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I finally caught up on this thread! I'll do personals later, I'm going to lay down for a bit because I feel like a migraine is trying to come on. : I hope not! Have a lovely 4th everyone...
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Originally Posted by JayGee
No energy for personals as I have mastitis :

What a way to spend the 4th. Ugh.

i am sorry mama..i battled this twice already...rest,rest,rest,nurse,nurse,nurse, and heat!!!!!!!!
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Hello Mamas, Things are well here- I am just loving being a mama! And so glad to be doing this in the summer, as we live in the north and it would be such a different experience in the cold and snow!

Ari is still an erratic sleeper, but dh is done work now for the summer and so I can piece together more hours of sleep if need be. We just woke up from a lovely family nap too- so nice!

I joined a mom and babies group that met for the first time today at a nearby lake- a lovely group of women and lots of talk of breastfeeding and baby carriers and cloth diapers- yeah! It feels exciting to be finding folks that I'll be raising my kids with!

Mamacats - Congrats of the ECing and the clearing rash- that's great! We too are trying some EC and I've caught a couple pees now- such a surprise. I had decided to just try and tune into his patterns and signals but not try to start ECing until he was 3 months (after we return from 2 big family weddings)- but just tuning into his patterns has meant catching some pees, and he's starting to understand my cuing noises which is just so cool- I didn't think I would find it so exciting! and he gives me a big grin when I cue him so I think he thinks its pretty cool too. And the diaper rash is definitely clearing here too!

And I continue to love the sling, though I am becomming a bit of a sling-o-holic... I want a bunch more- another wrap, a mei tie, a ergo etc etc. Ari is loving the upright position so we are nto getting so much use out of the pouch- but I'm feelin the love for the ring sling which I never thought I would...

and welcome banboomama- I hope slowing down to baby time goes well for you. I think I'm just getting into the groove here too. It is a different kind of life isn't it? But it feels so special to spend this time with a wee babe- they just change so fast!

Hope the week goes well for all and that everyone is enjoying their summer time...
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Happy belated 4th, everyone!

JayGee, big hugs. Hope you're feeling better soon.

, BambooMama. This made me laugh:

Originally Posted by BambooMama
Anyway, DH and I are super new to the whole baby thing, so you all sound so much more experienced and at ease with your new additions.
I would definitely not call myself "experienced" or "at ease"! Right now, I'm just working on "competent". I'm also a grad student (medieval English), putting my dissertation on hold for the summer and hoping to get back to it in the fall.

My in-laws and SIL came to visit for the 4th and we had a really good time. Baby was awake FOREVER. Over 12 hours, with just a few 15-minute cat naps. Of course, she then slept for 7 hours last night, had a quick 10-minute snack at 4:30 am, and is now asleep again. She put on quite a show for her grandparents and aunt (of course, they managed to arrive too late for the projectile vomiting...ugh)--lots of quiet alert time, totally responsive and playful. She also showed off how she can hold her little head up at 6 weeks and impressed everyone.

Hope everyone had a good holiday!
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Good morning all. I hope everyone had a nice long weekend. Ours was great. Dh was home for 4 1/2 days - it was like a mini vacation for us. We didn't really do anything, which was also nice, just stayed home & enjoyed the kids.

taimarie - your dh is home for the whole summer? Lucky you! I would love that. Also, that's great that you found a mom/baby group that is such a good match. That can really ge a good support. I had this w/my first born and it was a life saver at times.

andiflipping - thanks for the recommendation of lavendar EO. I am big on EOs, so will definately try that.

JayGee - oh no, another mama w/mastitis! I hope you are feeling better very soon. It sounds awful.

BBM - I get migraines too. Also hope you are feeling better very soon.

