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eczema, spf, heat, car seat???

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Hi mammas! Just trying to figure out what causes the flare up of eczema with my daughter. The only common threads are heat, a longer car ride, using spf (organic), and hot weather. Could the fabric on the car seat be doing this when mixed with heat and spf??? My daughter has mild eczema but on two different occassions her whole back has flared up and it is not a heat rash b/c it lasts for a couple days...or can heat rash last a couple days? What helps it is hydrocortisone cream. But I would prefer to be proactive rather than reactive. Also, she had a small piece of funnel cake...can that do it?
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My ds also has issues with eczema and heat and yes, I think the chemicals in the car seat cover are an issue too. Inititally we had problems with the straps, so I bought terry cloth covers and that helped tremendously. If you haven't done so already, I would try washing the cover several times in a fragrance / dye free detergent - Purex works for us. I would avoid using Dreft because it can be highly allergenic. Or if removing the cover seems too daunting, consider buying some cotton receiving blankets (flannel would probably work great too) and cover the seat with them (cut them up so straps can fit through safely). That can also help with sweat absorbtion where the synthetic material of the car seat cover may not allow for that.

We also found that increasing my son's liquid intake before he was going to be in a hot situation would force him to sweat when he got too warm. Otherwise it was as if he didn't have enough to actually sweat out so the toxins were trapped in his skin - does this make any sense?

I would also try changing your sunscreen in case that is what is causing the issue.

You may want to try taking one step at a time to see which factor it is. It really helps in the long run. I understand wanting to be proactive rather than reactive. Our doctor was not of that mindset just loved to hand us prescriptions for Elidel But that is why he is not our ped anymore...

PS Food can always be an issue, but it sounds more like a heat issue to me if since it occured on several occassions and the food was probably a one time issue?
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Carseats are common exzema triggers, it's the poly and such in them. IF you have a Britax seat, they sell 100% cotton covers that seem to help or covering the area that gets irritated w/ a prefold before going anywhere.
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Great ideas! Yes, I have a britax and I will look into the cover or maybe just use a recieving blanket. What spf do you tend to use? I bought one by Jason, but I am concerned that it may have bothered dd.
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