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Feeling Pulse in Left Ear?

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Okay, so this is pretty strange. I know I have normal blood pressure. It was totally fine and even on the low side at my last M/W appointment but whenever I get up and move around -- walk quickly, go up the stairs, carry laundry, chase my 2 year old, etc. -- right after I feel that my heart rate has gone up and I feel it specifically pulsing in my left ear! Is this totally strange, or what? I have put on a lot of weight already and I'm 25 weeks along, so I know that my heart is working extra hard, but does this exaggerated pulsing in my ear seem normal? Dh tried to take my blood pressure the other day but the stethescope we have was free and it is pretty crappy. Dd was trying to participate too so that wasn't really very helpful in getting an accurate reading. But it seemed like my BP was normal. I guess the pulsating in my ear is more irritating than anything, but I just want to make sure it is not a sign of something else -- like high BP or a blood clot. And I don't have an earache or any pain. Hmmmm . . . anyone have similar experiences?
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Since I've been pregnant I've felt my pulse all over in unusual places. Me too with the just fine blood pressure.
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I always feel my pulse everywhere. I'm just used to it. I didn't even know until 2 years ago that it isn't normal! I've asked doctors and nurses about it. They just say I'm strange, and shrug it off.

I happen to have low blood pressure. I have some problems with my heart, but the pulse thing has been happening way before that.
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This happened to my next door neighbor and her doctor said it is normal.
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I think it has to do with all the extra blood in your body when pregnant. Just a few days ago I joked to my Dh about how I think I could find my pulse in my earlobe if I wanted to. And it looks like you can as well
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Thank you all for the reassurance! I guess I did think it was normal, but had my doubts. I'll mention it to my M/W as well in a couple of weeks when I see her next, but I do feel much better now knowing I'm not the only one with a very "obvious" pulse!
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Do you feel the pulse in your ear, or do you hear your pulse in your ear too- like blood rushing? Do you hear it constantly or intermittently?

I started hearing my pulse in my ear during my second pregnancy, and it turned out to be an indication of something else (fairly major, rare, but treatable). Don't freak out- just mention it to your caregiver, and then if it doesn't go away after you deliver, start asking more questions. Good luck.
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I agree with that extra blood in your body. My chiro was asking me if I can feel pulse in my ear because his wife had this "problem" her entire pregnancy.

I did not have it, but I had very ITCHY ears! It was driving me nuts! I kept putting things inside to scratch it and it was making it even worse. Now I think it was yeast related because after DS was born I had horrible care of candida.
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i feel my pulse in my belly and my back - the back pulse is fairly annoying sometimes
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