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post pregnancy moms... exercise support group??

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hi there

curious if other moms want to hook up and start a support group to lose those unwanted weight we gained during pregnancy.

I gained a lot this second pregnancy...not sure how as this baby is much smaller than the first. Now 2 months I still have a big belly and still wearing pregnancy pants. Summer going to hit soon and I want to wear my summerwear again.

Looking for others for moral support. Anyone else in my boat and want to support each other.


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Yes, yes, count me in. I was actually thinking of starting a thread and asking who still had their post preg "poochy" stomach. My dd2 (12yo)says "mom you still look pregnant" Gee honey that's just what i wanted to hear. YOu'd think 4.5 months after giving birth that it would be gone. I was exerciseing to a pilates tape and a tae bo tape but don't know what happened. Haven't done it for a couple of weeks. : Maybe this thread will help. anyway count me in
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Me, too. Dd's six months and I need to get rid of this weight! I think a support group would help me stick to it...
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Count me in! I'm in a wedding next month & I'm just disgusted. At least the sun is beginning to shine...a HUGE plus in my opinion!
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ME TOO!! DD is 5 weeks and I just started walking everyday. Doing ww too, it's going great but i'd love some support to stay motivated.
So what have you ladies been doing? I was thinking of getting an aerobics video. Any good suggestions?
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hi ladies

great to see a motivated group here.

How about we all think of a reasonable personal plan that we would like to stick to and share with each other. Then we can support each other and help each other to stick with the plan.

As for my I have been walking a lot with my children (baby in sling) as we go for walk. Apparently walking at a toddler pace is not doing it for me. haha. <but the fresh air does us good.

I have a belly dance dvd so thinking of setting up a routine to do that. My toddler loves to do it with me. Just hard to get motivated and find time to set aside and not be on computer, doing chores, tending to baby need, errands etc. So motivating myself to set aside time to do that at least 2 times a week would be good. As well to do some sit ups and some other gymnastic I am learning in my back to shape class (using the exercise ball). Also try realisitcally to do at least 2 times a week.

With the nice weather comiing up...planning to bike around again to do errands and take kids to park etc. Going to get the special baby bike seat to put in the bike trailer...so both toddler and baby can fit in the trailer. We live at top of the hill...so its a steep climb on the bike route home. Always a good workout for me.

Those are a few things I am thinking of as a start. Would like to go to the gym, attend an exercise class, go swimming etc...but not sure how realistic to stick to a regular routine for those thing with a baby and toddler in tow. It will be more sporadic thing

my goal is to fit into my prepregnancy pants at least in a month. I have lost most of the weight from my thighs, so now just need to tune up the sagging belly. It took my neighbor (2nd pregnancy) a long time to get rid of her belly...she is a thin person and had no pregnancy fat. I understand it takes longer with 2nd pregnancies and need more effort than nursing alone.

Good luck ladies and have a good week sticking to your plan.

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O.k....i have fifteen unwanted pounds I'd like to get rid of. Now that's it's actually getting warmer around here, I'd like to hike with dd in the ERGO every day and do sit-ups and push-ups, too. We just got the ergo so that should help me stay motivated! We'll try that every day for this week.
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thanks for starting this thread

I was a runner before my pg. My DD is almost 6 mos old so it's time to start doing something again soon. The weather has been great here all of a sudden, so I took DD for a walk at the park this weekend in the bjorn and was amazed that I was tired after only going 3/4 miles. How did I use to run 20 miles a week? :

Anyway, am going to try to start slowly, maybe do some interval training - walking with short bursts of running - when I have help watching DD. And continue to take walks with DD the rest of the time.

I guess I should start doing some push ups and sit ups too. Yuck.

Am going to Florida in three weeks. Maybe I can actually fit into my shorts by then.

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Hi I'd like to join too! I had my second 6 six weeks ago. Was in good shape & exercising regularly before this pregnancy, but kind of let it all go and well, gained 40+ lbs. Have about 15 lbs to lose now. I am hating my maternity clothes by now!

My plan is to focus on exercising and eating well. I got into a habit of overeating and bingeing on chocolate while pregnant. I have been pretty successful this past week at eating healthier, and not overeating. Yay me!

Exercise is a challenge...Pre 2nd preg, I got up early(4:30-5) and worked out with a video, and also took walks with my son on my days off(I work 3 days a week). This past week I finally felt like I was (sort of) getting enough rest to get up at 5 but exercising is a challenge! If my baby isn't wanting to nurse again, my older son is waking up and calling for me! Still, I am persevering. Also we are taking walks with baby in a sling and older son in stroller(he's almost 4 but not enthusiastic about walking long distances)

Good luck to everyone-I hope to learn all your names soon!

Stephanie W.
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please count me in......my babe is almost 3 months old. i feel like i have not made much progress. i also have a high need toddler, almost 2. in order to get out i really need to get a double stroller, since my toddler runs everywhere and i cannot run w/ his sis in a sling safely. i would like to lose 30 pounds, i gained more in this pregnancy b/c i was on bedrest. anyway, my doc says in order to lose you need to lift weights and build muscle. i have been lifting weights and take occasional power walks.

well, i just wanted to say i am interested.

