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Yeah....definately need the food control We have been hiking every day on the paths in the woods behind our house - very hilly - for about an hour - have slacked on the situps and pushups. I REALLY need to concentrate on what triggers me to stuff my face : . My goal is to lose fifteen pounds - at 1.5 a week that'd put me at five pounds off by Easter. wish me luck...
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Hi to all out there!

Does anyone know how much weight is safe to lose while bfing?

Hope all are doing well.

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As long as you aren't using supplements & aren't altering your diet dramaticly or try to drop a huge number of pounds in a short period of time, you can lose wieght safely. Gradually is the key. If you are eating decently (which is half my problem!): and doing some sort of exercise it will come off.

Went to aerobics tonight...wanted to die, but made it! I will probably be one hurtin' jose tomorrow!!

Hang in there!!

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i dont think its ideal to lose weight according to the scale. FOr me the best is to use measuring tape...and measure when my belly has gone back to usual or firmer shape. or use pants as my measuring tape...when I can fit into my prepregnancy pants again.

I was size 12-14... and now am size 16. got a way to go.

also our breasts weigh a ton too...due to breastfeeding with its fluctuation of milk production...that is why it is not ideal to use scale.

as for my updates... on wed I went bike riding...was planning to just go to the store...but decided to go to the lake... I think I biked a good couple of mile. But my knee ws sooo sore and also my pelvic. THurs was my post pregnancy gymnstic course and I informed the midwife teaching the course about my sore pelvic as I couldnt do some of the movement she wanted us to do. She told me to lay off biking for a while. Yike. I thought that would be the best way for me to tone up. So biking is off the list for now. Probably just as well due to sore knee and sore pelvic. Body not ready also with all the hills around here.

She did give us a sheet of gymnastic to do at home with and without the gym ball. SO will try and 'schedule' time and motivate myself to do that daily. (instead of being on the puter heehee).

Also need tips how to stay away from those easter sweets that are staring out at you everywehre you go. No matter which store you go in...there are easter eggs, chocolate bunnies...saying buy me..eat me. (I know chocolate the worst thing for nursing moms with colicky baby, and for trying to lose weight too!)

Anyway...so that is my update. Hope everyone is having a good day/ week.

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can anyone recommend a good book or video with workouts I can do with the baby?

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Ok, we've been quiet too long! How is everyone doing?

I'm nowhere where I'd like to be for this wedding in 2 wks & I leave for home Monday, but I sure feel better for going to aerobics with my friend 2 x's a week! I'm gonna have to take some stuff home with me & make my mom be my exercise buddy!

Where are you guys??
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Me Too!!!

with dd I was 126 pre pg, carried to 32 weeks, gained 10lbs and was 3 lbs LIGHTER then pre pg. With ds, (after 2 1/2 yrs of depo prevera) I was 157 pre pg, gained to 188 and am now STUCK at 172. I tried situps when Kaeleb was 3 weeks old and OUCH. So, now I am trying again!!!
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Hey Girls,
I admit I have been in hiding . I was at the ob office the other day and I am 173 on the medical scale .

With the weather taking a turn for the worse I havent been able to get out much.

Excuses excuses...ok I am back to trying. Thanks for reminding me!
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I'd like to join too. I think I have significantly more to loose than most of you. I actually weigh the same as prepregnancy but that is still too much. (we got pregnant when I went off bcp to try to loose weight, go figure!)
I look heavier than before I was pregnant because of the way the weight is distributed.

I would like to walk each day. As the weather gets nicer it will be easier. In Oregon its hard to walk because of the rain, so I will need to make a contingency plan as well.
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this past week I noticed a huge space in my pregnancy pants (I had it at the tightest level and there was all this space). So I decided to weigh myself as I did the pants test (put on my size 12 pants...not yet...put on my size 14 pants...almost... still a bulging belly. So getting there.

Its almost 3 months since birth and I stepped on the scale and I did lose about 4 kgs since I last checked! (about 10 pds). yay!

I did manage to do some sit up in the past few weeks, as well the exercises I learn in my post pregnancy exercise class and encouraged to do at home.

Walking lots... we live at top of hill so pushing heavy stroller with heavy toddler and groceries in it, while wearing the baby on me... great workout. .)

I've stopped biking for 2 weeks due to having pain in my pelvic area. Going to try again next week and meanwhile strengthening my thighs as well.

So that is my update.

