
Sunday 7miles--did 7.25!
Monday off
Tuesday 4 miles with dog
Wednesday weights
Thursday 5K timed on track?
Friday yoga
Saturday 6 miles in the early AM

It's supposed to get hot again this weekend.

So I had this moment of clarity during my run last thursday about the upcoming 5K race. I had promised myself when I signed up that I was just going to run to finish and that's what I need to do. I think it's good I'm having these waves of wanting to see how fast I can run, and that is what I hoped signing up for a race would do to keep me going, but I really need to put more time into building my "base" and losing some more weight (I had wanted to be ten pounds lighter before "really" running) first. My job gets progressively busier at the end of summer and early fall culminating in my trade show at the end of October, so my goal after this race should be to keep running throughout that busy season. After that, maybe I can "treat" myself to pushing hard for a 5 or 10 K and seeing what I can do to improve my speed. It's hard though, 'cause like someone mentioned a few pages back, I too always want to apologize for my slow pace and get really competitive when I get passed.

I do, however, need to figure out how fast to go out for this race since I've never run one before. The other thing I realized on the treadmill the other day is that I always start to loosen up and run better after the first mile and a half, so maybe I really need to do a better warmup pre-race (my first 3 miles took 36 mins but the last 3 took under 33--I think this is more than just negative splits and into strategy territory). What kind of warmup do y'all do for a 5k?

I'm thinking I might try a workout on thursday on an outdoor track of warming up for 800 m and then running 5K at a comfortably hard pace and seeing how long it takes me. Then I'll have some idea of what kind of pace I can set without running out of gas at the end. The planner in me is going crazy trying to wrap my head around this race. I've never run this distance before, all my HS races were sprints...
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Hi Mamas,

Thanks for the new thread EK’s Mama

Shanti, what a difficult period of time your family had. I can see why your runs and walks out in the fresh air near the lake are so powerful for you

AnneElizabeth, this is a wonderful group.

BBM, I loved hearing your long route, it sounds wonderful.

EK’s Mama, I hope all goes smoothly with your aunt and she responds quickly to treatment.

Dr. Jen, you did a great job on a hard race in the middle of a baby marathon! WTG

HBM, have fun away in Savannah. I hope you have a great time. I can relate to the feeling of being bummed out about missing something. It’s ok to wallow in it, and then find a way to have fun doing it differently this year

Kerc, I am thinking of you Mama as you write. You know, your sister’s note reminds me of myself when I was recovering from depression in my 20s. I was on meds for the depression and they were working but I also have pretty bad anxiety issues that weren’t being addressed by my meds. I went on some hard core anti-anxiety meds and it was like being given a whole new life. With her description of her panic attack, I wonder if she has something like that going on which isn’t being addressed?

Jooj, congrats on your PR 10 miles. That is so awesome and you are an amazing woman in general. I am glad you are a friend of mine

Geo, the best features on my treadmill are the different types of programs, different sprints and hill workouts. There are lots of different combinations so the runs are never boring. Ours also comes with a heart monitor which for some folks is an important feature, for others not so. We did a lot of research and found that the best TMs to get for serious runners are the more expensive ones, vs. the basic fitness ones which don’t hold out under the type of use we would give them. OF the running grade treadmills, they all seemed pretty similar, and had differences which we only appreciated while running on them. For example some were more elastic than others in the footfall and that is a personal preference sort of thing. We looked at this reference quite a bit. http://www.tmdoctor.com/pages/best_buy_awards.php they also have reviews of pretty much all brands of TMs. Also runners world has good reviews. We ended up getting the most basic pacemaster TM. Also if there is a sports store near you, go and run on the different ones to see if any particular brand has a feature you don’t like. There was one that I didn’t like because it was way too bouncy to me.

2BB I am excited and a bit jealous of you as you get ready for the tri. I miss racing more than I let myself admit sorry you had a bad weekend Mama, I hope the week gets better for you.

Aw Mandy, I hope you feel better soon. What a bummer that coffee can do this to you  Does it bother to make your coffee soap?

Reb, those gnomes are cool! So how are you feeling?

