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Yeah, that "spin" instruction is laughable. How can it spin? How can you grab it that much? What matters is that you get it to open one way or another, which means twiddle with it until you think it's open.

I had to cut the nub off, too.

After a few cycles I did get the hang of inserting it and avoiding leaks, but it gave me killer cramps. As soon as I took it out, ah, blissful relief. Maybe it was just that cycle, or maybe it is just me.
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My Diva is awesome...I used the Instead disposable cups for a few cycles to see how I liked that style of AF-management and then went for the Diva!

I also like the fact that they send diva cups (donated by Diva) to the female troops in Iraq...apparently "feminine care" products are often not provided to the troops (you have to buy your own and finding tampax in the field is an iffy proposition). But with a diva you're set, no matter what!

Plus, I've heard the stories...buy a Diva and you're pregnant in no time!
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Have used the Diva cup for 2 years now. Think it's fantastic! It might be a good alternative for women like me with very heavy menstruation.

First 2-3 times it wasn't so comfortable, but it sure beat the alternatives for me (horrible chafing and dryness from tampons, and used to have to wear night time pads in the day and two night time pads at night to prevent leaks.) I usually use the Diva for the time of heaviest flow, then switch to pads for the rest of the cycle.
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I'd used it for over a year before getting pregnant. It definitely took 3 or so cycles to get the hang of it, but how I love it now. I will never go back to pads or tampons again.

You might try some alternate insertion techniques as described here. I had some issues with getting the cup to unfold inside with the C-fold, but the 7-fold and origami fold work much better for me.
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I found it to be super easy to use right from the start. Love it! Of course I only got to use it for two cycles before we conceived, which is just great but I can honestly say that I wasn't THAT upset when my cycle came the 2nd time b/c I knew I'd get to use the diva again. How dumb is that!?
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I've been using my Keeper for 4 months now. I won't say I love it, but I like it a lot better than any of the alternatives. I can't imagine going back to disposables! I still find it slightly uncomfortable to insert and remove (getting better though), but other than that it's great. I've used it while playing basketball, soccer, riding my bike and I never have to worry about it. Cramps etc. seem to be lighter using it as well.
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I love my diva cup I have been using it on and off for 4 years or so. I also use cloth pads but they are to bulky for dressy clothes and the diva works great for that. I cant wear it on the first day though because my cramps are really bad.
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I had a diva, and ended up returning it and purchasing a keeper instead. The keeper seems more flexible somehow, and I was having a terrible time getting the diva to open once inserted. With the keeper things are much easier. I used the diva for 4 or 5 cycles, so I really did give it a shot. I've been using the keeper for almost 4 years now, and it's certainly a better fit for me than the diva.
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Originally Posted by Trishy View Post
I use a mooncup and could not live without it. I honestly forget I have my period because of it.
Yep, that's me too. LOVE it. I have the UK mooncup though. Not sure which you've got.
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I have been using my divacup for about 2-3 years and I LOVE it! It gives such peace of mind never having to worry about leaks anymore, and not having to empty it as often as you would change a pad or tampon is a bonus too. I left my stem on.

Originally Posted by jessitron View Post
Yeah, that "spin" instruction is laughable. How can it spin? How can you grab it that much? What matters is that you get it to open one way or another, which means twiddle with it until you think it's open.
I 'spin' mine by inserting a finger up next to it and rotating it around the cup. I don't really grip or grab it at all, but doing this makes it turn a bit and pop open. I sometimes also have to pull down on the stem to make it sit right.
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Aside from all of the other benefits mentioned, I love that I can get in the shower, get myself totally clean, get the cup totally clean, insert the cup, and rinse myself off again before getting out of the shower. In the old days, it was hard to avoid getting little spots on my towel while I was drying off, before I could get a tampon or pad in place. No such problem with the cup.
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LOVE it!! Best thing EVER... I really prefer any resuable product.

And I can totally 'spin' my divacup. I fold it, pop it in and then put my finger up there by the rim and give it a twist. "Don't be afraid to reach up there and twist!" I got that tip from my bf.

By day #4 I am sick of putting my finger 'up there' but what the heck, still beats those nasty tampons anyday.

Could not live without it.
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I love love love my divacup. Everything on the testimonial site is true. There is a learning curve, so the first few cycles you should use backup. I can't spin mine either; the very act of grabbing it means I'm breaking the seal. But I do sort of pull it halfway out and hop around and generally look ridiculous for a minute or so and it pops open. I do stick a finger in there to make sure it's popped all the way open.

It makes your period shorter and lighter because bleached menstrual products cause heavier bleeding and cramps. Since the divacup has no chemicals, it doesn't have that effect on you. Not everybody has shorter/lighter periods but lots of people do.
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LOVE mine!!!!! I am amazed at how wonderful it really is. I ddidn't beleive it could really hold as much as it does and it is faily easy to use. I am so happy ot have one now.
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I love my diva. I have a #2 since I am over 30 (no kids yet) and I think it is a little bit for me, but I still love it. Sooooo much better than tampons.
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LOVE my Diva Cup although I've not tried the other types - in general I love using something reusable, not having wet string and my OCD side likes knowing how much I've bled I know, I'm a freak.
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My midwives both use them, and I'm really thinking about buying one from them and giving it a try. They love them, but their stories about getting them popped open after they're in are hysterical.
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