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Trying for #1 - Hi and . I remember answering your post in The One Thread about hCG. I'm so glad you're here with us March Mamas. Are you doing any further monitoring or tests? How do those results look so far?

Raversangel - I sort of know you from the TTC after loss thread. Congrats on your short stay over there! What a rollercoaster ride these last couple months have been for you. If you are still dealing with the yeast, I recently used a homeopathic deal for yeast infections called Yeast-Away by Boiron (?). It worked for me but was way more messy than your average suppository so be prepared! The 7-day kit was ~$15 at my LHFS. And sorry that you feel crappy but yay for your new symptoms!

ASusan - Here's that thread for you with extended charting by pregnant peeps. How are you doing tonight?

Cvillemama - Sorry for your loss. Mine were early too - 7wks and 5wks. Amen on ignorance being bliss. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that innocence of knowing that everything would be perfect with my baby. But OTOH, I think what I have been though and learned has helped make me a more understanding person when it comes to loss and trouble TTC. It is amazing how once you are introduced into the world of pregnancy loss, that you find so many women going through the same thing. I had no idea before I went through it myself.

Leilalu - Welcome! You can be our official voice of reason. How's that sound? When's your appt and are you thinking about running tests? I had some done this last cycle and certain ones are best done on certain CDs (days, not diapers ). I am by no means an expert, but I'm happy to share my knowledge with you if you'd like. PM me.

Celesterra - Thanks for the compliment! How many DPO were you when your hCG was drawn? If you are feeling nervous about it, what about waiting for the 2nd draw until 48 hours has passed? It does mean another day of that awful waiting and wondering but I've heard that 48 hours is the max acceptable time for doubling. That way you don't have to stress if your 24 hour draw comes back a little low or go in for a 3rd draw. I did the 48 instead of the 24 for the first time this cycle and it turned out really good for me because by doubling rate was 150% at 48 hours. Totally acceptable timeframe and rate but I think it would have scared me if I got the 24 hour draw back as 75%. Just an idea.

Lotusdebi - How are you doing today?

As for me, I am 5 weeks today. I feel like I've been pregnant for longer than that though! I suppose I have some symptoms - so tired, emotional, a little crampy, boobs hurt, and nausea. Hey that looks like a pretty good list once I type it out. But I still sort of wish that there were more obvious signs. Perhaps a flashing neon sign that said 'pregnant!' on my lower abdomen? Here's to hoping that we're all kicking ourselves in a couple weeks for asking for more symptoms!

And for everyone - Here's a little item for us to consider. I am thinking of changing the title of this thread. I feel a little bad about having this reminder of what could go wrong floating around on our DDC page. I just don't want to scare anyone who doesn't need to be scared. I hope that makes sense and doesn't sound bad - sometimes I can't quite get my thoughts into the right words. Anyway, I have two ideas. First is 'The PALS Thread'. (PALS standing for pregnancy after loss support). That one definitely has the air of secret societies and decoder rings. The second idea is 'TP Checkers Anonymous' which totally cracks me up even though we're not very anonymous. So please cast your vote and feel free to nominate other ideas!
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Originally Posted by paisley
Lotusdebi - How are you doing today?
Thanks for asking, paisley! You are so on top of things!
I'm not doing great. I'm about as far into this pregnancy as I was when I started miscarrying in the last one, so I'm paranoid. I woke up early today, rubbing my belly, saying, "Stick with me, baby. Stay with me. You are wanted and loved" over and over. I'm checking and rechecking pregnancy symptoms. I'm definitely paranoid.

As far as changing the name of the thread goes, I kinda like TP Checkers Anonymous.
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paisley - yeah, i'm on a final day of miconizal or however you spell it i had to get help fast, i know this is waaaay tmi, but i was swollen to the point i couldn't walk...it was bad...and after the first dose all symptoms were gone...my ob said it was ok, i was kinda peeved b/c i really wanted to try to get rid of it a more natural way, but comfort won out...lol...i'm doing a bit better today...today is when i was due for af, and i'm feeling a little crampy, but not really, just a pressure in the area where i normally get af cramps...and everything is still high and tight, so i'm sure i'm good
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Thank you all so much for your support yesterday. It really meant a lot. I even had my DH read your posts. (He's a little leary about this "chat room" stuff, which is how he refers to it.) Reading my post, and then your replies, made him realize why I read these pages, and also that you're not a bunch of weirdos! (He's ultra-cautious about keeping private information private, and not taking advice from "strangers".)

