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Live Free Learn Free magazine

Live Free Learn Free is a magazine about children living life - really living life - unhindered by curriculums, by lunch bells and standardized tests, by schoolyard bullies and tedious homework. It’s about freedom. It’s about families growing closer than they ever dreamed possible.

If you unschool, this is the magazine for you!

With your purchase of a one-year subscription to Live Free Learn Free, you’ll receive six issues packed with information on all things unschooling! Live Free Learn Free has few ads and absolutely no ads for curriculum or school-at-home materials and services. Instead, each issue is filled with articles, resources and ideas to inspire you throughout your unschooling journey.

The LFLF website contains the largest collection of unschooling resources on the web, including:
  • Websites
  • Books
  • Articles
  • Conferences
  • Discussion groups
  • Unschooling support groups by state
  • Extensive collection of resource reviews

Live Free Learn Free: Inspiration, Information and Support for Natural Learners