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Well, we woke up this morning, hiked around the property line (about thirty minutes), nursed , Mieke watched me do a pathetically small amount of pushups and situps, we had a bowl of oatmeal.....and just ate a brownie that mil sent home with us yesterday
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I wanna join too! I want to lose a bunch of weight, but I'll start with the 15 lbs to get me back to my prepreg weight.

I am so hungry for food I think because of nursing the twins and have less time so I grab whatever is handy (usually not the healthiest choice).

The girls are still nursing all night long (every hour I have a least one baby on), so I have to sleep in just to catch up. This leaves little time for exercise.

Here's my committment: to start drinking only water (no more sweet decaf tea or juice) and to prepare healthy snacks the night before for the next day, also to walk for 15 mins a day and doing my post c/s exercises.
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I did a 30-minute aerobics video this morning and neither kid woke up!!!! I also plan to take a walk today. I bought my older ds a kids umbrella that has little flashing red lights on it. He loves it so maybe will be persuaded to walk in the rain?

Had my 6 week checkup yesterday. Mw's scale said 147, my scale at home said 142. I like my scale better!

Rachel fox, I primarily exercise with videos. Do you get the collage video catalog? It's free and can be ordered from their website. Fat-burning for dummies is a good basic video to start with. I also like Pilates for Dummies. I saw huge changes in my abs after doing that tape once a week for about a month(pre-pg of course!)

Hope everyone meets their goals today!

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count me in!
Now that it is nice out, we heve been walking, but I need to do more, like sit-ups. maybe with a little encouragement, I'll be ready for shorts season. well, besides the stretch marks, I guess:
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my update on past few days...I got the baby safe seat for the bike trailer the other day and now can bike with the toddler and the baby! I went biking for first time in 4 or 5 months (biked until my 7th month in my pregnancy until belly got too big but then only once a week if I could).

Tues we did errands in our village and then biked around the vineyard behind my house. It was hard the rolling hills, ended up walking most of the hills...but was so worth it. DS was having his colicky moment and it helped calm him..but when we stopped he started so I rode some more. But then I had enough...and I was soo pooped and had a long night with his colicky moment (perhaps due to full moon??)

Wed we biked to neighbor village (1km) and area. My bum was so sore I could barely bike back home...heehee... Guess its doing something already.

Thurs took it easy...but tempting to bike again...put on the belly dance video...dd ended up doing it...as baby was hungry...tried to dance with him nursing while I was standing...a bit of a gymnast. Gave up after a while... haha...but a start I got the dust off the video.

Still havent attempted to do sit up... should be a way I can do it while on the puter.

Did some exercise on the exercise ball though...easy to do with the baby on lap.

that is my update so far.

hugs and hope everyone doing well.

Plus my dh and I make fresh squeezed juice every morning and evening (fruit in the morning and veggies in the evening). A great energy booster...and we sure need it.

Helps to keep us away from those tempting sweet as we are so full from the drink. .)
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We went for several walks all weekend & we are trying to go for at least a small walk every day...if only to the mailbox the long way. It's so difficult with a toddler who wants to walk & a babe who is making my shoulder sore because he's so big & in the sling. It's helped having dh home this week & my mom here. Aerobics tonight! Hooray!

I've been wearing a pedometer & trying to up my steps every day, especially if I can't get out of the house!

Keep it up ladies, you are doing great!

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oh my maude it's been a terrible week. My baby was hospitalized for RSV. It was very scary. He is doing much better though and I'm back to exercising. Good for stress relief tho I don't seem to be losing any weight . How's everyone else doing?

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so sorry to hear about your babe...RSV is scary stuff. Glad to hear he is better.

I didn't do too good exercising last week. Went for a few walks but that was about it. Did my pilates video today and am planning to do a video every day and walk if the weather is nice.

How is everyone else doing?
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my babe is now almost 6 mo. i had a rough first 3 months with uterine infection, then mastitis and then total exhaustion. then it was a record cold winter here in Canada so hard to get out. but thank god its warmish now and i've been going out to a stroller group that's organised by a baby store; its a great idea - a bunch of women who walk or run and talk, then go chat in a coffee shop after and let the babies eat/play etc. i also go for hour long walks by myself and have finally fit into all my pre-preg pants. also go to baby-mom yoga group weekly at the local yoga centre, where we also go to coffee after. so combine exercise and socialising; start a group if there's not one nearby!
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Hey count me in too! I was 137 pre-preg and got up to 190! I am at 170 now and have been for the past month and half - in limbo and discouraged! Baby is now three months this Saturday.

Now that the weather is nice I have been walking a mile or more with the baby almost every day. We also took sweet babe for her first swim the other day - mamma mostly did laps while dad played with her. It was great.

Excercise is key - but girls food control is where it is at. That is were I have the most problems. I can excercise all I want but if I dont control my hand to mouth reflex this stuff is bound to stay around!

Why dont we give the thread a little structure and post a goal of pounds to lose by a certain date? Each week we can check in with one another. My goal is to lose 5 pounds by April 26.
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