BambooMama - welcome! Glad to have you with us.
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Ugh. I'm dying here. DD just cannot seem to nurse out the plug in my duct. I have a fever of 102, chills and the worst headache known to man. It's been going on for 3 days now, so I called my doctor. I feel awful, and my milk supply has seriously tanked.
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jaygee from me who is at the tail end of mastitis I send you major hugs, and also re: your milk supply DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER I am having issues with that too ...gl
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oh JayGee, hang in there! I've got a second hit of mastitis, too. Luckily my milk supply hasn't been affected. She seems to nurse more when I have it, so it rights itself.
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Welcome BambooMama! :

Kristina I'm so sorry you're dealing with mastitis. All you other mamas having issues with it too. : I hope you guys get to feeling better and better soon and hopefully it won't return.

Taisa, I know, it is exciting! I do a little happy dance when I catch a pee. I've been getting his cues a lot but I certainly miss plenty. I also am feeling the sling-o-holism, but lack of funds keeps it in check. You lucky mama you, that's so great that you found a baby and mama group that is such a great fit for you guys. I'm still working on something like that b/c it can definitely be isolating and lonely when I'm stuck in the house all day. But it's too freaking hot here to go outside during the day!

Michelle I hope you were able to avoid a migraine and are feeling good.

I too am looooving being a mama! Each day is so different, exciting, frustrating, filled with this mind blowing love for my little guy... It's awesome! Now, if I could just find some crunchy mamas to commiserate with at the park! It gets really hard with it just being me and the munchkin at times. I'd definitely like to have playdates or something with some other mamas with small babes sometimes. There's a nurse-out at Centennial that I'm looking forward to on the 8th of August so that'll be fun I'm thinking.
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mcb, I know what you mean about finding other moms and babies to spend time with. I'm starting a mom and baby yoga class next week and I can't wait! I know a few people who moght go too, so it should be fun. I wish one friend could go, but her ds was just born 7/1 (even though he was due 6/8!!!) And I am loving being a mama, too...It's like I just joined an exclusive club. There are so many crunchy families in my area and I am so excited to get to know them.

To those of you dealing with mastitis, I wish I had some way to help, but I don't, so I'll just think of you healing quickly!

Phoebe just fell asleep for the night--I think I'll go join her since I've been extra tired the past 2 days.
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Hugs to everybody w/mastitis. I have never had it - but I have come close. I'm a little worried b/c I am going to be in a wedding this weekend . . .

We (me, DH, 28 mo DS, & 9 week DS) are flying about 2 hrs. DH is doing the photography, I am a bridesmatron. The bride asked us all to be creative and pick our own dresses in green or purple - so I have a lovely, flowy teal dress with two layers which I cut nursing holes in, and my purple Maya Wrap, with a green onesie for the babe. But I can't wear a bra under the dress, which always seems to produce blockages for me :-(

Anywhoo . . .

Happy baby days & nights to all . . .
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Turns out I have terribly cracked nipples. : I've been so focused on the thrush, I didn't even realize that those giant gaps I was seeing were not normal.

Okay, sports fans...now taking bets on which breastfeeding problem I'll have next. You've only got a couple to pick from, so choose carefully.

Note: I'm actually feeling pretty sanguine about the whole thing. I'm hoping that the pain I'm still feeling is from the cracks and not the thrush--which all in all would be a good thing.

My SIL was telling me yesterday about HER SIL, who quit bfing after a couple of weeks because "she had a c-section and she just couldn't get comfortable and she just didn't like pumping." She (her SIL) has already decided that she definitely won't bf future children. Oh, and she's a nutritionist. It made me want to . I mean, I'm SOOOO sorry she couldn't get comfy...'cause it's been a freakin' picnic over here. (Disclaimer: I realize that's completely judgmental and unfair of me.)
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Originally Posted by NYCVeg
(Disclaimer: I realize that's completely judgmental and unfair of me.)
You're entitled!

Thankfully the migraine is gone... it never hit full-on, just hung around like a threatening thunderstorm that never hits.
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ooooh, I'm matron of honor in my friend's wedding in two weeks. I'm nervous that A is going to get hungry in the middle of the vows or while the photography is taking pics of the wedding party.
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Great idea about the "make your own" nursing dress Mamabeakley!

