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Bulk vinegar?

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Hi, I'm looking for a source for large quantities of white vinegar. I just seem to go through so much, with laundry, diaper pail and cleaning that the gallon supermarket jugs just aren't enough.

Where do I go to get a barrel of it?

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Maybe a place like Costco or Smart and Final? Chemical supply house even?
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Sam's (& I would assume Costco, etc would have similar) sells a box w/ 2 gallon jugs. I want to say its $3 something for the two gallons. This works well for me, I keep one gallon in my laundry room & one in my kitchen (& fill spray bottles for throughout the house) & I generally make sure I have an extra box of them sitting in the garage so I can replace a bottle as soon as I finish it. If you find a better deal, let me know, I go through tons between cleaning/household use & my business!
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I get mine at sam's.
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Costco--about 2.5 bucks for two gals.
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