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This is my third baby. I have had two uneventful pregnacies and straightforward births. I am considering homebirth for this time around.
I would like a waterbirth as well because I did tear (1st-2nd degree) both times and I definitely think that soaking in water would have helped my perineum be stretchier and also would have provided some gentle counterpressure to support the perineum. It just seems that most waterbirth stories I have heard involve these gigantic 10 lbers born over an intact perineum! I'm intrigued! And would surely like to avoid the 6 weeks (or more!) of postpartum discomfort my tears afforded me.

We don't find out the sex of the baby either. I am a big fan of green and white and grey as neutral colors. Changes things up a bit from just yellow.

Yo Becca, I also experienced hostility when we didn't find out sex. I think it mostly comes from a person's desire for instant gratification... they are impatient so they just can't fathom how you can be patient! Also, echh on the 60% c-section rate in China! I remember reading an article somewhere that was talking about how homebirth midwives got arrested in China, so I am pretty sure homebirth is illegal... and somehow I feel that illegal in China is a whole lot worse than illegal in the US... like I am not sure I would feel as comfortable with an underground midwife in China as I would in the states...

Astromom, I was in a wedding during early pregnancy and found that the bloatedness/ constipation of early pregnancy was so unkind to me. I felt fat and frumpy.

Melanie, I have heard people mention that chlorophyll or alfafa taken during pregnancy can reduce your risk of another hemorrhage occuring. I would look into dosing/ info ...
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Originally Posted by coffeetastesgood
It just seems that most waterbirth stories I have heard involve these gigantic 10 lbers born over an intact perineum!
Yep! I was in the water until I had to turn over to the hands and knees position to try to get my son out (the Gaskin maneuver, it's called). He was 9 lbs. 9 oz. and had a moderate shoulder dystocia, and I still didn't tear! I think the water helped me tremendously with labor and delivery! I'm definitely having another waterbirth!
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This is a great thread!
This is my second baby, and a big surprise pregnancy! We are very excited, and I think I am hoping for a biy, since we have a little girl already, though I agree that it would be really economical to have another girl since I have a TON of girl clothes! I feel it is a boy though. I don't know if we'll find out. We did with #1, but are tempted to go for a surprise this time.
I am currently debating whether to find a midwife. I have an appt with the OB from my last pregnancy, just because I was not prepared for this preg and I wanted to make an appt right away. He was GREAT during my daughters delivery, which was extremely traumatic - I also was hemmoraginn (Sp?) quite badly. My labor was 27 hours with 5 hours of pushing. I almost had to have a C section, but my Ob was wonderful and really did all he could to ensure it was vaginal. I had to have an epidural since the trauma down there was unbearable, and I had huge lacerations. I am hoping for a MUCH easier time this time around! DD was 'stuck', and 'sunny side up', and although I did all I could to turn her with my birthing ball etc it did no good. I am originally from the UK where midwives are the norm, so am seriously thinking I would like to go down that route. Also, I have a tens machine that I really want to try next time, which helps avoid meds. This is a machine that during contractions sends tiny electric impulses (under your control) to avert your attention from the pain. Last time I went into labor the day I got it, so had no chance to figure it out! They are commonly used in the UK instead of epidurals. I still think it will be in the hospital though - DH wants to take no risks after the last time.
My symptoms so far seem different than with #1. I can't remember exactly when the sickness set in, though I know it did get really bad. I'm 5l5 weeks, so there's DEFINATELY time for that! LAst time I was peeing every 10 minutes or so, but this time is not much different from usual. THey say each preg can be different, so I'm not too worried! BBs are sore on and off, I'm tired on and off, starving hungry (all the time!), and slight morning nausea.

Looking forward to reading everyones posts!

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How's everybody feeling? My ickiness is subsiding - as long as I keep my blood sugar up, it seems.

Okay, y'all are selling me on waterbirth. I'm not opposed to it, I just really liked being on the birthball, walking, sitting straight up, etc. And I kept getting hot then cold in labor, and I could adjust my temp easily out of the water. But I had a bad 3rd degree tear that was NO joke, so anything to avoid a repeat will be considered !! I told DH that the recovery was worse than the 19 hours of labor!

Anybody else planning to continue working out/running/etc/ as long as you can? With my 1st pg, I had a tough time at work the few months before I got pg, so instead of getting up at 5 to run like I had been doing, I started getting up at 5 to work. I finally rearranged some things and started working out again at about 4-5 months, but it was very difficult to figure out how to accomodate my growing bump and huge blood volume. I'm back into a running pattern and plan to continue it. Anybody else? I hope m/s doesn't derail me.

