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So I had my first appointment at a new doctor's office. I went in and then realized I forgot my wallet with my insurance card in it. The front desk tells me to call my insurance company to see if they can fax over information for them. So I do and my insurance company can't fax. So I call my husband to come bring my card. While I'm waiting I asked if they weren't taking me because I didn't have my card but they assured me that wasn't the case. An hour passes by and women with appointments after me are being taken. So I ask again why am I not being seen. I was then told by a nurse that the doctor won't see my without an insurance card. At this point I just have a bad vibe about this place and I'm pretty upset. The insurance company even told me it was BS that they wouldn't see me without it. I even told the office that I did not appreciate the way I was being treated and I was reconsidereing my appointment. I said this infront of another patient. The whole time I'm on the verge of crying (damn hormones!). So finally my husband shows up over an hour after my appointment was scheduled and about 15 minutes after that I was seen. I know it was my fault that I forgot my card but they could have at least told me from the start that the doctor would not see me without my card.
So I see the nurse who I cut my eyes at and gave a bit of attitude to when she was explaining earlier why the doctor would not see me without an insurance card (she might not get paid) and then I met the doctor. She seemed OK at first but then when I show her my notes on when my periods were, etc. I wrote AF for period and she questioned what AF meant I told her, "Aunt Flo" three times and she acted like she had never heard those words before and just gave me this confused look like I was crazy. She also didn't know what CD was.
I so hate looking for "the perfect" doctor but after all this drama I'm not sure what I should do. I have an appointment this coming Monday for an ultrasound and then to see the doctor right afterward. DH could care less what doctor I see so he is no help. He thinks I should at least go to Monday's appointment so we can see the baby's heatbeat. After that though I don't know what I should do.
I had the best doctor in the world with DD but we no longer live in the south so I cannot go see him unless we move back. There is just something about southern hospitality that I love!
So what to do? I know if I try to find another doctor I may or maynot like him/her and it may take weeks to get an appointment. What would you do in my situation? I could use all the advice you can dish out!


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Kristen, its so important to feel comfortable with all of your caregivers, including nurses.

I'd start looking into finding a new practice ASAP.
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I agree with Shalena - I think you should keep looking. Good luck hun!
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I'm thinking of keeping my Monday ultrasound appointment and then doctor's appointment following. After that I won't have to see a doctor again for a month or so right? It's been a couple years so I forgot how often we see the doctor for prenatal visits.


ETA: Should I give the whole office another chance? Or is it too late? I'm sure if I did bring my insurance card things would have gone a lot smoother. DO you think the office staff nurse and doctor will hold a grudge against me for speaking my mind?
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hun, they can call your insurance company in a heartbeat and confirm that you have insurance...you don't need the card, they should have just called and confirmed that you had insurance and gotten your card on your next appt...i'd find a new doc, that is rediculous!! i can't tell you how many times i forgot my card or didn't have the updated one and they had no problems at all seeing me...
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I'd probably do the same thing and wait till after my ultrasound appointment. But I really do think you should switch after that. They do not sound cool.
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Ok, so this is a long shot but do any of you live in the Chicago area and love your OBGYN? If so please share!

I have two other doctors who were recommended to me but they are downtown and going downtown is a huge headache!

Thank you for all your opinions! I really appreciate everyones help Plus I don't feel so crazy thinking this office was a bit mean to not see me without my card. The insurance company even told me if the office got online they could look up my information but the office woman said it wasn't her responsibility to do that, it was mine.
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Maybe you could look in the "finding your tribe" forum to find someone in Chicago who could recommend a good ob/gyn?
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Yeah, that doesn't sound like a caring or helpful practice - I'd definitely switch. I imagine there are lots of woman-friendly practices in Chicago - definitely check out the "finding your tribe" forum for your area and ask for a recommendation.

I hate the office here (the ONLY one with midwives, so I have no choice) b/c they had a big kerfuffle over my insurance card having DH"s name on it - and we don't have the same last name. They were threatening to not see me unless I could prove insurance. Um, you're HOLDING it! They'd never heard of people marrying but not changing their name.
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Are you interested in a Nurse-Midwife. There are several fantastic groups, one even does home and hospital births. I can contact my friend to get specific info if you would like.

Definitely consider a new provider, IMHO.
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I'm cancelling my appointments on Monday and I'm going to try out a group of midwives that was recommended to me. I just wish their office was open now so I could just cancel already and be done with this office!

Thanks again for all your help

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Kristen, it's great that you are going to move on and try the midwifery group.

To me, it sounds like this other practice is more worried about money than they are your care and that is never a good thing.
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I strongly believe that when we hire doctors we are their employers and they need to treat us as such. With respect and courtesy.
I would start looking for someone else. You don't want to feel uncomfortable every time you have an appointment and see that nurse.

eta: good for you for switching! You are a strong mama!
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It's very early in your pregnancy, so you still have time to find a new provider. What I would do is research who is available to you locally and make maybe three appointments with different doctors/midwives ASAP and interview them.

As a side note, I have forgotten my insurance card in the past but it wasn't a major problem and they didn't make a stink about it. I'd be really put off by the staff (and doctor) there and would try to find someone I clicked with ASAP. Good luck!
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I have made an appointment at the end of the month with a midwives group. The woman on the phone was very nice so it's a good start I really hope I love them! DH will be coming with me as well so hopefully he approves too

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Glad you found another provider! When I was pregnant with my daughter I went to 3 different places before I found a midwife I loved. It was totally worth it. The first doctor told me it wasn't necessary to have an ultrasound before 20 weeks, which is fine, but my previous pregnancy was ectopic and I was terrified of having it happening again, and having both tubes removed at 20 years old. So, I found a different doctor who gave me an ultrasound, but there were 6 different doctors in the practice and I found out they're really c-section and episiotomy happy. So I found the midwives
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Thats good news! Hopefully this practice is more respectful!
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That's crap. They can easily call up your insurance co. to verify insurance. I've had it done for me.

Good luck with the midwives.
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Originally Posted by hapahaolegirl
I have made an appointment at the end of the month with a midwives group. The woman on the phone was very nice so it's a good start I really hope I love them! DH will be coming with me as well so hopefully he approves too

I am so happy for you! Let us know how your first appt. goes!!!!
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