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I've been home almost a week and the house is getting back to normal (we also had a party on the 4th,) and I have trouble keeping things simple and clutter-free when I'm in school because the kids just let things go unless there's a fire under their feet, so to speak.

I spent hours on Saturday decluttering and organizing Julianna's room.

It was wretched, I should have taken pictures. I threw away a lot of crappy toys people had given her (sort of against my wishes, but I didn't have the heart to get rid of it until she wanted to get rid of it,) It's so nice to have her in a nice organized room. We're going to Ikea next week and getting a bed with three drawers underneath. I'm also getting her a closet system (perhaps next month to space out the credit card bill.)

I'm wondering if anyone has good resources wrt school clutter (especially since I have five kids in school and myself, we're working on three going on four computers and two printers, it's crazy here.)