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~*~ Nursing Mamas TTC in July ~*~

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Nursing Mamas TTC in JULY

: : :

: Waiting to be Ready:
osburnsa 8mo dd
meganeilis ds
mama2babybeans 4.5yo ds 19mo dd

: Waiting to Catch the First PP Eggie!!:
Little Shepherds (Tanya), 15 ds, 13 dd, 11 ds, 7 dd, 6 ds, 4.5 mos ds
Catrinel 6yo ds, 1yo dd
Blessed with boys (Jackie) 3 boys
mama2ashlynn (Laura) 1/10/05 dd
JenandJames 1 yo ds
Columbus 11mo ds
Mama_Nym 8 mo dc
CharlaInTampa 6 mo dd
DCMom ds 8/02, dd 5/05
Polihaupt 15 mo ds
lisabc311 4yo ds 16mo ds
AmyLouise ds 7mo
jillybeans dd 11/30/05
dinah dc Jan. 05
Anglyn 18 mo DS
RobynFSU 13 mo DD
ohiomommy1122 DS 10/00, DD 4/06
WitchyMama2 8yo DD, DD 7/30/03, DD 1/12/06
josybear 9mo ds

Waiting to O
keeuum (Kim) 1/90 ds 1/02 ds 7/04 ds 3/05 ds
debra lea (Debra)
pattyla (Patty) 1.16.04 dd
Slingin'Momto4 (Julie) dd(9) ds(5) dd(4) ds(2) dd(1)
wantads dc 8mths
APintheAF 20 mo ds
Jodskiinca 13 yo ds, 11 yo ds, 8 yo ds, 19 mo ds
Kristeremy 2 yo dd
JamesMama 16mo ds
boheime (Mandy) 11/02 ds, 9/04 dd
babysol 2yo DD
Amandamarie 14 mo DD
Emily12581 dd
Jennifer3141 5/04 DD, 7/05 DS
Adamsmama 3yo DS, 19mo DS
Monocyte (Kelli) 06/03
Aran ds 7/2004
Smetana (Sandy) 26-09-05 ds
PapayaMom 7/06/04 dd
Rozzie'sMa 12/6/04 dd
Caitplove dd 11/01, ds 11/04
MBA dd
Clavicula 1yo dd
spiritmomma DD 11/22/05
SharonAnne 6/05 dd
Lissybug 4/8/05 ds
PudnHead (Lara) 5/04 ds

: 2WW :
judahsmommy (Karen) 2.20.05 ds
MrsTC (Tresa) 10/9/05 ds
Isaac'smama 8/30/04 ds
SilverFern 22mo ds
ekblad8 (Amy) ds 14, dd 9, ds 8, dd 5, ds 8, ds 15 mo
MotheringHeart (Olivia) 2/02 dd 9/03 ds 5/05 dd
mom2olivia 06/05 dd
veganbaby 22mo dd
OtherMother'n'Madre dd 1yo
ChelseaG dd 11 mo
Wombatclay 1 yo dd

: Our Success Stories :
Lindsay (Talula fairie) 11/26/04 dd
bellee 17 mo dc

Jesi (norasmom) 8/3/03
Darci (dkenagy) 03/03/03 dd, 05/15/04 dd
Liam's Mom 26mo ds
Merrick 9/30/02 ds
Erin (dharmama) 6/19/04
Ksenia ds 10/03
Lauren (Unreal) 3/03

Mel (CountryMom2e) 14 month ds
K (Leakyboobs) 24 month ds 47 month ds
Nichole (doulanichole) 3-01 & 4-02 dds & 1-04 ds
Augustmom 8/03 dd
Jentilla 09/25/03 dd

Kathryn (seekermage) 3/22/00 dd, 11/24/03 dd
BundleFishMama 8/02/02 dd and 5/28/04 dd
Germaine (MrsHenderson) 4/14/04 ds
Jade2561, 16 mo

BooBerryParker 22 mo dd
MamaDee4 18 mo ds
Megan (mamameg) 12 mo dd (already 20 weeks pregnant!)
Teaghansmama 14 mo dd
Lady Bug 14 mo
Aydensmama 11/9/04 ds

Sailmom 16 m dd
Caroline 13y, 11y, & 19 month
Gabry ds 8/21/03, m/c's 6/05 and 10/05
Sarah (Pease) 11/04
Cindy (momRN) 4/22/04 dd
Jessica (mimi!) 5/03 ds, m/c 8/05