We have my sons baptism on Easter Monday... guess will still have a bulge but with a dress should be ok. Still would like to wear my pants again though.

good luck everyone and happy exercising. Those sit ups work wonder.. Just getting around to doing it and finding time to do it too!!
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Well i have kinda fallen off the exercise wagon. The weather here has been cold and rain, rain, rain. Yuck Frances is also cutting two teeth at the same time so she is sleeping very little. But... this week I will try to do my exercise video and also walk every day if the weather is nice. We'll see if I follow through on it :
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Okay mommies - what happened to all of our enthusiam? I never lost that five pounds I talked about. The weather has been too crappy to excerise. Plus I sprained my ankle severly on May4th and was on crutches (with a four month old!!) for 2.5 weeks.

Enough excuses - I have started reading Dr. Sears nutrition book in hopes to boost my nutrient knowledge and get a handle on my eating habits. Better to start on that now before dd is eating solid foods.

How are the rest of you doing?
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I have been...

Walking atleast 1/2 mile up to two miles a day, every day. I have stopped drinking caffine (for relactation purposes). I still have lost no weight . Although I just started walking everyday about two weeks ago. I am going to add some yoga and Tae Bo to my routine. I am so very tired of this baby weight!!! I will let you ladies know progress weekly....starting today

Height - 5'8
Weight (higher in evenings though and taken nekkid) 172.5
% Body Fat - 38% (Ouch)

My only excuse is that my son is only three months old and until very recently, I spent all my time with him. Somehow, my idiot brain realized that he loves the stroller (won't sling during our daily walks for some reason) and the stroller adds more of a workout while we walk. Sooooo, next week there had better be some results!!! Will keep you posted
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so glad you all posted......just feeling horrible about myself and i am also so tired of this weight. i have had two babies in less than two years and would like to lose about 25 pounds or so. i need a routine and it is so hard to get into one w/ 2 children. Anyhow, the summer is here and the weather is looking better, so i hope to get out more. good luck to you all..........
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Aim - here is my inspiration for you.... least you have 2 babies to show for an extra 25 pounds - I only have one to show for an extra 30!!!!

We can do this ladies... here is a tip to share.

I just read recently that people who keep a food diary are more likely to lose wieght. I started mine today - along with counting calories - they add up so quickly!!

It's a little tedious for sure - but hopefully within the next month I will get my appetite under control and shed some pounds.

Also my vent of the day - what is this crap about breastfeeding burning calories and helping you lose wieght? For sure it burns calories but most girls I know (self included) seem to retain the pounds - I guess as a shield against famine? Anyone else experience this?
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I am slowly losing the unwanted pounds but its coming. My post pregnancy exercise class finished last week. It was mainly to get those kegel muscles back in shape but it helps to tone one up. I also been walking a lot and going for bike rides.

yesterday went on all day bike ride... I think we biked 30 km! well that should shed a few pds. But dont think I will do that again it was brutal and the heat! The kids did great though.

but would like to ride and swim a few times a week. Still have a belly that I would like to tone up. That is my motto to tone those muscles.

Perhaps should put on my belly dancing video again.

Its summer already and ds is now over 4 months!! I sure lose the weight slower this time than with dd. With her nursing her was all I seemed to need to do. This time chasing after a preschooler and nursing still doesnt seem to do the trick and I am tandem nursing to top it off! More work is needed.

My diet is pretty good. (I am diabetic too so I watch what I eat and we have fresh squeezed juice each day too)

Take care and hang in there everyone. We can do it.

stephanie, tandem nursing mom.
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Sunday Morning Update

Well Ladies, Miss Maggie (more commonly known as Aunt Flow) is on her way into town and I have gained 2.5 lbs in water weight. Dammit.

Weight - 175 lbs
Body Fat 38%

Well, I started my Tae Bo, although not religously. I will this week though. I also ordered some Yoga which I will be incorporating this week too. Wish me luck and speedy weight loss....also, I started the Slim Fast diet. Or rather, my version. I have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and need to eat, so I catch breakfast and shake my lunch and have a meal bar then eat a sensible dinner! Ok, here goes...
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Still at 173. I have no idea what my body fat is.

Lots of luck to Justice 2. I can't slim fast - still breastfeeding. I probably wouldnt anyway since I am not a fan of thick drinks. Trying to eat better - but you know what junky stuff just feels really really good!!! RATS!

I off-ed on the food journal a couple of days - back on it today. It does help you be more conscious of what you are putting in your mouth.

Went walking around the track for a total of a mile on Thursday. Walked this morning. Maybe will go to yoga today.

How is everyone else doing?
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ok, so I can't slim fast and breastfeed????? Hummmmmmm. Guess I will just have to yoga, tae bo and power walk (if the sun would ever come out)! Good Luck to you too Goodsense and everyone else on our weightloss wagon!
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Justice I am not sure if you can slimfast & bf (i just assumed). I went "exploring" the weight watchers site & I know they dont offer programs to bf mothers. I would call slimfast and see what they say or talk to a lac consultant or your ped. Good luck any which route you take.
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