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Nipple Angioma~anyone ever hear of this?

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Let's just say that my right nipple feels like it's on fire. Oh and when I bend over and the blood rushes down, OUCH!
Flashback to 10 mos. ago, when dd was born. At my 6 week checkup and the midwife, I told her I was concerned about a white blob at the end of my nipple. She told me it was a milk blister and that my body would reabsorb it and all would be fine. Well, it's still here. At first I thought it was a HUGE plug on the end of my nipple. So I did the heat, the warmth, the massaging, the exclusive one sided nursing, and even poking with a pin. All that got me was a nipple with tiny scabs from the pin pricks. Nothing came out except blood
I went to a breast surgeon about this problem a month ago. She did an ultrasound, and we saw that this 'thing' was deep, and it looks like a marble on the end of my nipple. She told me she had only seen one other like it before, and she called it a nipple angioma. I have spent HOURS on end trying to find ANY info on this online; but all I can find is what a simple angioma is.
So in the past few days, the pain has become unbearable. DD is teething, and she doesn't unlatch when she's done nursing; she just yanks and then lets go. This brings me to tears. I hurt so bad!!! The doctor had said that it's not a cancerous thing, and that I shouldn't worry unless it gets bigger or starts to hurt. At that time, she would want me to wean dd and then have surgery to have it removed. I am SO not ready to wean! Ivy is barely a year old! Can someone please please please help!!!!
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Terri, did they say why you would have to wean to have the surgery? Maybe while it is healing you could just nurse on the other side and pump if needed on the affected side. Medications for surgery can be compatible with BF contrary to what many Drs may tell you.

As for Ivy puling off, are you able to tell when she is almost done? Maybe you could unlatch her before she can pull. Hang in there honey.
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No, I have not heard of this. but I do learn something new about breasts and nurisng every day!

Sorry it has been such a problem for so long.

As far as weaning---no, no, no! Many moms only nurse on one breast for various reasons. If you are in agony, I rec thinking about doing this too. Just only offer the good side. I bet your dd will understand. She will need to nurse on the good side more frequently for a while to up its production. You will get overfull on the sore side then. Pump or express to comfort, as supply lessens.

With good luck, if you give it a break, it could heal on its own and may become useful again? who knows?
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So I CAN nurse on just one side??

I had NO idea!
That's terrific news. My nipple actually was bleeding last night. I had put some Burt's Bees Res Q oinment on it, and this morning my breast pad was splotchy with blood. I also ended up nursing on that side once last night, but it was not enough to drain enough milk out. I have a plugged duct on that side now.

I have this weird feeling that the Dr. made up the name of what this thingie is because she just doesn't know. Tell me that happens, right?

Ok, so tell me how to nurse on just one side! The Dr. told me that if she removed the blob, it would mess up my ducts and I may not be able to nurse at all on that side, AND, being engorged and leaking would hinder healing of the nipple once it had been worked on.

I appreciate all of you reading and trying to help me through this. !!
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OK, I am not a dr, but I do know a thing or two about breasts. PM if you want to know my credentials.

First of all, do you have a good pump? If you can't bear to nurse, pump now. Just take off enough milk to be comfortable. If you keep only pumping to take the pressure off, your breast will act as tho you are weaning, and gradually decrease production. Take care of that (interior)plug first tho. Use heat, showers, warm washcloths, before a pumping session. Massage the plug firmly while pumping. try to keep the milk flowing just enough to prevent more plugs from happening.

About bfing on one breast only. Think of a mom of twins. Each one is fed on one breast. Some singleton babies prefer one breast to another for reasons such as nipple size/shape or letdown forcefulness. They will refuse or avoid one breast and the other one will make up the difference.

So, over a couple weeks, your supply on the sore breast should lessen. Leaking milk should not be a problem during or after surgery. I have heard drs to worry about this before! As someone said, with all the body fluids drs have to deal with, why worry about a little spilled milk? If you hold off surgery for a couple more weeks or a month or more if poss (you weren't clear if surgery was def planned), the supply should be low enough to not be a problem with getting plugs afterwards. I would think.

Not sure of the cred of your breast surgeon as far as working on a lactating or recently lactating breast. I rec you get in touch with a IBCLC for more advice (intl board certified lac consultant).

As far as surgery "messing up your ducts," not sure, as you have many ducts, and the problem may only be with a few. When you heal, you can try to see what kind of job that nipple does with making and releasing milk. I would think the other ducts in the nipple, and behind the areola, would compensate, as interior ducts often do after breast surgery such as a reduction.

In any case, I hope slowing down production will make your "angioma" get smaller and less troublesome, with or without surgery. But I am not a dr, as I said, and don't know what to predict.

Let us know what happens. good luck.
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Thanks DaryLLL, I will follow your recommendations. I don't have a pump, but I can manually express, correct?

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Yes, if you are good at it. Some women can manually express with more success than with a pump. Personally, I was not too good at it. You need to be sure to get enough out to prevent more plugs/mastitis.

So see how you do. If you do get in touch with an IBCLC, she will probably be able to rent you a Medela Lactina for a couple weeks, if you think that will be easier than hand expression. Its' not that expensive.
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Re: So I CAN nurse on just one side??

Originally posted by fullmoonmama
AND, being engorged and leaking would hinder healing of the nipple once it had been worked on.
Shouldn't the breastmilk promote healing, or at least not hinder it?? Think of all those wonderful antibodies, etc. and all those mamas who run around, boob in hand, trying to squirt their baby's (or dh's) boo-boos!

Another thought- in addition to calling an IBCLC certified LC, maybe you could call or email Dr. Jack Newman. He runs a breastfeeding clinic in Toronto, and I wonder if he's seen something like this before or could refer you to someone who has. I'll see if I can track down some contact information for him.
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OK, according to his book Newman's breastfeeding clinic number is (416) 813-5757, option 1.
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Originally posted by Jane
OK, according to his book Newman's breastfeeding clinic number is (416) 813-5757, option 1.
Oh thank you so much, both of you!! I KNEW I could count on the wonderful support here.
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DaryLLL is the breastfeeding guru... :bf

I'm just trying to pay it forward from all the support I got here when I was having so many problems!
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PubMed pulled three citations in a search for "angioma, nipple, breast":

1: Klaber MR, Birch CA. Related Articles, Links
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Some spots of no significance.
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2: Doctor VM, Sirsat MV. Related Articles, Links
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3: Cavallucci GG, Sica A. Related Articles, Links
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Note that there are no abstracts available. Note also the ancient nature of the abstracts. Note as well that, even though one of the articles is in a cancer journal, the article is about benign tumors of the nipple and breast.

Good luck!
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