Cheryl (maciascl) ds 12/03
Caroline (cheesedreams) ds 12/14/03
BCmamaof5 10,7,5,3
Nay (AntoninBeGonin)

Nosebite 4/04 ds
Sarita (Saritasmile) 11-02-02 ds
Chrissy 11/14/01 ds & 10/1/04 dd
Kathryn, dd 6/18/04 (expecting triplets!)
Amy (AMB8301) 1/06/03 dd
Catgirl1007 10-8-04 dd

kochanyk 13 month old ds, m/c 12-05
Genevieve (gen here) 2-05 ds
Erika (erikanorth) 12/03 ds
Paxye 4/16/02 ds, 9/2/04 ds
Susan (riversong) 5/04 dd
Kristen (Kristeremy) 2/04 dd
Meg (midwestmeg) 9/1/04 dd

LizaBear 8-02 and 8-04
wrzos (Heather) 10/4/04 ds
nicklepic (Nicole) dd 2 1/2
Willzmama 4/2/03 ds
JaneyHD 1-15-05 dd
autumn_faune (Sarah) 11/04 dd
Patricia1 ds
pjs 3.5y and 15 m ds
tempestjewel (Naomi) 12/21/03 dd

Blastomom 22 mo ds
SAHMinHawaii 2yo dd, 4 yo dd
mom2wed (Kellie) dc 10/02
JunieMoon ds
KatieD 22 month old dd
MoeInfinity 3 yo dd
TR's_mummy 13 mo ds

p1gg1e 7/04 dd
Rainbow2911 (Ruth) 22 mo dd
Sara Ann (Sara) 5/27/03 ds 6/17/05 ds
KelleyBug 4 yo dd
MamaBear&BabyBear (Amy) 07/04 dd
Mizelenius dc 2/02 and 4/05
Aran ds 7/2004
Janaya 4/20/05 ds
hapahaolegirl (Kristen)

: July :
Shalena 12-13-04 ds
raversangel ds 6/3/01 ds 5/12/05
Bennifer (Jen) 3/05 ds
BlueBird68 ds 25mo
Kerikadi 12/92 ds, 3/95 ds, 6/02 dd, 2yo dd
sparkprincess DS
Risen Joy (Ellie) 8-23-05 ds

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My chart is being a little weird this month. I was 9dpo, temp'd the morning and got a high temp when I was expecting a really low one to let me know I'd get AF either today or tomorrow. FF moved my O date to CD 19 from CD 17 and now i'm 7dpo.
I have no idea what to think.

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Shalena, thanks for starting the thread this month! Sorry I don't have any advice on your chart...someone more experienced will have an idea, I'm sure!

Well I am 3dpo--so excited that I can tell with my temps (co-sleeping and nightnursing every 2 horus and all) that I ovulated! Is it possible to already feel nauseous? Maybe it's just wishful thinking, although with ds I pretty much knew right away that I was pregnant..I just felt different. I am concerned b/c I have a very long estrogen phase...lots of fertile mucous before I o'd, and my cycles have been 26 days for the last few months (this is my first month charting though) and I o'd on cd18! But I'm putting it in God's hands and trying to think positive.

Another question...ds has been nursing less during the day...a LOT less. This just started right around when I o'd. Is it possible that this decrease in nursing could lead to a longer LP right away, or does that take some time?
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just sub'ing

3dpo here too Bennifer!
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Shalena, thanks for doing the thread this month!!!

PapayaMom and Bennifer - you guys are about 4-5 days ahead of me in the cycle! I POAS w/my ovulation predictor and it says within 24-48 hrs I should o. Oh I'm so excited I can hardly wait for it to be two weeks from now. DH and I are going to get in some bding and I'm just praying that we hit the mark!!! KWIM??? Good luck to EVERYONE!!!
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Hi everyone! Looks like several of us are on the same schedule! I am 5 DPO today, and can be put in the 2WW, please... I don't know how soon one can feel nauseus-- I am sure it can be different for everyone! Bennifer, my cycle sounds a lot like yours this last time. I did not ovulate until CD19, which is 5-6 days later than normal. I was beginning to think I might just skip O this month! Temping is a great tool... I will be sending some extra good thoughts your way, Motheringheart!
Have a good day, everyone! Michelle
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Shalena- Thanks for taking the thread, It looks to me like it reset your day becuase of your CM, Creamy is potentialy fertile and if it's like mine it sets to the last day of fertile CM.

