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Here's a list of what I take. I take most of them after my breakfast. I can't take them on an empty stomach, and, unlike others, they make me sick if I take them before bed.

Prenatal: New Chapter (I take 2 pills, which is 1/2 a dose)
Plaquenil: This is the drug I take for my lupus. It's a little risky during pregnancy, but I'm down to 1/4 of a "regular" dose, and my symptoms are well controlled.
B6: I take this for my short luteal phase. I'm going to keep it up, because it's supposed to keep ms at bay.
B-complex: This complements the B6. It also brings my folic acid up to recommended levels.
Bone Density Factor: I take this "calcium+other stuff" because I broke my foot on May 1.
Calcium + magnesium: I take this instead of Bone Density Factor on days when I'm constipated.
B12: I throw one of these in the mix about every 4 days.
Cod Liver Oil: I take these not only for the Omega-3, but also to complement the calcium supplements with Vit. D.

About half of these supplements are Windmill brand (or related), because DH's cousin works for them. Sometimes when we visit, he gives us bottles of vitamins. For some reason, he gave us lots of B12 after I broke my foot (along with calcium). Not sure why, but that's basically why I'm taking it. (OK, just typing that in makes my reasoning look really dumb, but at least I'm honest.) It can't hurt, right? (B-vits are water-soluble)

One thing I've noticed since BFP, is that my post-vitamin urine isn't as yellow. I think this means that I'm absorbing more of the vitamins.
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I take so much fish oil because I'm bipolar, and use it as a mood stabilizer (works great! better than Depakote, actually, with much better side effects). The trials that have been done on their use for mood all support EPA or DHA, the omega 3s in fish oil (plant sources have ALA, which our body converts to EPA or DHA, but it doesn't seem to work as well as taking in the straight stuff). DHA is particularly important for baby brain developement, and while ALA works well enough, DHA seems to work better, so I definitely recommend fish oils as a supplement over flax or other plant oils if there's not a moral/physical objection. (I know several vegetarians who take flax instead of fish, and my mom has a severe sea food/iodine allergy, so she obviously can't take it.)

I use cod liver oil sometimes, in addition to the high EPA fish oil I usually take, especially in the winter, for the vitamin D. I may add some back in now that I'm pregnant, although I also worry about the high A in CLO.

I was going to have started B6 along with vitex for a short LP "next" cycle, but, well, looks like I don't need it now. I did pick some up along with some ginger capsules because I'm flying today, and the darn nausea couldn't hold off one more darn day. Let's see if it actually helps...
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I am all for the Omega-3 supplements, whatever way you can get them. It just seems like every study that come out says something good about Omega-3s - or eating fish (save for the problems with mercury). Everything from prenatal brain development to memory performance in the elderly.

Arwyn - I'm glad that you get relief for your mood disorder. I have a student with bipolar and I wish I could get her to take Omega-3s, (and eat better, in general). She has SUCH problems getting her meds balanced correctly.
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I take the Rainbow Light one a day prenatals.
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I'm bipolar as well. Rapid-cycling, though I've gotten a break from it for the last few years (since DS was born). Pregnancy is a really bad time for me, though, mood-wise. I tried fish oil, but it's so... fishy! Do you know of any that aren't so fishy tasting?
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I've been diagnosed with Bipolar II, rapid cycling, with mixed states - the category with the highest risk of suicide. Fun!

I use Country Life's Omega 3 Mood, and I've found that if I keep the capsules in the refrigerator at all times, right up until I take them, and take them with food, and use milk or juice rather than water to swallow them, neither the immediate taste nor the after effects are too bad. I think the most important things are buying high quality and keeping them cold so they don't go rancid (and because they're more aromatic when warm).
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I take B6 and Fish Oil too. B6 for my short Luteal phase (i was between 8 and 9 days for the last 4 cycles) and fish oil because I heard it can keep PPD at bay.
I didn't have a drop of depression after my first birth, so it may work, and it may not.
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For fish oil I'm taking ProDHA by Nordic Naturals. It comes in strawberry flavored gelcaps and I have never had a fishy burp from taking them. They are also heavy metal and PCB free which is always a good thing. I've heard the ProDHA is being replaced by their regular DHA formula but I'm still able to find the Pro version on a few websites. HTH.
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Sorry to crash your due date club but

CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy LotusDebi!! Many many many sticky vibes to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks, Sheacoby! Hope your pregnancy is going well!

Thank you all for your fish oil recommendations! I'll have to go shopping soon!
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I just started taking "preg-natal vitamins" with omega and DHA fatty acids. Unfort it's 6 pills and one oil caplet a day. Has anyone else tried this one? I got it from whole foods.
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I've been taking prenatals since my last pg (which ended in a mc). They're the generic drugstore brand.
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Paisley - I've heard of the ProDHA, and I've recommended it to pregnant women I knew. Hope you can keep finding it, or that you find you like the other stuff! (What's the difference?)

Curlylocks - I haven't heard of that specific brand, but it sounds decent, if you can get all the pills down. (Because of first the Depakote and then the prenatals and fish oils, I've been taking several pills twice a day for years, so I'm used to it. )
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Originally Posted by lunadoula
I hear you on being paranoid, but all sorts of stuff makes your uterus contract, including orgasms! My midwife told me orgasms are good and give a good "rush of blood" to the baby, and also that RRL tea is fine. Totally respect that we all have to do what we are comfortable with too though!
Yup-- I'm sure it is good since it's in one of the most popular brands of prenatals! But, my rational side has no say in this matter 'cause of what happened to my sister . . .if anything bad happened while I took them, I could never forgive myself!
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I'm taking Maxi Pre-Natal by Country Life every other day. It's 6 pills a day! I'm also finishing off my multi-vitamin on the other days along with a calcium pill and folic acid.
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I'm having trouble finding a omega-3 supplement that seems like the right one--there were 5 shelves full of fish oil and omega-3's at Whole Foods today. Arghh. I searched for info on the "right" amount for preg. That seems up in the air. Can anyone share the amounts in their supplement that they like?

Don't know why this is such a big deal to me, but I feel hyper-vigilant about what I am eating now. Sort-of a protective mama-bear instinct.
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Elizabeth - The Nordic Naturals site recommends 300–600 mg of DHA daily while pregnant and breastfeeding. HTH.
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I don't think there's any really good evidence regarding the amount of omega3s or DHA specifically to use in pregnancy. EPA and DHA are really good for so many things, though, that just taking a couple grams of a high quality, concentrated (DHA-heavy for pregnancy, perhaps) fish oil, yielding about 50% omega 3s (that is, one gram has about 500mg of DHA/EPA) is probably a good way to go. That's my thinking, anyway.
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anyone take a cranberry supliment? i had a horrid bladder infection when i miscarried and the antibiotics didn't work, but the cranberry supliment did, in a day...i can't seem to find any info on it and if there are any dangers to pregnant women who take it so i'll throw it out there and see if anyone knows about it

i'd like to take one a day , or every other day to prevent it from comming back, but i wanna make sure its kosher, and of course my ob knows nothing about it
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I Googled cranberry and pregnancy, and one site said it was not recommended in amounts above food levels because there wasn't enough proof it's safe during pregnancy, but all the other sites said it was fine, because there's no proof or suggestion of harmful effects.

I'd go for it.
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