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How to teach nursing manners?

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I'm specifically referring to the constant shirt grabbing, looking down my shirt, sticking hands down my shirt, that sort of thing. Dd is 14 months now, and I'm not sure how to get the message across that the constant shirt grabbing is not okay. She does, BTW, verbalize 'nurse' loud and clear so she doesn't *need* the hand motions to go along with it!
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I think that shirt (and boob) grabbing is in part, at least, an instinctual, comforting action. Dd, 22 months, seems to want to know that "it's there," even though she can and does verbalize grammatically correct, complex sentences. Dd nurses both for comfort and for food, and particularly when she's primarily nursing for comfort, she sometimes becomes very upset if I prevent her from fiddling with the other boob (which drives me up a frickin' tree). As for grabbing in public, I just extract her hand and tell her no, not here. Fortunately, she caught on pretty quickly that groping in public is verboten. Dealing with it calmly, firmly and consistently might be the key.
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I definitely think redirection (maybe with a homemade or bought nursing necklace??) could be useful here. If she starts to associate playing with that with being nursed, it'll be easier. My son, who is 17 months, has a habit of patting them now while saying "mama", which is fine with me, but I have gotten him to stop the shirt pulling etc. by being right on top of nursing or by redirecting him to make the sign for milk.
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My DD used to stick her hand down my shirt when she was about that age, too. I tried to remain calm, and find a place to nurse as quickly as possible. Keep a good sense of humor, this phase will probably resolve itself once she is more confident in her communication skills, and knows you will respond promptly. I tried to think of it as my opportunity bring breastfeeding into the mainstream. Good luck!
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