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PrinceE&LsMom- hope all is well with you.

Celeste, hi. I just wanted to tell you that in my previous pregnancy i spotted for at least two weeks!

I go to see my doctor tomorrow. I am incredibly nervous. I just want to see that u/s and to see that all is the way it is supposed to be. I am counting the minutes until my appoitment...
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Celeste - so incredibly happy to see you here.
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Wow Celeste - I'm so happy for you!
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i couldnt find the icon for "bump" so figured this was just as nice.

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Hello again. Well that bleeding I had on Saturday lasted about 5 hours and then absolutely nothing since???? It was never enough to make it to the pad but I would wipe 4-5xs and see plenty of bright red. I went ahead and scheduled my 7 week u/s which I normally would NOT do but any little peace of mind I can get at this point is priceless.
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I can't get in to see my OB until September 1st! That's how booked they are! : The receptionist said "OK, so that's 2:30 on Sept. 1st, and you'll get your annual exam and they'll confirm your prgenancy." Um, hello, I'll probably already know by then, idiot! I have been feeling milldy nauseas lately, and tired, so I'm convinced (for now) that I am pregnant. I m/c last time at 10 weeks, so after 12 weeks I think I can relax. I'll be about 14 weeks by the time I finally get in to my OB. All I really want is an u/s around 20 weeks to determine the sex, and someone available to treat me for preterm labor if it happens again. I really like my doctor and the NP at the office, so I'll just have to wait I suppose...

I am 7 weeks 3 days now so moving along nicely (I hope!).
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Hi All,

I'm sorry I havn't been around to be more supportive. I have been in the middle of moving, and nowhere near a computer, let alone one with internet access. After tomorrow, same thing for about a month.

An update on me: I had my second ultrasound yesterday. I like my new OB in my new city. He saw a yolk sac and a fetal pole, but no heartbeat. At this point, they would have liked to see a heartbeat. The U/S dated me at 5 weeks, 6 days, +/- 2 days. So, in the 13 days since my last u/s (which dated me at 5 weeks), I've made 6 days of progress. Not good.

The dr said that he's not yet able to say that it's over, and I have another u/s scheduled for the 8th of August. He generously squeezed me into his schedule, as I'm going to be in town for only a day. (We're doing a ton of traveling in August.) So, there's not much I can do but wait and see...and I'm drinking organic whole milk. (For some reason, DH thinks whole milk is the key, so I'm drinking it!)

I hope you are all doing well, avoiding the worst of ms, and getting all the naps you need.

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Susan - Ugh, the 8th of August. That seems so far away. I'm thinking good thoughts and sending positive vibes your way.
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Thinking of you, Susan.
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Susan, the uncertainty is really terrible - I'm sorry to hear that this is unfolding like it is. I hope by August 8th your little babe will pop right up on the ultrasound screen!!!
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How about updates from the rest?

I've been feeling rather shy about posting, since my own situation remains unclear. I haven't been back to the doc for more u/s this week - I am just waiting this out. I feel too vulnerable by the daily brown spotting to allow another u/s. The symptoms are still with me, though... and the spotting isn't ever red, and no cramps... :

paisley, did you get my pm last week?
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Originally Posted by celesterra
paisley, did you get my pm last week?
Yes but I've been a real flake about writing back. : Sometimes I get frustrated because there's so much I want to say but I type so slow. Just know that I have been sending you love from afar and that I will probably get a chance to hog the computer tonight and write you back.
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no prob! you're pregnant! it's the perfect excuse

don't worry about it.

How ARE you???
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Hello all

Susan - sorry to hear about the uncertainty. It's a difficult storm to weather.
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Wanted to post an update on me.

Went for the second u/s today and saw Speck's lovely little flickering heart. What a huge relief. So wonderful to finally be able to think of myself as pregnant. I'll be getting the daily shots for awhile and go for another progesterone level on Tuesday.

But, I'm ready to embrace it. . pregnancy, the exsitence of Speck. Lovin' it!
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Hi everyone!

Susan -

Well, here I am almost 7wks pg. I am so damn paranoid this pg. Everyday I find something new to obsess about. I think I need a lobotomy....
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Be -- oh that's wonderful!

Celeste -- It sounds so promising, since you have the symptoms still, and no cramps!

pianojazzgirl -- Ugh, I hate the paranoia!!

I'm a little over 9 weeks today. I'm sicker than ever, and if it's like DD's pregnancy then this will be my worst week and then I'll gradually start feeling better after I hit 10 weeks. I felt great at 12 weeks with her, and as much as I'm looking forward to that moment, it was nerve-wracking for me because I couldn't feel her yet and we don't do doppler. Always something to worry about, no matter what the stage. However, I figure this time I'll be able to better follow the growth of my uterus to make sure all is well during that time. It's not as immediate as a nice kick, but it's something.
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Yes, I'd love to feel the kicks, too. My mom asked me when I'll feel more secure about the pregnancy and I told her "When I feel some movement!"

I am still here... Still pregnant, I think... Eight weeks today and counting.
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Every night, DP puts his head on my belly, and "listens" to the baby. He says he's waiting to get kicked in the head - it's the next thing he's most looking forward to.
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