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Tummy blubber??

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How do you all plan to get rid of the tummy blubber? If your tummy belly just fell off, keep it to yourself!! I know some of you are lucky enough to be back to your pp body before the baby was even born (LOL), but I'm not in that category. :

Does anyone have any miracle fixes, diets (BF safe of course), excercises, etc. that may have worked for you in the past?

I know we're not far out of giving birth, and it took 9 months to get the beautiful bellies we had, but I'd like to get into some of my smaller clothes within the next 6 months to a year....

If it matters, I had a c/s, but have been cleared by my doc to resume all activities and I'm almost 8 weeks post-op.

Thanks mamas!
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Feels like it this time around though.

Last time I lost it by walking and stair climbing - cardio is the only thing that really burns fat.

unless you really can afford lipo.
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no sugar. exercise... even moderate.

refined sugars totally store as fat. when you cut out the refined stuff, the fat really does start to melt away.

that being said, you need to have some fat stores for breastfeeding, esp. when your babe in young. but as long as the rest of what you are eating is good, nutritious calories, you're all good.

i haven't gone this route myself yet because i have already cut dairy for ds, so that has eliminated a *lot* of junk, esp. ice cream... though soy ice cream has come a long way since the last time i had it!

good luck though.. i am right there with you, though i'd also like to get rid of the back fat : ugh.
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I can't quite figure out if it's just fat I have or a bit of fat and lots of loose skin.

It's not going anywhere though and I'm pretty sure- make that hoping and :- that MIL's scale is off because it's saying I gained 10lb over what the chiro's scale says.

I have less than 3 weeks until my friends wedding, I gotta find one of those strapless bras with the built in corset thingies to wear under my matron of honor dress, my Bravados just don't look right. :

I really need to start the Maker's Diet when my parents do but I'm not sure that my kids or dh would eat anything.

SO basically, no suggestions... except don't exercise a lot and eat carbs. I think that's why I couldn't seem to lose weight last time. :
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I hear ya Momto1. I am soooo ready to get back into my clothes! I still have a good 25 pounds to loose. (I gained 50.) Last time I started power walking almost daily, and cutting out sweets somewhat. (I don't go crazy about this, just cut down. As my best freind once said, "No sense being fat AND miserable!") I also do situps & pushups, leg lifts, etc.

I just started my powerwalking last night, and it was hard! This pregnancy really took it's toll on me. But it was so nice to go out by myself when the day was cooling off and listen to a book on tape as I walked.
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I've been thinking about this as well. I gained 30 pounds with this pregnancy and 20 came off in the first couple of weeks. The last 10 are NOT budging, though--it may not sound like much, but I'm a small person, and 10 pounds makes a huge difference on my body. Even some of my looser clothes--elastic waist skirts, for instance--are fitting way too snugly. As for the jeans and stuff, forget it. As someone said elsewhere, my body just seems to be shaped differently than it was before.

I'm looking forward to fall, when I can REALLY go on some long walks with the bun. This 90-degrees-and-humid stuff just isn't cutting it.
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weight gone-tummy not!!! I think mine is a combo of looser skin and fat. it isn't just my tummy though it goes all the way around right above my hips-lovely love handles :

does anyone know if skin firming lotions help at all?
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