Oh - and I scheduled my first midwife appoitnment with hospital midwives, and I'm gonna email the nearest homebirth midwife, although I'll probably be delivering in China - trying to cover my bases!
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i felt sick as everything yesterday...i tried to make my ds some pork and almost didn't make it to the bathroom in time : but i'd rather have symptoms than none!!

i'm still walking two miles a day, i did yesterday and that was the only time i didn't feel pukey...lol...so i'm definatly going to try to keep that up!!
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Raversangel - glad to see you here. I was sorry to hear of your loss.
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Becca - when are you guys moving? Cause so much of what rocks about homebirth midwives is the excellent prenatal care! If you can get that, definitely go for it.

As for me, stupid nausea couldn't hold off one more stupid day (was a little queasy parts of yesterday, but almost barfed this morning when I got up. Ugh. Where's DP when I need him?? Oh yea, Oregon, working so we have money to pay the midwives...), and there was a SNAFU with the movers, so there's still stuff in my garage which won't be getting picked up until MONDAY, when I'm leaving TODAY, so I have to go buy some blue tape, rearrange everything, put a tape line down the middle of the garage with signs saying "take everything on this side" and "leave everything on this side" then hope that the movers can read English. OK, so I'm sure they can, there's lots of paper work they have to do, but dangit, I'm paranoid...

Oh, and then I have to go get on two different planes, one a very small possibly propeller plane, and spend ten hours travelling cross country and hanging out in airports. While nauseas. Fun!

On the other hand, the nausea is yet another sign that I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : : : : :

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Kind of birth -- we're planning a homebirth with midwives... I'm also starting to be sold on waterbirth reading these posts. When I spoke to a midwife during my last pregnancy, I told her I wanted things hands-off and, if I wanted at the time, to catch the baby myself. She works in a practise and it isn't guaranteed I would get her -- she was cool with the hands-off thing, but I think she was worried that other mws there wouldn't. She recommended that I borrow their birth tub, since it's harder for mws to "interfere" too much with that barrier, and it would be easier for me to push out and catch the baby before they noticed But in the past, I love being in the water (just our tub/shower) until I'm near/at transition, then I'm out of there. So, we'll see.

As for sex -- we have two boys and a girl so far... another girl would be nice, simply for balance, but I'm not hoping either way. We don't plan on doing an u/s anyway, so it's a moot point.

I've been having preg brain fog too. I mixed up the date of my cousin's wedding -- it's this Sunday, not in two weeks. And yesterday I was driving home and there was some construction. It was normally 4 lanes, but it was reduced to the two lanes of traffic on one half of the road, so they had traffic cones set up to show where the lanes were. Some big asphalt or tar or something truck was backing up into traffic. The car in front of me swerved around it, it stopped for that car; I guess I assumed it had just backed up a little more than the driver meant to and wasn't going to keep going, and that if it was actually going to back up through traffic, they would have someone with a stop sign, you know? Well, it just kept coming, and I was still in denial that it was actually coming into my lane. I ended up swerving through the cones into oncoming traffic (because there was a break in traffic in that lane) and then back through the cones again into my lane. I took out at least one cone, I think. My brain was *much* sharper the rest of the way home.
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Wow, the DDC is really hopping. Had to go all the way back to the second page of threads to find this one!

So I'm feeling good/bad. Nausea has started, just a little but enough I HAVE to eat every 2 hours or so, and when DP hugged me after picking me up from the airport (I was gone almost a week), he said I hugged different - 'cause my breasts were bigger! So that's all very cool, and very good, hopeful, promising signs. I feel pregnant, what with the funny twinges, breast growth, pain, and soreness, frequent urination, queasiness, tiredness, etc.

But I've been spotting for a week. It's all been very sparse, dark/old blood tinged mucus, little enough that if it weren't happening to me I'd be totally calm about it (and for the most part have been anyway). But today I had a (very small) clot in the morning. And that kind of freaked me out. I think I need a hug, and some reassurances. Anyone got any?

