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So I have too many books

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I am a homeschool mom and a book-a-holic. Unfortunately we don't many bookshelves or places to put bookshelves. So I am getting creative!

First I turned the 2nd linen closet in our house into a book closet! Now that is filled so I am having Dh add shelves between the divided hanging racks in the guest bedroom and in the playroom. I don't have any clothes in those areas anyway. I also got Ds a headboard with a bookshelf built in it! His nightstand is also open at the bottom so books fit there too!

I love books so much and we read all the time! I do need to declutter my "before kids" books to make room for more homeschool stuff.

Anyone have any other book storage ideas?

Just thought I would share.
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I wish I had some more ideas for you. Just posting to say that I'm also a book-a-holic with not enough shelves! I just can't help myself...I'm always coming home from a garage sale with a bag full of books I have no room for. : If I had more money, I'd have a house with a library/office with tons of shelves full of books!!
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I used to be this way . . . I love books! But I started to think-- I am never going to enjoy all of these books and they are not worth the real-estate in my house. So I totally culled them. It took several sessions over months. I first got rid of the ones I knew I would never read again, OR ones that I would read but were available at the public library. Then I culled down further and further until I am down to two big shelves of books. If it doesn't fit on the shelf, something must go so it can stay. We are getting two rows deep on some of the shelves, though.
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Another Bookaholic here !!!
I think I could cull some, but not enough to truly make a difference.
HAHA I need a bigger house with a Library !
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Oh, a home library is my dream! I even have it all mapped out in my head of how I would set it up! I just need a bigger house.

Nice to know I am not the only one with a book problem! I just get so attached to the books after I read them. And with homeschooling and all we read so many children's books over and over! Then I save them to read to my little one when she gets older (she is a baby now).
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another book-aholic here
I've been clearing some of them out, though, using amazon.com to sell them. It's hard to part with them, but getting a few dollars does make it easier
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I second the idea about selling on amazon.com. I got rid of a lot of books that way (mainly redundant home improvement guides, outdated antique directories that others collect, lazy-beach/cruise reading novels I have no desire to read again, etc.). And to help ease the pain--I'm a book-aholic too--I pass on books that I no longer need after I've moved beyond a certain stage/phase in my life, like beginner house-buying books. I always run into friends and acquaintances who could use what I no longer need.

I've also sold/given away CDs I know I'll NEVER listen to again.
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