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I too am very anxious right now! Can't wait to get past the main mc worry period!! I had an early miscarriage in 10/05 and we went through the experience of having to un-tell everyone about the baby... It was sooooo hard emotionally, but I grew closer to my whole extended family because of it, I never would have known how common it was so close to home! So when I found out about this pregnancy we decided to tell everyone regardless of the outcome - it was such a joy to see that positive again! I had skipped a period in May, I think it might have been a chemical pregnancy, but then AF in June again and voila! big + last week! I am hoping beyond hope that next March I will be having a beautiful baby! Until then I just have to LOVE love love my DD (9/04) and stay positive (literally too! lol)!!

Wishing you all tons of sticky vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm feeling better now. Thank you!
My first symptoms of miscarriage before were losing my pregnancy symptoms, and then some very slight spotting. I had some spotting last night. And my pregnancy symptoms haven't been strong. Plus, I haven't had to deal with insomnia for the past couple of nights, and then I woke up this morning with neither nausea nor feeling like I was starving. So, I freaked out.
But, now I've got reflux. I've got nausea. I've got that feeling of extreme hunger. So, I think I'm okay!

I hope...
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Oh celesterra - I'm so sorry.

Lotusdebi - PIV sex can cause light red bleeding (did for me). And some cramping is normal. So I think you're fine!

Isn't it amazing how thankful we can be for nausea?
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Originally Posted by Arwyn
Isn't it amazing how thankful we can be for nausea?
It is! I've actually put off taking my prenatals for a couple of hours a few times now just so I could be sure of the nausea!
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Poor celesterra...

Sending sticky vibes and spreading baby dust around to all you mamas! I am still having light cramping on and off (er, growing pains...) so I am : for a !!!
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Welcome Sweetpea! Hope your stay here is long and uneventful.

Lotusdebi - How far along are you? I just hit 6wks today and all of a sudden am so ill.

Can everyone muster up some extra special love and positive vibes for Celesterra tonight? Please?
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I'm not even willing to admit myself pregnant yet. I will admit to positive pregnancy tests. . but I can't think of myself truly pregnant yet. Does that make sense?

Anyway, HI, I'm Be. I lve in Massachusetts with DH and DD. We've been trying for #2 for between 1.5-2 years. For a lot of that time I was breastfeeding and that had a huge impact on my fertility. I've had 2 early losses one in October and one in May that were devastating to me. I'm on progesterone supplements now and playing the waiting game. My first beta level was good (I go for the second today) but even with supplements my progesterone level is "weird". My script is being upped and I'll have another level taken next week.

Now I'm going to go back and read as much of this thread as I can. Looking forward to getting to know you all. Hope I get to stick around (I can't bring myself to post to the roll call thread for this DDC, at least not yet)
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Paisley - I'm only two days ahead of you, due March 5.
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Bemommy - Welcome! I was lurking a bit on the 12+ thread for Celesterra's updates and I was hoping that you would come play with us soon. It makes total sense that you're not feeling mentally pregnant yet. TTC for a long time helps make it a little unbelievable and then with prior losses, I think it's natural to be a bit guarded, kwim? I hit 6wks yesterday and had a great beta earlier this week, and just then was finally able to admit/feel sort of pregnant. What are you doing for P? This is my first cycle doing sublingual P. I use ProgonB by Bezwecken, you can get it online for about $30/month. Last time I got tested, my P was at 4.57 17DPO in the middle of an early miscarriage. With the ProgonB, my 7DPO was 32.1 and my 14DPO (pregnant) draw the same cycle was 44. Looking forward to getting to know you!
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Paisley - Thank you so much for the warm welcome. The progesterone is screwy. On CD21 (or 4 DPO) my progesterone level was 24.5. An excellent number. I had started taking supplements on CD20 (when I knew for sure that I had O'ed) it was a vaginal gel. . procheive, once a day at night. When my progesterone level came back at 11 at 15 DPO, they upped my script. I now have vaginal suppositories each 100mg to do twice a day. Maybe they'll help, maybe not.

I'm waiting to hear about my second beta.
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hi ladies... i've had such a horrific 36 hours. i have been posting the updates on the ttc thread in 12+, like paisley mentioned. it looks like all is not lost at all, but i'm going to lurk until we know for sure. the good news is here. i just didn't want to bring all of that drama to this thread, which is so much about hope and embracing our pregnancies as we can.

be i totally know where you are. how was your beta today??
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Originally Posted by celesterra
be i totally know where you are. how was your beta today??
I was pretty much where you were today. . Sofa city sweetheart : Sure I went out for my beta and to pick up the new script oh and to get the oil changed in the car. . Then I came home and treated myself to and afternoon of lounging and movies (DD is at her Oma's for the evening).

Don't know what my beta was today. The results haven't come in yet :

I don't really like this cautiously optimistic crap. . It kinda sucks. I can do cautious and I can kinda do optimistic. . I'm not sure I can combine them.
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Hello mamas. May I join you? I just got my bfp this morning and am over the moon! I've been trying for SO long!

My first baby passed away 3 days after he was born. I am praying that I can bring this little one home. It just feel so surreal right now. Ok, I'm off to read up on our ddc and try and catch up on the thread here.
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Sandy, I am so glad you have joined our DDC! Congratulations!!! I lurked a bit in the other PAL thread so I know this has been a long ttc journey for you and I'm so happy for you. I am so very sorry about little Ben.

bemommy -- hoping for a great beta for you!!

oh celeste, I am thinking of you! This must be incredibly difficult to be going through. I am so glad to hear that there is still hope!!

SweetPeaSD, welcome and congratulations! I also have been spreading the joy of the positive regardless of the outcome!

Mamas, I'm so sorry for all your previous losses. Here are some more sticky vibes for everyone!
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Ok, here's my cautiously opstimistically hopeful vibes to all the MamaPals:

: :
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Wahoo Sandy!! So glad you're here! :
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Originally Posted by paisley
Wahoo Sandy!! So glad you're here! :

Me too! Thanks for the warm welcome mamas. I feel so behind on this ddc already. I can't wait to get to know each and every one of you!
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Yay Sandy!!!! Congratulations! So glad to see you here!

Celesterra - thinking of you and keeping fingers and toes crossed!

I've been away for 4 days at the inlaws - still have more reading to catch up with all my PALS. Welcome to any and all newcomers! Sticky dust for everyone!!!!
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My second beta came back. . 350 at 17 DPO. It almost doubled in just less than 48 hours. The OB office is sounding more optimistic.

I do another beta on Monday. Then another progesterone level on Wednesday. The nurse even talked about an u/s at 7 weeks. The last 2 pregnancies have't made it to 7 weeks.

Wow, ok. I'll have to admit now that I'm pregnant. I just hope to stay that way.
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Originally Posted by paisley
Got my beta back - 34,000 at 27DPO. Phew! Doc said it wasn't necessary to go back for the 2nd draw with a number like that. So I am relieved that everything is ok, but this isn't very reassuring for the singleton theory. Averages for single pregnancies at 27DPO are more like 9500. Ruh-roh.
Paisley, when I saw your numbers my eyes did ---> and my jaw did ---> on your behalf! Wow... twins... that would be, well, FUN, right?!

And I had to tell ya... we're getting tons of twin vibes over here ourselves! No betas to back it up, but I did pull 20 sets of twin cherries out of the cherry bag this morning.
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