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Absence and Arrival

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Hi Everyone
I disappeared for a long time from the chats. I had placenta praevia and was admitted to hospital in Dublin for 53 days! The longest wait of my life. As an attachment parent it was very hard leaving my 6 boys.
Tadhg arrived on 7th June by C.section, I had a pretty rough time post surgery and losta lot of blood. We were separated for 26 hours, me in ICU. He was fine although they would not let any one in my family stay with him that night which still makes me cry. My amazing 13 year old son went by bus to the hospital at 7am the next morning and insisted to be allowed to be with his newborn brother - eventually they let him in where he stayed until 2.30 that afternoon, when I appeared!
Thats my news.
Congratulations to all of you who have had your babies and a prayer and wish for a smooth journey for mums with babies yet to arrive.


Mum to 7 great boys. : :
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Welcome Tadhg!


Congrats on your 7th boy mama! Baby number 7 born on the 7th, how cool! Sorry about the rough start but glad to hear you're home and well finally...enjoy your new baby!
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Congrats!! My husband would love you...he has always wanted all boys!!

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Congratulations - I'm glad everything is OK now and you're both healthy and home
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