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Super Baby Food

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Anyone else out there use the "Super Baby Food diet" from Ruth Yannon's book? If so, could you give me some suggestions as to a good vitimin C source for my 8 month old? She's too young for citrus, and there's only so much brocolli the poor thing will eat.

Also, does anyone have any tips for extending the life of tofu? I buy a slab of it for us, and it ALWAYS goes bad before I can use it all up. Unless that rancid, sour odor I assumed was "bad" really isn't. Sheesh. You'd think that after 11 years of vegetarianism I'd know this...

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If she is still breastfeeding, she should be getting enough of her vitamin C from you. (as long as you are eating enough!)
I really like her book, she has great recipes. BUT, remember, if your 8 month old is still nursing, that should be her main source of food, following Ruth's book exactly could lead to early weaning and dwindling supply, she is very regimented with the feedings, and encourages so much food for such a young baby. IMO she pushes food too much and not nursing enough, but I am very much feed on demand with nursing. Don't fret if your little one is not eating much at this age, (my dd2 ate no food at this age, dd1 ate a lot!)
(not trying to preach! all info given with love)

Tofu should keep for one week after opening the package if stored in an air tight container. Don't know of any way to extend it further than that.

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One way to help keep leftover tofu fresh is to place in in a container of water and change the water every other day.

As for vitamin C, parsley is my favorite way for little ones (and it's also a good source of iron which is important at about 9 months). Mince it fine and mix it into cereal or any meal. Also, rosehip tea is a good source for babies. Cabbage, greens, and potatoes are also good sources.

I agree with Brandi that if you are still nursing, vitamin C should not be a problem.
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Oh - I forgot to mention - you can freeze tofu too!

A good way to use up tofu is add it to smoothies. The extra protein will be good for you while you are nursing. Also, dice it up and through it in soup. If you blend the soup, it will make it creamy.
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Thanks! Not breastfeeding any more
Milk dried up after 3 1/2 months (but that's another Looooong story for another message board), so the vitimin C is a problem. I'll try the parsley and others.

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Sorry about your milk! Good luck with the vitamin C!
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