I am still waiting to O, should happen next week, it usually takes about 3 weeks for me to get going
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DD is definitely weaning and not even nursing daily at this point

CD 18, 6 DPO looks like there are a few of us in the 2ww :

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bluebird I am a CD19 o'er pretty consistenly. It feels like my cycles go on forever sometimes.

next week will be crazy with all of us testing. As I say every cycle I am gong to try and hold off until 12DPO which is when I expect to see a temp drop, but I reserve the right to go nuts and test early
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Keri, sorry to hear about your dd weaning...I can't imagine how sad I'll be when that happens. The other day ds went 6 hours during the day without nursing and when he finally asked to nurse I was so excited...dh just laughs b/c I'm always saying ds nurses too much (he's usually like every 1-2 hours and he's 15 months! Although lately it's been every 3-4 hours...what a nice break!) but it made me think how sad I'll be when our nursing relationship is over--so my thoughts are with you!

PapayaMom, I'm glad I've got someone on my same schedule! We were watching video of ds as a newborn the other night and it just made me pray even harder for this little one, and for my LP to be long enough...hoping the same for you!

This month I am going to try to start interviewing midwives...I want to have a VBAC so I need to start educating myself some more. It's funny though, I can already visualize myself having one, and I know that's the first step!

Mothering Heart, good luck this month!!
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Thanks Mamas. I am ok with it because it is on her terms - she has not asked to nurse during the day for MONTHS now and at the VS nurse in the other day I offered and she was confused : She did latch on but only for a minute I was hoping she would make it to 3 but her B-day isn't until Halloween so I don't see that happening. Her sister nursed for 43 months and weaned this past January. Nursing two for 2 years 3 months was an adventure that I have no desire to re-live but it had it's very sweet moments

Honestly, it's also nice to know that if I do get pregnant I won't be nursing through the entire pregnancy

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Hi everyone! Wow, next week will be crazy with so many of you testing. How exciting!

I'm not sure where I'm at. I'm using my fertility monitor this month and yesterday it asked for the first stick (cd8). Well this morning I put in another one and it went from just one bar, or low fertility, to 3 bars with an egg, meaning peak fertility???? On cycle day 9? Is that possible or did I do somthing wrong. Is it due to nursing? Can anyone help? Thanks.

Well, I'll be anxiously awaiting all the results next week!

Good luck all!

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Well, I won't be testing until next Thursday. I gave up testing early after the first month of trying, looking at negative pg tests is just too depressing. Last month we set a day to test and stuck to it and I have to tell you when AF showed on time, even with a beautiful chart, it was so much easier than taking 3 tests starting 12 DPO while waiting for AF. Of course I was sad but I didn't feel defeated like I did the previous month looking at negative tests.

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Joining the 2ww...fingers crossed!
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i'm on cd25 and TRYING not to get my hopes up!! (yeah right ) not much going on here though...just trying not to watch the seconds tick by
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Hi, I'm new. Please add me to your list. This is our 1st month TTC (my last baby ) and I've just entered the 2WW. I'm not sure exactly what day I'm on because I've always conceived easily so I don't chart. Does breastfeeding decrease your chances of conceiving at all? I've been getting AF regularly since December.

DS is 23 months, and nurses 5-7 times/day, but is finally sleeping all night --- with help from DH-- without a "nursie."

My DD is 14 years old.
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Welcome Jenny, I added you to the list.
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I've peeked into these forums a time or two. We are TTC #2. A couple of months ago I miscarried, so we're pretty nervous this time around.

My daughter was conceived the first month of trying, and the this recent pregnancy also happened on the first month of trying, so I am trying not get my expectations too high. I don't chart or anything. We are on CD12 as of today. I have to go out of town for a week on CD15, so who knows if it will work.

Good luck to everyone!

ETA: My daughter will be 2 on Friday. She nurses twice a day, more for comfort than milk nowadays.
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Hi, This is my first post here, although I've been lurking a couple of months

Please add me to the waiting to O list. We've been ttc #2 for 6 months and last month I finally had a long enough lp. I tend to O very late (around cd 39-40) and I'm on cd 10 right now. My dd is 14 months old and is nursing quite a bit because of teething. It took us over 5 years to conceive her so we're expecting to be on this ttc journey for a while.
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Move me to the 2ww please? Even though I'm not waiting for a darned thing. I o'd today with no shot at all of conceiving.

Note to self: In order to make a baby, one must actually engage in sexual intercourse. :
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