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Happiness is watching Allison go bye-bye. Irritation is having to look at her and hear her for the rest of the show. GAH! Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!


Did Howie hurt someone during his celebration?
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Originally Posted by chellemarie
Did Howie hurt someone during his celebration?
I didn't see anything, not sure what do you think you saw? I think Allison knew she was leaving. Love how they interviewed her BF in his medical get up, just so we make it perfectly clear she has snagged a Dr. I'm glad Kaysar won HOH I wonder if he will put Will up?
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I am also glad Allison is gone. I really think she was lying when she said she changed because she's in love. She just didn't have enough time to fully get into her game. I highly doubt she actually likes Janelle as she said she did. I don't care what situation you are in you don't spew the stuff she was saying about her and then turn around so quickly and gush about her. i think she knew she was going too and rehearsed what she'd say to make herself look better.

After Kaysar's trusting Jennifer(i think) in BB6 to not put him up I think he realizes how important it is to get your bigget competition out of the way asap and that he will put Will up.

I don't think they can chance winning the POV and using that to do backdoor someone since they do not pick who else competes anymore.

I wonder if they will do the 2 HOH's again.
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When Allison was talking to Julie, I thought, "She's lying through her teeth just in case America gets to vote someone back in."

Then I barfed and flung it at my television screen.
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Did Howie hurt someone during his celebration?
I don't know if he hurt Janelle or not when he was hugging her but he did ask her twice if she was okay. The 2nd time he asked she was sitting down and to me she looked sick.
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Maybe he squeezed her implants too hard and one broke? Hhmmm I did see him hug her but that was all, maybe they will show it Sunday. I wonder what happens if someone gets sick in the house? Are they automatically disqualified?
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Oh. There was a lot of commotion when Kaysar won and Howie was going bonkers. Then I heard someone (Kaysar, maybe) say, "You okay?" but it was just audio. I couldn't see what happened.
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If chilltown was smart they would try to turn Janelle and Howie against Kaysar making it seem he didn't include him in his deal. Either way I think he should have put up Mike and Will. I missed last nights episode but read the details.
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ok, just started watching. I Kaysar!
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I liked Kaysar in his season. I'm not liking him in this one. I think he's acting a little too smug. They should have taken Will up on his offer to send him home. What an idiot move.
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Ok I used to love Kaysar but now I think he is an ass. He should have asked Erica to use the veto, she could have said as much in her speech, and then they back door Will or Boogie. I hated Will and Boogie when they first came in but now honestly they deserve to win this as these others are just too stupid for words. I hope either one of them wins and puts up two from Season 6, because even if all 4 get to play veto only 3 are then safe, out the other one goes. Easy. And all W&B have to do is say, Kaysar only got safety for himself, he should have included all of you in the deal. I can't wait for Thursday

Oh yeah and OMG about that food they have to eat : I would SO be trying to get kicked out of there! And why are they not showing more suffering, or eating of it????
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I definetly don't understand Kaysars reasoning, just not following it. Also I was wondering if there would have been a fight when Kaysar and Will were in the livingroom discussing botox and plastic surgery and Kaysar made a comment about how unnecessary it is for woman to get boob jobs and how that kind of beauty isn't really attractive and Janelle was right there with the whole house listening.

I'm kinda liking this Kaysar and Erica thing though....not sure why. She seems sweet and real.

I could really see James faltering and going with Chill Town too. It would be nice if Erica or George won the next HOH so we could see who they nominate and where their alliance stands.
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I think Kaysar did play into Chill Town and he cracked the S6 a bit. How could he strike a deal with Chill Town when that stupid Dr. Will was wearing that "I'm Probably Lying" t-shirt? Hello-he's advertising his sliminess! K looked frazzled when they called him out to the hot tub-his voice went up a bit.

Erica sucks. She very well could have struck an alliance with Nakomis, Diane, Danielle & ChickenG. She could have had S6 on her side and they could have gotten that icky Booger out. She totally blew it getting herself close to the end.

I have a feeling Nakomis will be voted out-she's strong and she doesn't/won't take any from anyone.
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I think Nakomis is going home tonight. She is much more of a threat than Diane. I think at that point Diane will stick by Ericka just to have someone to align and talk with. Could really get interesting when there is a new HOH, hopefully there will be two and one from each side.
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I'm going to miss Nakomis.:
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I'm grossed out by Kayser's "man crush." Tonight Will said he feels like he's being sexually harrassed.
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Did you see how quickly Howie lost during the HOH comp? He totally eliminated himself.

No one is safe with James as HOH.
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Originally Posted by chersolly
Did you see how quickly Howie lost during the HOH comp? He totally eliminated himself.

No one is safe with James as HOH.
EEE! I know. I'm excited to see what James will do.

Howie rubbing the back of Will's neck like that simultaneously turns me on and makes laugh till I pass out.
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Dang I missed it, sick little one at home. I figured Nakomis was as good as gone. James will definetly stir things up, can't wait. I figure he might nominate George and Ericka just to not pick between the two sides.
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Just getting in on this thread. I love BB!

So, what do you all think of Mr. and Mrs. Smith? I totally believe it! She said 'Just act like you don't like me' and the look on Jase's face when she wasn't gone was priceless. It looked like they just wanted to hug each other, but couldn't, ya know?

My husband and I have a reality show prediction game, the first episode we pick a winner. I picked Diane and he picked Nicomas. haha I'm winning
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