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Potty training/bedwetting

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My twin boys are potty trained during the day, but are wetting the bed at night. HOW DO I GET THEM TO STOP!!! I tried waking them up a couple of times a night...but this seems like starting a bad habit. I stop their liquids 2 hours before bed time. I have them sleeping in underwear instead of pullups. I only have them four weeks this summer, so I am wondering if I should just wait until the summer is over... I am a teacher, so the summer mos off I can wash sheet easily. But, is the transition going back and forth to their dad's too much inconsistency for trying to do this?
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Hmmm...you didn't say how old your boys are. Honestly, I just keep my kids in pull-ups until they stay dry at night. For my eldest two, that was within two months of staying dry during the day. My SS is almost 9, and he's not dry at night yet; my DH was a betwetter until 11-12, so it might have a genetic component. My almost 4 year old is dry during the day, but still wearing a pull-up at night.

I think night wetting is generally a developmental issue and training can usually not be forced. If I was you, I'd just keep them in pull-ups or diapers and let it go.
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I agree with keeping them in pull ups. My dsd who is 10 is still in them. Typically, bed wetting is due to the bladder not being caught up with the rest of the body. It doesn't help if the kiddos are deep sleepers either. Good luck, but I'm sure its just a matter of time and patience.
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what do they wear at nite at their dads? if they're in pullups/diapers, then I would do the same at your place. if they're in undies and wetting the bed there too, then I would put them in pullups/diapers as well.

Maybe they're just not ready yet?

good luck!
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