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breast shells and leaking

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MY daughter is 4 days old.... breastfed my son for almost 2 years after MAJOR problems with flat nipples and latch-on problems at first.

So this time, I have gotten her to latch from day one, but it was not a good latch and my nipples are all damaged. They are healing and with the help of breast shells, I am getting a MUCH better latch.

MY question is... I am still in that phase of breastfeeding where I'll get random let-downs and fairly consistent leaking. The breast shells fill with fluid sometimes quickly and then leak EVERYWHERE!!

I have started stuffing cotton balls at the bottom of the shell which kinda works during the day... but at night, I wake up SOAKED. And night is the time I need them most because she likes to eat a lot.

Any advice on how to prevent leaking while wearing the breast shells?

Thanks in advance!

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I have seen the Medela shells have a foam insert you can put in. It's a small crescent shaped thing, reusable. I doubt it would hold all that much milk tho. Just enough for a shopping trip? Of course, you could put a breast pad over the shell too. Bulky, but it would work if you had to keep your shirt dry.

As far as leaking at night, well, we all do that. Or most of us. With or without shells. Sleep on a bath towel. Sleep in a shirt and sweatpants and keep a few dry shirts/towels next to the bed for quick changes.
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I didn't wear shells, but I too just slept on towels at first.

I would put a waterproof pad (a crib sized pad cut in half) with a towel or recieving blanket on top and another pad and towel on top of that. So when I woke up in a puddle all I had to do was throw the top layer on the floor and go back to sleep.

I didn't wear a shirt or bra, so I didn't have to change those.
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I had a lot of leaking with my first son not so much with my second. I would wake up in puddles, I kept lots of towels, receiving blankets and extra p.j.s by my bed for quick changes in the night. I like the crib pad idea, wish I had thought of that when it was like Niagra Falls.
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