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butter oil and remineralizing teeth...??

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Hi Everyone,

I wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the dental forum...so I just decided to put it in both places.

So dd (3.5) has a few cavities and I've been trying to figure out what to do with them... I know there's no easy quick answer. Lots of pros and cons... BUT I'm still holding out I think for something that can heal her teeth or at least stop the cavity in its tracks (and then we'll just wait for the adult teeth). I've read a bit from people that used butter oil and saw new growth with decaying teeth. It's sounds a little bit too good to be true, honestly.

I've been coating her teeth with xylitol baby "toothpaste" and the cavity seems to be plateauing... but Id like to just stop it period. Also my 1 yr old ds is starting to get brown staining on his front two bottom teeth...and I'm remembering from dd that this is the beginning of cavities. So I could really use some Weston Price advice soon!!!

My question... what are all of the things I can do that would most likely stop decay from happening/continuing?? I currently avoid sugar, and only allow bits of honey here and there mixed into things...we eat whole foods 95% of the time. I'm not doing WAP diet per se...as some of it makes me nauseous (raised vegan -enough said...lol). But we do try for good quality and healthy choices. We also use the xylitol toothpaste mentioned, and I allow them to brush their teeth in the morning and I brush it at night before bed.

Any suggestions???
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I want to see if my raw/grassfed butter + high vitamin CLO has improved the cavity I have....I am also curious to know if anyone here has improved teeth from NT/butter oil...
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I noticed dark spots on dd's teeth when she was 9 months. I didnt want to take her to a dentist. I make sure she gets raw milk, butter(cant afford the butter oil right now), CLO(she wouldnt take it once summer hit), and coconut oil. She doesnt seem to have gotten worse and her tolerance of cold things has improved. I am looking forward to reading more on here though.
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See the thread I started in Dental:

Curing Cavities with Nutrition

From a mama I know IRL:

Well folks, just wanted to share my joy!!! As you know I've been
working VERY hard to remineralize my family's teeth. My little boy
XXXXX had x-rays this past Jan. They were put up on the dentists
light box and I was CLEARLY shown 8 cavities.

6 months after eating no refined sugars and only natural foods via
NT / W.Price ..... cod liver oil, raw butter, raw milk, raw cream, raw
yogurt, raw kefir, bone broth soups, sea foods, whole grains and on
and on and on......we went to the dentist again to get new x-rays
(today). There are now only 2 cavities. I did choose to have them
filled. I CLEARLY saw that there were no longer any "dark spots" on
the film where earlier this Jan there had been.

I am SO happy about our progress! I'm on a cloud
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