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Wedding Ideas?

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DP and I are ENGAGED!!

SO, I'm looking for ideas for including our kids in the wedding.

We have 2 boys from my side (ds8 and ds1.5) and his son who's also 8. I've decided that my oldest is going to walk me down the isle (I could never choose between my dad or sdad for that) and dsstb will be a groomsman.

I'm looking for ideas for other ways we can include the kids in meaningful ways. Any ideas, cute things you did or have seen done?

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When I was married, my dss (age 4.5 at the time) was husband's "Junior Best Man." Towards the end of the service, the minister spoke of the joining of two lives in marriage to form a family and the three of us walked down the isle together at the end.
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We did a special sand pouring during the wedding. My DH, my DSDs and I all had different colors of sand and we took turns pouring them in to a hurricane glass which we use as a candle holder at home now.

This page has some cute ideas:

This site has interesting ideas for making vows to your children on what you (and DP of course!) promise to do as their new step-parent(s):

If you're using a unity candle:

Good luck, and CONGRATULATIONS!!
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I'm getting married the end of this month, and because my dss is quite shy I did not want him to feel put on the spot by making a vow or have a special part of the ceremony that requires his active participation. Instead we are having the minister say a special blessing over the family as a unit after our vows.
Congrats, and welcome to the joys/nightmares of planning a wedding!
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Congrats! Woo Hoo!

We did a couple things for our ceremony.
First we had the children walk down the aisle before me. (no bridesmaids or groomsmen, just 6 kids walking 2 by 2)
Then after dh and I exchanged rings and vows, we had the kids come up and we made a "vow" to them, then gave them rings too. (we had ours made by a local artist, from titanium, so we had simple little titanium bands made for them too. $, but worth it)
And then our officiant announced us as the "newly formed family" instead of husband and wife.
And last but not least, we walked back up the aisle (with kids behind us) as the Brady Bunch theme song played.

Oh! Our wedding favours were suckers. Not cheapo ones, but nice heart shaped ones that our cake-person-maker made. The kids loved them!

Good Luck!
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We had the eldest by junior groomsman, the middle was a groomsman, and the youngest was ring bearer.

We had a unity candle lighting ceremony during which each of the boys had a small candle and lit our larger candles. We then lit one very large candle as a sign of our unity as a family.

The priest also gave a blessing to each of the children as well as to us as a family unit.
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I just got married 3 weeks ago, so I know what you wil be going through. Because my daughter is SO shy, we decided to let her be the flowergirl and walk down the isle with my sister, but we did not include her as part of the actual ceremony. I knew if she had everyone's attention, even with me and my husband as part of it, she would be most likely to hide behind me. She is only 3.5 though. As my husband said when we discussed it, at her age it was easier to have the ceremony just for us because she still has not fully comprehended what the wedding meant. If she had been older, maybe 5+ I believe she would have had a more active role.

I know this may not give you ideas, but I just wanted to let you know how we handled it.

GL and congrats!!!
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DH and I were married in December and he has 2 sons from his previous marriage...(3 and 10 mos at the time). The oldest was our Ring Bearer, but since we got married in Cali and they live in OK, the youngest was not able to attend. I think it's an AWESOME idea to have your son walk you down the aisle, and his son included as well. I think your youngest is too young to know any different, but one suggestion is to make sure that all 3 boys are included in as many pictures as possible so that when they are older they can see that they were a big part of it. They're not likely to remember too many details about the day itself except what they see in the pics, so the more they see of them, the more involved they will feel like they were.
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My dh exchanged vows with my kids..he stated his intention and made a vow to them and they were asked if they accept him as a parent and they said *i do*..
http://www.hawkfeather.ca/wedding/ this is our wedding you can read what we wrote!
CONGRATS by the way!!!
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Thanks everyone for the ideas and links. I think the idea of making vows to the kidsis a great one. I'm taking notes, so keep the suggestions coming!!
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No suggestions but wanted to say congrats!!!
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Thanks Steph! I'm SO excited (and a little nervous )

Now, we're starting to plan the wedding and I'm going a little : We both have awesome, large, involved families - so the marriage will be great, but the wedding is a little scary
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