Hi Athansor It is so good to hear from you. I have been wondering where your move is taking you!

Wawoof, your run sounds really nice. I have this fantasy about our whole family running together when the kids are older and realize it is just that, most likely a fantasy Have fun on your dingo run, I can’t wait to hear about it.

Pumpkinseed, oh no, that was totally a hard core run! Feel better soon.

To everyone else, I hope you are all doing well Mamas.

I am doing OK. My foot is still really painful. I think I pushed it way too hard last week during my 5 days of houseguests. So now it hurts worse again and I am still sedentary. Wah. I am going to go to yoga tonight and just do what the foot will allow me. I need to do something!

My non-running life is exciting though. Me and the other zine mamas are taping an interview for Air america radio this week! Yikes, I am so excited for this opportunity but I fear I am not well spoken enough or cool enough for radio. I will have to try to not say "like" all the time haha : The lady at the station said we can even tape a little promo spot that they will play in between, you know those "This is so and so and you're listening to blah blah blah radio" so we might be hearing our voices randomly on the radio as we drive around town. Cool but definately strange.

I took a 4 month belly pic today. I will be 18 weeks tomorrow. Don't know where the time went. Getting big and I love it even though I look a bit grumpy in the picture.

Hey, speaking of births, my good friend had her vbac this morning. She was 14 days past her due date, scheduled to be induced today, but went into labor Saturday night. Then her little boy started throwing up and it all stopped. Her inlaws took her son to their house and her labor started up again last night. She labored at home with her MW that she had for her first pregnancy (MW doesnt do vbacs, but helped her as a doula this time around) until she was completely dilated, then went to the hospital to push. After 2 hours her baby girl was born. I am so happy for her.

Take care, ND
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Back home. Rest of the family is not yet. Just subbing for now.
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Erika-love the belly. So glad you are feeling lots of kicks.

Will try to post more later. Busy weekend with house stuff. Been getting my walks in though.

Miss you all. Can't wait to meet some of you soon.

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I'm still here, still running. The leg problem wasn't the leg but a hip and back problem, according to my yoga teacher/massage therapist, so when I started focusing on the hip, it pretty much calmed down. I've been too busy with work, tho', and our impending move to run much.

I'm really kind of sad about our move. I love our old adobe house, and I love it that I can run, road or mountain bike right from my front door. I love the bunnies and cows I have to shoo away on my runs (no goats yet, Plady!). I love being the only person in my village who runs, so I don't need to feel self-conscious about ugly running shorts or 13 min miles! (and the cows don't care.) I'm sure I'll find great places to run where we're moving, but it just won't be the same... sigh....

Dr. Jen, your stories are awesome and you are one amazing mama doc! I haven't caught a baby in 3 years and I miss it, tho' not the staying up all night part.

So you all think I'd be a bad mama if I call a sitter again tomorrow so I can run? : Dh has to work another 24 hour shift, and no preschool.

Happy and safe July 4th everyone!
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love the birth stories and belly pic and shirt logo.

very excited to meet wawoof tomorrow and do the 5K! hopefully we can find some places that are good for running together on a more regular basis.

dh put an apple pie in the oven so i'm also looking forward to a piece of that very soon.
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Grrr. Not getting consistent email updates again. And then when I tried to get in here earlier there was some kind of server issue and I couldn't. I hope to get caught up again soon!

Goals for the week:

Today: Off
Tuesday: Walk and Bike
Wednesday: Walk
Thursday: Walk and Bike
Friday: Walk
Saturday: Bike
Sunday: Walk

I'm back on the map with an event, but it's a cycling one. Here's the link anyway. http://www.mikeutley.org/biketour.html I'm going to do the century.

I'll probably start running again next week. I don't know where these feelings are coming from, but I'm so resentful and angry about running that I'm refusing to do it! It's like my dad is making me and I'm rebelling. Weird. I guess I'm out of motivation. I'm might do this 10k: http://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1300718 but it's not going to happen if I don't get my butt in gear!

Hello to everyone. Sorry for being so woefully behind.
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