My temp is back up to 98.6. I will probably temp through the weekend and then try to stop after that. Breasts are bigger than before, if that is possible. DH is happy about this, even though he can't touch them!

I have my first OB/midwife appointment on Tuesday. I told them I didn't need a long appointment, as I already had the lunch-meat lecture back in January.

The night I had my bad cramps, DH had a dream that I'm carrying a girl. He said that he met her. (My concern is that he always sees his dead relatives in his dreams, but he was smiling when he told me this on, so I guess it's all good.)

Paisley - Thanks for the chart links. I went looking for them yesterday, but wasn't successful in finding them.

Raversangel - I enthusiastically recommend garlic for yeast infections. Please forgive me if I've mentioned that to you before, but I'm VERY enthusiastic about it.

eta: I vote for the PALS Thread. I don't actually check the tp. I just look in my underwear. My spotting always seems to be enough to make a mess! (I had 4-5 days of "implantation spotting" for each pg.)
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Susan, so glad things are better!!
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Celesterra, you have been on such a long journey, and your strength is so inspiring! I hope that this pregnancy goes smoothly for you! I hope you are able to get what you want regarding no u/s!! Maybe your doctors would be satisfied waiting until a bit later, like the 2nd trimester?

trying for #1, I'm sorry for your loss. Congratulations on your pregnancy, may it be an uneventful one!

raversangel, I'm so sorry for your recent loss! I'm so glad you are able to join us here in the March DDC! By the way, I think in the roll-call thread you didn't mention your EDD, but I see it's the 15th here. Would you like me to edit the rc thread to show it? I think I have it as "sometime in March" right now. And yay for those strong symptoms hitting, even if it is rough! There's nothing quite like that nausea to bring on the secure feeling!

cvillemama, I know what you mean about the paranoia of doing ANYTHING in fear of harming the little one! This early time especially seems so fragile and delicate. I hope you have a good appt with your midwife Monday!

Leilalu, I am so sorry for your loss! My sister-in-law also has a history of miscarriage before each of her pregnancies. She has had 5 children, and she has miscarried before every one of them. She has always gone on to get pregnant the next cycle and carry to term. I hope you will also be able to!

Paisley, no clue on the baby aspirin! I'm glad you aren't having to put up a fight with your OB about the doppler/us. Are you going to see the OB and midwife concurrently throughout your pregnancy? Your list of symptoms is long and reassuring! But yes, I wouldn't mind a flashing neon sign myself. Actually, can I just trade my nausea in for one of those? As for thread titles, either one works for me.

Lotusdebi, oh that is a hard time. Keep on sending those positive vibes to your little one!!
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Hi everyone! I recognize some of you from the TTC after a loss thread.

Well I had a mc at 8 wks pg in April.... and today I just found out I'm pg again! So glad to find you guys for support!

Hugs and stickydust for everyone!
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Pianojazzgirl!!! Yay!!!! :

Back later with more, not supposed to be online right now, shhhh...
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Thanks hun!
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Originally Posted by paisley
Anyway, I have two ideas. First is 'The PALS Thread'. (PALS standing for pregnancy after loss support). That one definitely has the air of secret societies and decoder rings. The second idea is 'TP Checkers Anonymous' which totally cracks me up even though we're not very anonymous. So please cast your vote and feel free to nominate other ideas!
I like both ideas (TP checkers annon made me giggle!). I guess I'd vote for PALS though - gotta love an acronym! lol
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astromom - actually you can just leave it as sometime in march, b/c i have a sneaking suspicion that when i saw the doc june 2nd (enlarged uterus and thick walls) that i had JUST gotten preggers again...b/c i never had a period after that....the only time i bled was from my m/c...so lets just leave it till i go see a ob and get an 'official' date