I think I now understand why women go in for 6 week ultrasounds. I'm still not planning on it unless specifically recommended by a trusted homebirth midwife, but I understand the urge now.
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Originally Posted by shalena
What kind of birth are you planning? If you've had previous pregnancies, did you have an uneventful pregnancy before this? ARe you hoping for a girl or a boy?
A hospital birth with a MW. That's what I did last time and loved it. DH and I don't feel comfortable with a homebirth. My last pregnancies were blissfully uneventful. My labors were fabulous experiences for me, esp. the 2nd one. I worry that I won't be so lucky this time! As for gender, I am entirely too superstitious to even think about that . . .I truly wish for a healthy baby, period. Maybe I wouldn't feel that way if I didn't have 2 girls-- I love having girls!

I am excited to contact my midwives and let them know I'm pregnant again. I'm not sure when is a good time, I don't want to do it to early. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
I set up my appt. for when I am 8 weeks pregnant. That's when my MWs like to see people.
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Wow, I'm so glad to be here. I was in the Nov 2006 ddc but then had a mc in April Now I'm due March 18

What kind of birth are you planning? I'm pretty sure I'll try for a VBAC in a hospital. I admit to being a little scared though.

If you've had previous pregnancies, did you have an uneventful pregnancy before this? I had a totally uneventful pg right until the very end. About 2 wks before she was due I noticed that Djuna hadn't moved in a long time. I went into the hospital and she was in serious fetal distress. They immediately sent me for a c-section. Apparently it was the worst case of fetal distress they had ever seen (with a positive outcome). They have no idea what caused it. I am so terrified that whatever happened then will happen again.

ARe you hoping for a girl or a boy? I'll say girl - just cause I have one and it's what I know, lol.
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old blood = old problem. You baby is probably just growing out of your endometrium... When it first burrows down it buries itself deep in your lining. Around weeks 5-6, as it grows it comes out of the lining again and can slough off old endometrium. If its light and dark or brown, even with small bits of tissue, its probably due to this. If it gets heavier or bright red, then you are allowed to be nervous.
FWIW I have experienced this with all of my pregnancies.
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Thanks so much Carrie! That's exactly the kind of thing I wanted/needed to hear. I know intellectually it shouldn't be a problem, but I need reassurances from BTDT people to calm the not-intellectual part of me.
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pianojazzgirl, I was in the Nov DDC too, I remember you from there. I also miscarried in April and now I'm pg again, due mid-March -- actually, the first online due date calculator thing that I did said March 18 Congrats!

Arwyn, I have also had some spotting... a bit of brown, and then a teeny bit of pink-tinged mucous. I know it's hard not to worry.

coffeetastesgood, I know you were answering Arwyn, but it makes me feel better, too, so thanks!
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Hi Brisen I remember you! Congrats to you too!
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Is anyone showing yet? I'm only four weeks along, but geez, i'm either really bloated or starting to show already! I've got a cute little round belly sticking out front.
This is my second baby, so maybe thats why. I didnt show until close to 15 weeks the first time around.
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i remember that 'full' feeling when i had gotten pg with my last a couple months ago! my ob said it was from your intestines expanding to help absorb more nutrients for the babe

i'm actually feeling good today! i went from nauseated to the point of not wanting to move yesterday, to literally famished today!! i'm even having dreams about food
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I'm interested in homebirth (thanks to a homebirthing friend ), but live in a small town with no midwives (other than my nurse midwife who works at the hospital). I could drive an hour or two to a birthing center, but I have a very strong feeling that this baby will come FAST. I had a natural hospital birth (isn't that an oxy-moron? ) with DS, and a fairly good experience (very supportive nurses, 8 total hours of labor, lots of family around), so I guess that's my only option at this point. This time around, though, I'm getting in the tub--there's only one at the hospital and it was occupied last time.

We're hoping for a boy. I figure it will be easier because we have boy clothes, we have boy diaper covers, and they can share a room. Plus, in my heart, I've always known I would have two boys, fairly close in age.
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I am sick sick sick. All day nausea and so tired and cranky. (Maybe my "advanced maternal age" = 39) but I am a nightmare and I feel like crap. I do like my dreams though.

I am so eager for first trimester to be over...I have great hope that it will get easier...
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Thanks for setting up this thread, Shalena!

Let's see, I had an all-natural hospital birth center birth attended by a CNM with ds but I'm really looking forward to a home waterbirth this time. We only plan to have 2 kids so I want to really experience everything I can this time around.

I think there was another question but I forgot it already. Is it too early to claim pregnancy brain?

In other news, I went to the zoo yesterday with ds and am now able to bring you all this important announcement:
The zoo is very stinky. Therefore, the zoo is not the best place for pregnant women with sensitive noses. Especially when it's hot out and the penguins just got fed.
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