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cayenne's birth story

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I went to work on a wednesday, and when i went to the bathroom, there was a big streak of bloody mucous. I was SO excited, because with my son, i had no bloody show until i was in active labor. i was sure labor was getting close. I continued to have bloody show that whole day, and the next two days. Starting friday night, my practice contractions picked up in strength, and were 5-10 minutes apart all night. Not painful, but regular enough to get me excited. They went away when i layed down for bed, but were fairly regular all day saturday and sunday. I continued to have bloody show as well. That sunday was Father's day, and since my dp hates to clean, my "present" to him was that we would skip the weekend cleaning.

Monday morning i went to work. This was the first day of training for the woman who was supposed to take my job once i had the baby. I had a niggly suspicion that i wouldn't be back the next day, so i crammed in as much training as i possibly could. I had semi-regular contractions all day.

I got home from work, and decided that i couldn't handle going all week without doing the "weekend" cleaning, which is basically scrubbing the bathrooms, mopping, and deep cleaning the kitchen. Also a tiny part of me kept thinking that there was NO way i was going to let my midwife come over with the house so messy. So i set about cleaning. My dp jokingly asked me if i was nesting.

I was having regular, slightly stronger contractions, but nothing exciting. I told dp about them, but they seemed to go away when i layed down for bed. I kept tossing and turning because my back was killing me. Around 2:30 am on Tues 6.20 i woke up, and felt a gush of fluid come out. I sat up, and more fluid came out. I woke up dp, saying "i think my water broke" he went and got me a cloth prefold, and i got out of bed and squatted over the diaper- another gush of fluid, and i could clearly see flecks of vernix in it!!! i was SO excited. Immediately i started having stronger ctx. I tried to lay down and sleep some more, but both me and dp were too excited. he got up and filled the birth pool, and i played on the computer and ate some spaghetti. The contractions were definitely real contractions, and about 10 minutes apart, but easy to deal with. I finally calmed down enough to go to bed, but i couldn't sleep.

Eventually i got back up and started doing laundry and putzing around. My son woke up around 7:30, and we went outside and ate canteloupe. tuedays are his day to go to our friend suzanne's house, so we got him ready to go and he left around 8:30. We told her what was going on, and we said we would keep in touch so we could get ds back in time for the birth. I sent dh to the store to get frozen waffles because i really really wanted them. I called my mw to giver her a heads up. I also called another mw friend who was possibly going to assist. I told her that my water had broken, and i was in early labor, and the first thing she said was " oh, so are you going to have your mw come over and stimulate your cervix?" i was like "um, no!" i couldnt believe she said that, especially since she knows how anti-unnecessary interventions i am. After she said that i decided i didnt want that energy at my birth.

me and dp got all the preparations ready for the birth- we put a plastic sheet on the bed, organized all our baby diapers and made sure the pool was ready. Then we watched a movie. cotnractions were about 6 minutes apart, and strong, but i knew it was still early because of how excited and outgoing i was. I was starving, so we ate waffles and mac and cheese. Then we got up and put on some music, and danced a little. We listened to bob dylan, jerry garcia, david grisman, sublime, the beatles, and a few other things- i cant remember. I listened to the baby once or twice with my doppler, just to ease my mind. sounded good.

We went outside for a little bit, and then i got tired so i laid down. I fell asleep, and the comtractions spaced waay out. I slept for about an hour, and then i got up. Contractions stayed far apart, so eventually we started doing nipple stimulation, and i drank a cup of cumin tea. Contractions got strong and were about 3-4 minutes apart as soon as we started that. After about 1/2 hour, i needed to do something to cope, so i got in the shower. That wasn't enough, so i decided it was finally time for the birth pool. This was around 3:30 or 4:00.

I didnt want the ctx to slow back down, so i would get in the tub for a ctx, and then hop out in between. Me and dp were playing rummy while this was going on. I was still feeling outgoing and social, so i felt it was still early, but i decided i wanted my mw to come just to check my cervix and tell me if things were happening or not. I was afraid that my ctx were only close together because of the nipple stim we had done, and that they werent going to stay that way.

I had tried a few times to check my own cervix, but it was so posterior that i couldnt feel it AT ALL. dp tried too, but he had no idea what he was feeling. The fact that my cervix was still so posterior was making me nervous as well.
Anyway, she came over, and by that point my ctx were pretty intense. I jumped on the bed and she checked me- 4cm!!!! yay!!!!!! i was so relived that i was actually in labor. She left, and told me to call her when i needed her.

At this point i was done playing cards, so i asked dp to bring the tv into the living room, and put on "the red violin", and then he got in the tub with me. Ctx were fast and furious at this point (around 5:30), but i was still able to cope with little problem. I finally decided it was time to call the mw and the assistant (a mw student i know). We also called suzanne and she dropped ds off.

