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Here are some who like to run. They run for fun in the hot JULY sun. - Page 42

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Originally Posted by cRebRun
don't fret Monica, some lovely, smart, funny, sweet woman already DDDC'd you, so you are safe from the evils of the poop namers.
Anyone we know? :
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Run 5x
Yoga 3x
Stay centered and at peace while my in-laws are here staying with us this week. :

I made my goals for last week, except for missing one run. My body needed the rest, though, so I'm not too worried about it.

We stopped teaching DD signs to try and get her to talk. Her solution? Start making them up herself. This morning she looked outside and saw it was cloudy, looked at me, and signed "rain" from the itsy bitsy spider song.
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Morning, y'all! Lots to say, so here goes...

Chelsea, I am so proud of you! WTG!!! You rocked it, mama. I loved reading your report. I can't tell you how many times I've said the same thing to myself when racing... it's like, when do I think I'm going to speed up and try to pass people? On a training run? I am already excited for you for this weekend and hope that the weather is more cooperative.

Elizabeth, WOW! Awesome time, awesome report as well! Congrats on the 2nd in age group, and that is some nice hardware you brought home. I have to admit I was a little envious as I read your report, especially the cycling portion. I'd like to test myself against others on the bike. Now if I would just do something about those swim lessons! Can I ask you a couple of questions about the whole tri process? For the swim/bike transition, do you dry off / is it hard to put on shoes and socks when you are wet? In transition, is it roomy or are you right up against other people, and how do you manage your stuff (like if you are taking off goggles or shoes or whatnot, do you stick them in a bag, or fling them )? I watched Ironmans on TV as a kid but it's been a long time and I wasn't paying attention to such details back then.

Lisa, OUCH about your thighs. Speedy healing vibes to you. Sounds like you had a great run, though.

Monikita, thank you for your poop support. Maybe the DDDDC goddess will pass you by (it's possible to have multiple DDDDCs, though, isn't it?). Anyway, your words were right on, my biggest fear though is that some unsuspecting person will check on me to see if I am OK and they will, how shall we say, have a negative olfactory experience. I would wish for the ground to open up and swallow me right then and there.

This weekend was a turning point of sorts for me. I actually didn't run or bike once. But, I worked my tail off around the house. I think it may not be a coincidence that everything on my to-do list (plus many things that never got written on the list) got crossed off EXCEPT for the 18 miles of running and the bike ride. I've really been neglecting the house and to some extent, Emma Kate. Throw in some fear and nervousness about my unpredictable intestines and there you have it.

I also made a decision. I'm still going to run the marathon, but I'm bailing on the Pfitz plan and moving to Higdon's Intermediate I (I'm sorry Lisa!). I have been intimidated by Pfitz from the start, and it's just too much to run for example 8 on Tuesday and 10 on Thursday (and I wasn't even 1/4 of the way into the plan, so it was only gonna get worse). It's making me late to work, leaves me no cushion if EK needs me in the morning, etc. etc. Katie - you tried to tell me, and I should have listened then, but...

During May and part of June when things with DH were at their worst, I shifted all my energy and drive to exercise. I wanted to be out of the house as much as possible. Now that things are better, my priorities have changed. Plus, this is a busy time of year for us... EK's birthday (i.e. my time to play cake decorator), a week at the beach in October, and just still lots to be done at home. I think this training plan will fit my needs better. It still allows for two 20 milers, but the highest midweek mileage day is 8 and I don't even hit that for 6 more weeks. Pfitz also called for 3 tune up races of at least 10K, and I would have had to travel to do those, which was gonna be hard and expensive.

So, there you have it. My goals for the week:

Monday: cross train - ride bike to/from work - check!
Tuesday: 3 easy, possibly bike to work
Wednesday: 6
Thursday: 3 easy, possibly bike to work
Friday: rest
Saturday: 6 at marathon race pace
Sunday: 11

Hey, those 3 milers make it possible for me to ride to work... sweet!

I feel relieved. I am stoked about everything that I accomplished over the weekend: baked two loaves of bread, made 2 kinds of pickles, parboiled and froze squash, made squash casserole, tied up the tomatoes in the garden, bushwhacked crazy giant weeds in flower garden and discovered new wild blackberry bushes , cleaned stacks of stuff out of bay window, did laundry, sorted mail, went grocery shopping, swapped out EK's toys, organized playroom, went through tons of boxes in Mom and Dad's basement and got lots of my old toys and books for EK... I haven't been this productive in a long time. But... I also spent some good time playing and reading with EK, including sobbing while reading her the Velveteen Rabbit and then having to explain why Mama is so sensitive AND that none of EK's toys are going to get "fired" (burned).

