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Hi All,

Just a quick post to let you all know that I'm still in the game! The third round of beta was higher (I don't know my DPO, because the ultrasound was a week off - or I was a week off!!). Anyway, here's the numbers:

Tues, 7/11 5200
Thurs, 7/13 7000
Sat, 7/15 13,391

They're doing an ultrasound (probably) next week as a follow-up. I say "probably" because I'll be at a new OB's office in Ohio (post-move). I have an initial appt with a Nurse Practitioner on Tues for history and bloodwork, and an appt with the OB on Wedesday. They do have ultrasound equipment in the office, so I would think they would use it...

I have had some ms. Ate $5 worth of raspberries for breakfast on Monday, then lost them 15 minutes later. Went to the acupuncturist Monday afternoon, and she stimulated some points to help with ms. It's fine, as long as I eat a little bit all day long.

It's still incredibly hectic in my life. I'm writing from my parents' house, where I['m helping them with their second yard-sale. (The first was 27 years ago, when my mother was just pregnant with my sister!) We had just gotten everything out onto tables and were pricing, when there was a thundershower. ..

I drive to Ohio on Monday, have doctors appointments on Tues and Wed. My moving truck comes sometime on Wed., and DH's moving truck comes on either Thurs or Fri. We drive to DC on Fri...then to Atlanta on Sunday or Monday.

Hope you're all doing well!!
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Oh Susan that's wonderful!!! So glad to hear it!

Good luck with the moves - we are NOT having fun with ours. :
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Susan, yaaaayyy!

That's so great!
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Yay Susan!!!

Well I've missed you guys! I've had TWO scary paranoid preggo things happen to me since MDC went on hiatus. First of all my friend thought she had rubella and I'm not immune to it. Eeek! Turns out she got what her dr said completely wrong and it was that her antibodies for rubella were low and she needed a vaccine (not sure how she got that one so wrong! lol).

Then today we were driving to the lake and we went past this farm where they were spraying horrible pesticides. We don't have air conditioning and so all the windows were down and the wind was blowing it right into our car. Ack! I'm still kind of freaking out about that since I know pesticide exposure during first tri is NOT GOOD... but I'm trying to relax and think about how it's prolonged exposure that's shown to cause birth defects and miscarriages, and how I was only exposed for a very short time.

I am finding it very hard not to go off the paranoid deep end this pg.
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Originally Posted by ILoveMySofie
Hello everyone. I would like to officialy move over here. I got a
on the 15th :-)
This was our first try after our loss. I feel incredibly blessed and hope to stay that way for 9 months.

thanks in advance for all the support
Congratulations and welcome!
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Ugh, what a freakin day!!

Called the OB office this am to 1) find out my progesterone results from Wednesday and 2) Make an appointment for a 7 week ultrasound.

Made the appointment then headed down to my mom's for the day. On my way I decided to call and check voice mail. There were 2 messages from the nurse at the Ob's. . that they wanted me in for an ultrasound TODAY and that IF that went well we were going to change the progesterone supplements.

Thankfully DD was in an excellent mood and was barely phased about the change of plans. Turned around and headed to the doctor's office and called DH and asked if he could leave work (I really didn't want to be alone with Libby if things were bad).

DD happily went to the child care room while I had the ultrasound. Which was fine. . too early for fetal pole or heartbeat but nice yolk sac, good lining. It all looked good.

Then I met with the NP, my blood serum progesterone is basically in the toilet. But everything else looks pretty good so far (ugh). I've now been upgraded to injectable progesterone (wonderfully not covered by insurance). DH needed to learn how to give me the injections. Never thought I would be the proud owner of a sharps container.

I'm ready for a nap!!!!
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Ugh, Be, I wish the OB's office hadn't worded their message like that -- wonder why they felt they needed to maximize stress levels? Good luck with the injectable progesterone -- sorry you're having to go through that. But yay that the U/S was good!!
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I woke up this morning sick... I think I am officially pregnant? I won't be convinced until I feel actual kicking though.

: for all the struggling mamas... Hang in there. Come springtime we'll be posting in the Life With a Babe forum in a "March 2007 Babies" thread.
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I need your prayers ladies. Last week at 4weeks 4 days my hcg level was at 1701.6 and then at 4 weeks 6 weeks 3884.2 which is good. Progesterone was at 30.4 which is also good. On Thursday I had some very light pink spotting a few times throughout the day. Nothing Friday then this morning bright red . I am freaking out of course!! Hoping my cervix is just irritated from my yeast infection???
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Thinking of you, Prince E&LsMom! :
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PrinceE&L'sMom - You're in my thoughts hun. :
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My prayers are with you mama. I hope everything turns out ok.
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Originally Posted by DecemberSun
Come springtime we'll be posting in the Life With a Babe forum in a "March 2007 Babies" thread.
Awww, you totally made me smile sooo big with that comment!
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PrinceE&LsMom, I hope that the spotting is nothing!!
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hi ladies... i'm coming out of my self-imposed lurkdom.

apparently my doctor's prognosis from 2 weeks ago was incorrect... i'm still pregnant. : i'll be 7 weeks on wednesday and would love to re-join you if you'll have me.
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Omg celesterra!

YAY!! I'm so glad you are still here!
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Oh Celeste. I am so happy to see you here. You've been on my mind for weeks.
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Yaaayyyy Celeste!!!! Great news!!!!
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Originally Posted by Mavournin
Oh Celeste. I am so happy to see you here. You've been on my mind for weeks.
Mav, thanks so much. Actually your comment at some point about spotting through your previous pregnancy has helped me a lot. I've been thinking of YOU too!

I can't honestly say that I'm out of the woods, but until I have an actual m/c I am assuming that everything is going to be fine. I have opted to stop going in for those stupid ultrasounds. I'm still spotting... every day. :

thanks for the warm welcomes... I've had my eye on all of you!
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YAY Celeste!!!!

I got to nibble on my 3mo niece this weekend, for the very first time - oh my goddess can we say BABY LUST?? I was just blissed out on the thought that in a year that would be ME sitting there NIPing in front of my whole family with the most beautiful baby in the world.

And then my brother saw the pics of the on my phone, and now the two people I most wanted to wait to tell know. But at least they're being mum about it. I haven't confirmed anything, they haven't said anything, but as we were saying goodbye, my brother was extra solicitious, and kept glancing down at my belly while saying "Now you take care of yourself... And take care of your DP so he can take care of you [significant glance]." Oy. We're still sticking to our original plan of telling my family officially in September, when I'm staying with my folks for a week. I'll be about 14 weeks, and with any luck showing at least a smidge. :
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