Ds got here shortly and immediately hopped in the tub with me. He wasn't at all fazed by my huge moans. He was just splashing and jumping around. The mw and assistant got here soon after that, and they went and hung out in our computer room bc i wanted privacy with ds and dp. Soon after everyone got here (around 6:30) the ctx got INTENSE. like, really bad. i couldnt stay still. I had to get out of the tub. I was finally able to feel my cervix- i couldnt reach all the way back but from the amount left in front it felt like about 6cm. The head was really low. It started to get so painful- my hips and back felt like they were grinding apart. The only thing i could do to cope was yell at the top of my lungs -"BABY BABY BABY GET OUT F*CK OUT OUT OUT" etc. at this point ds got scared and started to cry. the mw assistant took him and they went and got ice cream.

I left the bathroom and went into the bedroom. I could still feel a couple cm of cervix, but i decided i needed to be done, so i started to push with contractions. When i was pushing, my hips and back didnt hurt so badly. I knew she wasnt moving down, but i didnt care. I remember laying on my side in the bed, and i pooped what felt like a huge poop, and i felt bad because i knew i had missed the chux pad! dp was sweet and just cleaned it up. At this point the mw assistant was still out with ds, and the midwife was standing at the doorway of th bedroom, taking pictures.

After maybe 20 min of pushing, i felt her head surge down. my hips and back hurt SO bad. Dp was rubbing my hips between ctx and that helped, but i didnt want him to touch me during them. i was bleeding a LOT, so i asked the mw to listen to the baby, and she sounded fine. In retrospect, i think i tore my cervix when i was pushing before i was ready.

Maybe 10-15 after i started really moving her down, her head started to come. I was squatting beside the bed, and dp was behind me. I could feel it burning, but i didnt care if i tore. I just wanted it DONE!!! i kept my hand on her head and felt it ooze out. I was suprised at how small it felt! I moved from squatting to kneeling, and pushed her the rest of the way out. The feeling of her body leaving me was so amazing! i remember that feeling from ds. I said "thank god!" and rested a moment, and then i flipped over and took her from dp. I couldnt believe how small she looked! my first impression of her was that she was going to have blue eyes and red hair. she fit her name so well!!! She started to cry, and i held her close to me. We had turned the AC of fin preparation for the birth, so the room was nice and toasty, and i held her for a few minuted before i asked for a blanket to cover her. She was born around 8:15

I felt a bunch of clots come out, so i asked the mw to see if she could feel if the placenta was detached (i had a mild pph with my last birth so i was alittle nervous about this part). She thought it was. After moving to the bed and resting for a few more minutes, i got up and the placenta just plopped out into my hand. The membranes were still a little attached, but they came out with no problem, and then i put it in the bowl. I was COVERED in blood at this point- all down my legs from when i was pushing, all voer my breasts and belly from holding cayenne, and all over my arm and hand from the placenta. After that we finally looked to see if we had a boy or a girl- GIRL!!! yay!!! Ds got back from ice cream right about now.

i got in the tub to clean off. ds got in with me, and dp cut the cord and tied it off. Then i got her in the tub with me. She didnt like it very much so we got her out again. Then we got back into bed and nursed for the first time.

Then our friends brought us pizza, and we weighed her. 7lb 6oz. Our mw cleaned up and mopped the floor and drained the tub, and then left around 10 pm. We all layed down in our bed and went to sleep.

All in all it was GREAT. i had talked to my mw ahead of time, and she comfortable with the fact that me and dp wanted to do it all ourselves. I am a mw too , so i knew what level of monitoring i felt was necessary to make sure baby was okay. I decided to skip the newborn exam, and all vital signs as long as every thing appeared healthy and normal, which it did. I was sad that ds missed the birth, and i wish i had not felt like i had to yell during the ctx so that he wouldnt have gotten scared. Once i started to push i was pretty quiet, and he has seen lots of birth videos so i know that wouldnt have freaked him out. That is my one big regret

Also, ds was posterior when he was born, and i had horrible hip, leg, and back pain during my whole labor with him. i had convinced myself that this labor was going to be waaay less painful because she was going to be in a good position. I felt almost traumatized after the birth because i really didnt expect it to hurt so bad!!!

It was really great though.
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Beautiful pictures and story! Thanks for sharing!
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Wow! What a strong mama you are!!


I love the B&W pics too.
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Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and your story! Beautiful!!
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wonderful pictues of you homebirth! I am wiping tears away.. you have such a beautiful family!
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beautiful pics~ congratulations on both!!
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you have adorable children!
thanks for sharing your birth story and pictures
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what a pretty name!
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bumping, because my little cayenne pepper is one today!!!!!
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