pianojazzgirl - YAY!! welcome!!
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Thanks raversangel!
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ASusan - YAY! seriously, give your thermometer to your dh and have him hide it!! that is so cool that your dh had that dream! i'm sure it is a good sign
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So, I was symptom-free yesterday. And that freaked me out. My first sign of impending miscarriage last time was losing my pregnancy symptoms. But, then, around 9:30 at night, I started feeling really nauseated! And I had a twinge, which I hadn't had since the 4th. I was 3 hours late taking my last 3 prenatals of the day, and I'm really wondering if my prenatals are keeping me from experiencing nausea.
I'm only occasionally feeling pregnant. Mostly I'm still waiting before I get too connected to the idea of being pregnant. But, the more symptoms I feel, the happier I am!
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With my last pregnancy I had plenty of morning sickness and exhaustion so I decided to tell my kids I was pregnant when I was 9 weeks along. The baby was lost at 12 weeks 2 days and they were devastated. They saw blood, they saw me leave an ambulance, they were crushed. Now over 4 months later they say things like "I want my baby," or "I'm sad our baby died" at least 2x a week. I just can't put them through that again so I probably won't tell them until I'm least 14 weeks along or maybe even later.
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Don't think we don't see you looking there, missy Chrissy!

I'm mostly butting in 'cause I saw Chrissy's name as the most recent post, and I'm totally stalking her.

Many many years ago as a teen I had an early miscarriage (I saw the conceptus, about a quarter of an inch long), but I hadn't known I was pregnant, and it would have been an unwanted pregnancy anyway, so I never feel like I belong in threads like these. But I gotta say, if you change it to TPCAnon, I'll definitely be poking my nose in more, 'cause I'm obsessive about checking my TP (especially because I actually have been spotting, very sparse and dark though). So PALs might be better just for that reason.

I too have been asking baby to stick and feel much happier now that I have more symptoms, especially because I have suspected low progesterone, but hadn't done anything to correct it before I got pregnant. Whoda thunk I'd be glad to be nauseas?
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ASusan - how exactly would garlic work? i'm done with the treatment of miconizole and still feel the itchies and i'm not doing another one of those...blech...
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Hi all.
At this time last year I was m/c'ing. (About 10 weeks.) I had only been off the Nuva Ring a month, and I kinda had a feeling something was amiss from the very beginning with that pregnancy. Never got sick, never had sore boobs, had some cramping and spotting on and off. This time around I had only been off the pill for a month, and I had some spotting when af was expected... But I still got a positive test! I have very sore boobs and I have been having some waves of nausea today, so I'm :. Every time I feel cramps I wonder when I will feel "the gush".

So, yeah, I have been known to check the old TP.

and sticky vibes to all you mamas... Good luck, and thanks for starting this thread!
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PrinceE&LsMom - Wow, what an intense experience - for you and for your kids. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. How are you feeling so far this time around?

Raversangel - Not Astromom , but what I've heard about the garlic is that you peel it and place a clove up in your yoni. Don't cut or scrape the clove though or it will burn. Eating a lot of garlic would probably help as well as the usual probiotics, cutting out sugar, carbs, and so on.

DecemberSun - Welcome and congrats to you! Your symptoms sound good so far. I've been trying to think of that uterine sensation more as a "stretching to accommodate new healthy life" kind of feeling rather than calling it cramps and that seems to calm me a bit. But you're right, it isn't the most comforting feeling.

Lotusdebi - Interesting about the possible prenatal connection. Didn't you say in the other thread that you are taking Rainbow Light? I know they put herbs in there, maybe they add ginger? I saw a friend yesterday and she reminded me that a lot of women don't start truly feeling like crap until the sixth week. So I have put a temporary hold on wishing for more pronounced symptoms until then.

Celesterra - Did you get the results of your 2nd beta back?

Chrissy - I see you there!! Still got a cushy spot for you on this wagon here.

Arwyn - How's the move? I missed you!

We went to the farmer's market today and oh, how I love summer! We came home with a bunch of amazing heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn, figs, tangerines, strawberries, artichokes (for the lunch I'm making my mw - 1st appt on Tuesday!), and cucumbers. Everything was fresh, beautiful and organic. It felt so good to be buying all that great food knowing that I would be using it to help nourish the little life inside me.

For our thread title, it looks as if things are swaying in favor of PALS, right? Any objections, last minute nominations, or calls for recounts? I know there is a joke to be had here about voting and pregnant chads but I can't quite put it together. Hope everyone is having a good night!
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