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So, how much do lumpectomy/biopsy's cost?

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I know I'm grasping at straws here, but I *need* to hear it is malignant before I'll let go, with Kiley, I mean. She has to run a course of meds and pain killers and I'm freakin out here, mamas. I've already been told twice today to put her down and my heart is breaking and my mind is not clear. We had an emergency visit for my 11 1/2 yo dog for a bleeding tumor today. She woke up in a puddle of blood at her abdomen. They want to do the lumpectomy and biopsy as soon as the course of meds is done b/c it is already infected (and it JUST came on-yesterday, lump, today, bleeding out of it.....), and go from there. What can I do? She has at least 5 mamory tumors as per today's emergency visit, and just this one is walnut sized and bleeding. What are the chances all are benign? Most? Some? Any?!! What are her chances? If you know anything about all this, please reply back!! TIA!
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I'm sorry mama, by the sounds of things the chance that the tumors are benign is very slim. Is she intact or if she's spayed at what age was it done?
Is she sick other than the tumors? Have they done a chest x-ray?
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Oh Mama, I'm so sorry to hear about Kiley!

Chances are that the tumors are the external symptom of the disease she has within her. I really hate to have to say that. If you want to have the biopsy done for your piece of mind and you don't mind the cost (about $50 where I live), than I think you should do it.

Best to you and Kiley, Mama
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WAIT. Mammary tumors in dogs (if that's all she has and this is not a metastasis from elsewhere) are more often benign than malignant. I would ask for as cheap a pathology as they'll do. And cancerous lumps do not come overnight--sounds like she has a bad abcess plus mammary tumors. At her age I would not do anything "heroic," but I think she deserves to have a real diagnosis. Many old girl dogs live long lives with lots of small tumors.
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Thank you all so very much. It was bad. It was time to let go, but I just didn't want to. I've kept her around, in pain, for so long b/c of my own selfishness (she actually had quite the laundry list when I honestly run down the list...**shudder**). The hardest thing I have ever had to do, I think, is making the decision to end her pain, b/c that starts a good bit of mine.

Sometimes, it really is the journey and not the destination-getting to the point of arriving at what needed to be done was so very very hard to do, and so very heart wrenching. The finality of the decision brought some relief, though, I can't really say comfort yet. There is comfort in knowing she isn't suffering anymore, at least. My baby girl went to Heaven yesterday afternoon. The last thing she ever saw and last words she ever heard were my face and my words-telling her how much I love her and thanking her for being my best friend. I had to let my best friend go yesterday. She's not in pain anymore, not bleeding out all over everywhere (that damned bleeding never stopped). For that, I am thankful. When it came down to it, I didn't have the heart to hack her all up to buy more time. It just wasn't fair to her. You enjoy what you have when you have it, knowing the moment will end, is how I operate. I didn't want her suffering anymore. She was in pain, daily. I feel badly enough about that fact alone. That dog was the best freaking dog in the world!! She was my baby. She spent one third of my life with me on this earth. I'll see her again. I've cried more in the last several days than I care to admit. I've bawled my eyes out. I've tried to distract myself, but I feel good enough now to at least post back on to give thanks and to update. I saved table scraps for her tonight, just like I do everyday, only this time she wasn't there to take them. I called her last night to come in. I wonder how many more times I'll do this-think she's still right here...**sigh** damn, I love that girl. Thanks for reading. Now I'm crying again so I gotta go read about music or something to occupy my mind. But her blanket....I keep smelling it. This hurts. Oh, man, it hurts. anyway. I'll close again w/thanks for your kind words and thoughts. It did/does mean a LOT to me!
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So sorry mama. It's so hard to loose a best friend, I can tell what she meant to you. I'm so glad you were there with her in the end. You'll keep calling her and smelling her for a while, she's still with you, just in a different way. She'll always be with you.
Talking about her or writing about her will help when you're ready and please feel free to come back and share more about your girl. Gonna go hug my old boy now
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I'm sorry for your loss, mama. I've been thinking about you and Kiley the last couple of days and wondering what was happening. I cried reading your post.

You did a brave thing and you can be so proud of your act of kindness. I am so sorry that it meant losing a dear friend.

I'll be thinking about you
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