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electric shock during pregnancy

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i don't know what the frik i was thinking but i was wiping down the heater while it was ON with a wet cloth. i always, always, always unplug appliances before cleaning them but somehow my brain missed this. i got shocked but didn't think anything of it -- at that stage i didn't realise the damn thing was on. resumed wiping and got shocked again. realised it was on and turned the 'on' button off. resumed wiping and got shocked AGAIN. my mum was over at that time and she started freaking at that point and then i thought to pull the plug out (duh, i know). resumed wiping, no more shocks.

i forgot about it until later tonight when i told dh and OMG he FREAKED and i said "i'm fine, i'm fine, whats the big deal?" and he said "the BABY!!!!!!" and i was like "oh......"
and just a few minutes before i told him about that incident, i was complaining about how the little munchkin has been really quiet today and it's so unlike her to be quiet...
my little munchkin is a constant mover and kicker - from morning till night. and there has been very little movements after my shock and now i'm scared. it's been almost 12 hours since.

i thought about going to the ER then said they'd probably laugh at me for getting worked up over this... plus with a monkey toddler, it's hard to sit around and wait for a doc to be available..

my midwife is very low intervention.. and they don't have monitoring devices at the birthing center (other than a doppler). so there is no point in going there for monitoring...

wwyd? does this warrant some fetal monitoring in your opinion or am i overreacting? i'm 21 weeks.
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A quick Google search turned this article up. Sounds like since you didn't lose conciousness or anything, the baby would probably be ok, but I'd go ahead and get your midwife to listen for a heartbeat just to ease your mind, since you aren't feeling movement (which *is* normal at this point in pregnancy - baby could have just turned in such a way that you can't feel it for a day or so).
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thanks mama... i read that article when i did a google search too
i know it's normal to not feel much movement for a few days at a time at this stage, but i've been feeling strong movement all morning-day-night (even while i sleep) for a few weeks now.. this kid kicks/moves like crazy and doesn't sleep. maybe it finally decided to get some sleep? who knows... i think i'll wait till tomorrow afternoon to make it a whole 24 hours before i call my midwife. i can find the heartbeat with my fetal stethoscope for now.. i forgot that i own one. DOH!

what is pregnancy doing to my brain? first shocking myself THREE times, then forgetting that i can check the heartbeat with the stethoscope. :
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Oh, if you have a fetoscope, definitely use it and make yourself feel better!
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well... i think i may have freaked out over nothing munchkin has started playing soccer again. whew..

maybe she was asleep for several hours after all, and it was just bad timing with the shock. thanks for your help, boscopup.
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Probably a growth spurt!!! Glad she's doing ok! Mine has been silent today, but the last couple days, he was playing soccer alot too, and he's way down low on my bladder, so I was having to pee 4 times a night. : They say the middle-of-the-night peeing gets better in the 2nd trimester, but I've never experienced that happening.
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I shocked myself on an electric fence 3 times during my last pregnancy....it was painful, and I even had a burn mark across my back! The baby was/is fine....

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I got shocked during pg too and freaked out about it. But I guess it didn't do anything that I know of : (or maybe thats why ds is fidgety... j/k sorry couldnt help myself)

I think everything will be fine. I totally know how you feel though.
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