I hit one of our two thrift stores today ISO some more nursing friendly tops. I really cannot justify "real" nursing clothes in our budget, but something patterned to hide the inevitable milk stains would be nice.

That's the one thing about mamahood I cannot abide: the smell of sour milk/spit up. I change my shirt about six times a day b/c I realize its inevitable, but it majorly bugs me.

Amanda-I went to type "hang in there" in response to your post and realized that would be like the third time I've posted that! When all your BF issues get resolved I think you need to throw a major party!
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OK mamas, I have a poop question - today is the third day my almost 7 week old babe has gone w/out a poop. She is plently gasy & grunty. The gas is coming out, but no poops. Any other babies doing this? Is it normal? I remember my ds going several days, but that was when he was on solids.

We tried out the new pond beach club yesterday. It was great. The kids were lovin' it. There was lots of shade, right next to the water for me & babe. And no one seemed troubled by my NIP (not that I really care, but it helps to have a friendly environment). There were a couple other mamas w/babies there too.

For the mamas who are in weddings soon - . Kuddos to you! Weddings are a lot of work. I hope they go well.
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Oh man Amanda- I am such a winp I would have probably given up nursing with all the problems you have had - cracked nipples HURT HURT HURT. I think you are a saint girl.

Friday! YAY. Fast week. DH informed me he has to be in Boston week after next. That should be loads of fun.: It's actually OK until bedtime. Putting 2 to bed is a pain. Oh well.

No problems here! Except for the little guy STILL hating to be in the car. What a pain that is! And in a few weekends we are driving to AZ to see my sister for my nephews birthday --- I am hoping by then he will not hate it so much. Poor little guy.
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Hi everyone .

I'm still trying to recover from mastitis. The first antibiotic they gave me made me vomit, so I went to urgent-care last night and got a new prescription. I'm still weak, achy and nauseous and my breast is still hot and red. The fever is almost gone though. If I'm not better by tomorrow morning, the doctor recommended that I go into the ER for IV abx. Ugh....

My milk supply has taken a major nosedive on the effected side too, so I'm spending the next few days bringing it back up. Nurse, nurse, nurse. Kirsten gets so frustrated because that breast was my big producer before.

Mamabeakley ~ your dress sounds really pretty. Love your modifications!

Amanda ~ although those nipple cracks don't so fun, they're probably better to deal with than thrush. And you have every right to be a wee bit judgemental of your SIL!

Max ~ we belonged to a wonderful pond beach club when I was growing up. I LOVED it there! You don't happen to live in NJ, do you?! That's where our club was. I wish we had something similar here where I am in Illinois. Alas, I just have the town pool, in all its unshaded concrete splendor.
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Originally Posted by ~*max*~
OK mamas, I have a poop question - today is the third day my almost 7 week old babe has gone w/out a poop. She is plently gasy & grunty. The gas is coming out, but no poops. Any other babies doing this? Is it normal? I remember my ds going several days, but that was when he was on solids.

we have had the same thing here!Watch out! There is probably a major blowout in your future. He has done this twice now-no poop for a couple of days and then it all comes out at once! Wyatt doesn't seem to bothered by this new pattern though-Of course no diaper on earth could hold that much poop so I have been having to watch out for it

We are all doing pretty good here this morning-The past week has been bad with all of us taking turns with the stomach flu : Everyone but the babe caught it. I am under the assumption that BF helps protect from contagious things like that-am I right? I was hoping it wasn't just an old wives tale.

I am hoping to go out with dh this weekend if my friend can sit for us. We will see. I would just love to get some grownup time for an hour or two with dh. I think I have just been overwhelmed by puke all week-every bed has been stripped and washed a few times-and I still have couch cushions drying out- whew! I soo glad that is over!

by the way has anyone noticed that we are about to lose our due date club? June is already gone.
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Okay, this has gone on long enough.

All May mamas are hereby gifted with no more breastfeeding issues, no more mastitis and only happy, sunshine-y growing babes (and older siblings).

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