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Originally Posted by turtlewomyn
Anyway, I don't suppose I can expect my cycles to be as regular as they once were while I am still BFing, can I? I pump at work (once or twice a day) while DD is at daycare, then I nurse her usually 4-6 times while at home, then of course all weekend long! She recently started sleeping longer at night, and I think that is what caused me to get AF.
Welcome! I got my first PPAF at 7 months PP, and it's been absolutely regular ever since (DS is now 3 and a half and still nursing to sleep and first thing in the morning). So, I don't know, you could be as regular as you were before while still breastfeeding. Mine certainly is! I'm convinced that I got AF back when DS started on solids--honestly, it was two weeks to the day after we started giving him solids!
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The solids were likely the culprit. Once mine started sleeping all night I had trouble keep ing supply up. My midwife told me it was due to getting AF back
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Well, I had thought that this cycle would be my last cycle TTA and hanging out on this thread. We were planning on TTC in August, so only one more AF to go. In fact, I was so excited (I've been counting down the months to TTC for a year now) that I could almost feel the as-yet-unconceived soul hanging around waiting for us to get our act together. Well, on Thursday DH was laid off. I work too, so we're probably going to be okay. But he's totally panicked about TTC immediately after being laid off, which I can understand, so we have to postpone. Unless we have an accidental pg, and if we haven't had one of those in three years of CTA, we probably aren't going to have one now!

I'm suprisingly sad and grieving, it almost feels like I've lost something, even though I haven't. I don't think DH quite understands how real that little soul had become to me, KWIM? Anyway, we're back on the TTA bandwagon, so I'll be here for a while yet.
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Allison, sorry to hear about your DH's job and the postponement of your TTC plans. I hope it all works out for you soon! How stressful.

Brown Lioness, in TCOYF it says a wet feeling/discharge shortly before AF is normal because of an estrogen spike the day the corpus luteum dissolves, or something like that. Or maybe it talks about the watery part of the uterine lining being released first? I can't remember which explanation it is, maybe both. Could that be what you're noticing? I often get it too.
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Alison, my condolences, too, on the layoff and postponement. It is a loss to you...the loss of the plans and hopes you had. But you will get through it and that lingering soul will be ready when you are.
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Originally Posted by Brown Lioness
Im coming to the end of my first charting cycle and its been very interesting to say the least. I think I O'd on CD 17 but i never got the whole eggwhite, stretchy, texture (unless it was short lived and i didnt feel it), is it possible it could happen a ways after you O? Because I ususally get that slippery, wet-ish feeling a few days before I actually start my period.
I think it's pretty common just before AF for a lot of people. I read something about it on fertility friend.
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Well ladies, after a 48 day cycle with no obvious O, I finally got AF! : I still have no idea what's going on, but I'm pretty sure with our little one still cosleeping and still bfing my cycle is going to stay wacked out for a bit. Anyways, just wanted to tell people who cared!
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Just wanted to stop by and check in. I'm at 4 DPO so AF should be showing up sometime between Sunday and Tuesday. We had a bit of a condom slip on CD 16 right before I O'ed, I was freaked at first and posted another thread about it here, but I am not feeling too nervous right now. I'll just watch my : and see what happens! It seems pretty unlikely though the more I think about it.

How's everyone else? It's almost August, can you believe it?!?
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Ok, I have a question. Yesterday when I checked my cervical fluid, I could see some brownish bits in it. Today, same thing, only more. It was enough that I needed to wear a pantyshield. Tonight, it seems like it's pretty much gone. What is going on? Oh, I should say that today is CD 15 or 16, so no chance that it's the beginning of my period. Is this related to ovulation? I've never experienced anything like this at all. And I've noticed that my CF is becoming more like EWCM, and def. more stretchy. My temps are still quite low, I expected to see it jump this morning, but it didn't.
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I missed you guys - I was on vacation! I didn't temp on vacation, and now I'm trying to get back in the habit again.

gardenmommy, sometimes I'll spot with ovulation but usually it's just streaky ewcm. Sometimes I'll notice spotting after sex, could it be from that?
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Well, for how long after would you expect to see that sort of mucous? It's been a week (we'ev got company, and the toddler is demanding a LOT of attn., plus I think I'm ovulating, and I'd prefer to not get pregnant right now, although if I did, that would be ok). I've never experienced anything like this before, so it caught me off-guard, kwim?
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Started an August thread.
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