I have more I want to say, but goodness this is getting LONG. Feel free to skip, but I just want to get this off my chest:

Dear Lady at the Gym who also Happens to be a Teller at my Bank,

After I have just ridden my bike to work, it disturbs me to see you run the shower in the locker room for 5 minutes before you even get in. Furthermore, the locker room is not your personal bathroom. During those 5 minutes while your shower is "warming up", is it really necessary to snag a spot at the mirror/sink by laying out your multitude of beauty products? Others might like to use that space while you are still in the shower. You've already claimed the only shower that has a little shelf on the wall outside of it - and spread your stuff out on that shelf, so do you really also need to mark your territory by the sink? Also, on rainy mornings? Others might like to get into the locker room without having to climb around your ginormous golf umbrella that you place, opened, in the walkway. And finally, may I suggest a slightly different treadmill technique? Walking with 100% of your body weight on your arms which are on the side rails isn't terribly effective, and is less so when you stop on average every 3 minutes (I counted once) to push buttons, fiddle with your music player, wipe sweat, push other buttons, take a drink, fiddle with anything else that can be fiddled with, push more buttons, adjust your clothes, and push more buttons.

Your Gym Mate

OK so I promise I am really not a mean and evil person, but this has been going on a long time with this lady. I actually think she's probably a pretty nice person, but she just seems oblivious to the fact that her world intersects with the worlds of others. And the locker room is small - this is not a full size gym. Think public restroom with showers thrown in.

OK the length of this post must be ridiculous. This is what happens when I don't post for 2 days!
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Goals! I could use some goals...

Drink like a dairy cow.
Manage stress without eating or yelling.
Run 20-24 miles between M and F.
Slow down and make the answer "no" at least once a day.

That last one has been a real issue for me lately. I tend to want to please people--if a friend is bored and calls, I tend to drop everything "because my schedule is flexible" and do something together--which means I scramble to make up my chores, work, etc. I find I go days without taking care of myself. I suddenly realize at the end of the day, flossing, that it's the first time I've looked in a mirror, my nails need cutting, etc. Then I look around the house and realize I have not taken care of much there in a week. I don't need to be on a once-per-week social schedule with everyone I know. Obviously, I have a real hunger for people time, but I am thinking work will do a lot to satisfy that, once I am in the office. During August, though, I will run on my own schedule. Or at least I'll try harder.
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I ran 40 minutes this morning- it was s.l.o.w.-it was so humid and sticky and hot and K was with me. I am just chalking it up to one of those runs.

Goals for the week:
M-run 5 miles (cut it short)
T-run 5 miles
W - run 4 miles tempo
F-easy 4 miles
S-9 miles

Okay- a really stupid vent-it irritates me that dh goes to the grocery store without letting me know - he stopped by yesterday just to pick up a few things-and we need milk-so I have to go back out this morning because we have none in the house. I know that is stupid-but it is so flipping hot out and K does not do well getting in and out of the carseat for errands all squished together. I do not have the energy to do that this morning And yet-we need to go-we are also going to the pool - you would think that would be fun (it is- she loves it) but doesn't understand yet the concept of that is WHY she needs to get into the car...: Okay sorry about the silly rant-but this would have been solved if he would have given me a quick call to ask if we needed anything instead of just picking up his orange juice that he can't seem to live without one day.
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I ran what felt like a marathon today : It was actually more like 5 miles. But it was hot. Really hot. And humid. And I sweated. A lot! I'll have to drink a gallon of water to make it up.

Poop mama's is that our new nickname

Dd moved up to a booster seat She's just getting so big.
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Missed my run this morning. Didn't get up in time. I fear that my mood is suffering for it. : Feeling very pissy, don't feel like doing anything, and grumpy because it is so freakin hot. And only going to get worse before it gets better. Next week we are at the beach. Hopefully it isn't this hot then. We are camping and I would rather it isn't this hot then!

Ok, I will take my grumpy self elsewhere. No need to spread the bad vibes.
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ok, i'm just jumping in here quickly. nak among lots of unpacked boxes. have only read the last few pages, and...

chelsea and elizabeth, YOU ARE AWESOME!!! WOW! GREAT JOB, LADIES!!!!


Now, 2BBs, would you mind posting the distances??? thiose times look really fast!

plady, your mom is getting on my nerves, ok, and i like her! what's up with her? glad you got your place back to yourself. is dh home yet??

eksmom, i have 3 things to say to you:

1) i love LOVE your new sig.

2) it doesn't matter what you say about ek. i love her. dane loves her. she loves dane. she can do no wrong, you got that? i've got ek matched up with my dane and plady's dd matched up with my gray. i already love them.

and 3) in your letter (great letter, btw) to the gym lady, you used the word "ginormous." just wondering if you picked that up from my little family, since i've never heard it before my ds1 made it up one day when trying to describe how big something was. we liked it so much we use it often. just wondering, since i've never known anyone else to use it. great word!

and everyone! i'm running here and there. no race in store yet, but hopefully this fall...
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psst. come to the new thread.
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