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I haven't told my dh yet!

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Dh is out of town for the next two days (musician playing an out of town gig). I don't even have the number where he's staying! Ack - I'm bursting to tell him the news!

Any ideas on creative ways to tell him I'm pg when he gets back?
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You could always go with the "I'm going to be a big sister/brother!" t-shirt idea.
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I haven't told mine either! I'm kinda nervous to see what he says, and we have had a lot of other really big stuff going on this week so I didn't want to add to it until all the excitement died down a little bit.

I was planning on the "I'm going to be a big sister" shirt, but don't know if I'm going to do it now or not, I might just talk to him about it. We have vaugely talked this week, he asked me if I got my AF and he made a few comments to DD about if she wanted to have a baby sister next year. But I didn't tell him that I tested and confirmed. So he just thinks we are waiting right now.
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I have total sympathy on the out-of-town thing, but I completely am boggled by knowing without DP knowing if they're in town! DP is the one who buys all the tests (I HATE the looks women get buying HPTs, and DP is much more oblivious to things like that ), and he's the one who records my temp in the morning. I've never taken a pregnancy test without him right there waiting with me, although I did have to poke him awake and drag him out of bed when I got the first (poor guy was still basically asleep when I just HAD to pee in the morning).
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I waited through an entire day (so we could talk after the kids were in bed) and it made me insane. But this wasn't an entirely happy event for us (read: him), so there was that added complication.

I did have a bunch of fun telling family, though. I was at my nephew's b-day party and someone handed the cake to my sister, who said "oh yea, give it to the diabetic," and passed it on to me. So I waited a beat and said, "oh yea, give it to the pregnant lady!" Dead silence from all my sibs... it was hilarious.

And today we were at MILs house, and Aiden was *sigh* dropping popcorn on the floor, then laying on his stomach on the floor and picking it up (and eating it) with his mouth...completely ignoring the cat hair all over. :eew My MIL was fruitlessly attempting to stop him, and when she gave up I said, "yea, he'll probably teach his little sister to do that, too." She replied with a "yea, haha" kinda thing -- then realized what I said. Too funny.
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Oh that's funny, but I think mine is pretty outrageous.

So I got my nerve all worked up to talk to DH about it today, and we were laying on the futon and cuddling. I said, "Daddy, we're probably going to have another baby." and he was like oh yeah, really? Then we talked a little bit more and I felt happy and the conversation was going good.
I got up to go to the bathroom and as I was walking away, he said "Uh...I already knew." I was like "Whaaaat?"
Turns out he found my stash of positive pee-sticks in the back of the top shelf in the closet TWO DAYS AGO! And he was being all sneaky and wasn't going to say anything to me until I said something to him. I was like, "Well what if I started getting a big ol' belly and still didn't give you any explanation?"
Hahaha. I was ROFLMFAO, he really got me on this one. I thought I was holding out a big wonderful secret from him, but he already knew what I knew but I didn't know that he knew what I knew. We are pretty goofy around here, but now that is all settled we are really happy. DH said he is glad.
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Turns out he found my stash of positive pee-sticks in the back of the top shelf in the closet TWO DAYS AGO!

your stash of pee-sticks

i don't have very many cute ideas...my first ds i couldn't even wait till i got home, i poas in the king soopers bathroom and instantly handed the stick through to dh (he was so nervous about the results he didn't give a crap about being in the girls bathroom )

my second i tested right after we found out my dh's grandfather was on his deathbed and after i got a he instantly called his grandfather, and dh's father told us when we were there for the funeral that that moment was the happiest his great-grandfather had been those last days and it gave him peace

my third pregnancy i tested upteen amount of times, but didn't tell dh about it till i got a good positive, but i told him right away something wasn't right b/c it never takes two weeks after missed af to get the

this time around i pretty much already knew w/out taking the test i was preggers b/c of my signs, but took the test and told him right away...i'm horrid at keeping something like that secret neither of us can keep a secret from eachother for very long... hopefully some other ppl have some more cool ways to tell!
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