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Yes, I think it is too bad that moms don't nurse in public more often. I am very discreet, but just the same, in our local Walmart I refuse to nurse in the eatery because of some of the creepy people who hang out there. I know that when I worked there, one of the men who frequented the eatery turned out to be a sex offender. Yikes
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this is a tough one...dd weaned (I think) finally after her 6th b-day...now she'll say she wants to nurse, and I'll say, ok, and that seems to be enough...just knowing she could!
So there were plenty of times when my very intense sensitive girl NEEDED to NIP. I rarely nursed her in church after 2 because we were in babysitting or the preschool class that runs simultaneously with the service. I do remember once when she was past 4 and just totally out of control with sadness and confusion or whatever it was that set her tantrums off...that I nursed her on the stairway outside her "classroom" . I didn't care if other kids or moms saw...I really was just focused on my dd's needs. And you know what? I have earned the reputation as being a mom who WOULD see a child's point of view, and therefore was much in demand as a helper in the preschool...

That said, I DID geographically wean dd from nursing at my mom's house, because mom just felt that this was her invitation to tell dd that she was too old for this, that "only babies did that." I felt like I needed to protect DD from this BS. So I totally understand that motivation too.

But other little kids teasing? Nah! a few actually told her how jealous they were!
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this thread makes me sad

because joe weaned himself just before his 4th bday. i never got to nurse my 4 yo.

and the saddest part of all is, i cannot even remember the last time i saw ANYONE around here being NIP.

When is too old to be NIP? when your "baby" can drive his car back to your house & ask for it!!!

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Originally posted by darlindeliasmom
I DID geographically wean dd from nursing at my mom's house, because mom just felt that this was her invitation to tell dd that she was too old for this, that "only babies did that."
If I was visiting someone and they said that to my child, I would tell them (as nicely as I could) never to say anything like that to my child again, or I would stop visiting them. And I would mean it.

I would behave exactly as if they had told my child that she was too old to cry -- that only babies did that.
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devrock: yeah, well, I wish momwasn't toxic, but she is...and I have plenty of times put my foot down and told her to stop her crap...you name it; last week it was racist comments in front of DD.
But someone else lives in that house with her. Dad has Alzheimer's and you know what? I'm gonna lose him soon and Dd will lose her dear poppop, and no matter how much of an A$$ my mom is, she's not taking away my right to see dad...

It was okay, Delia just decided mommom was nuts about nursing stuff, and she rolled with it. If she NEEDED to nurse there, she's say she had to go potty, and we'd plan our escape!!

It's ancient history now anyway...
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My dd weaned 8 months ago at 5.8 years. She has been very loving toward my breasts after stopping and this past week has had an ear infection. She has been asking about nursing because she knows (from my talk) that breastfeeding was good for ear infections and all kinds os sickness. She wants to know if "I want her to nurse again".

I told her it was up to her but its been a long time and I don't know if there is any milk any more. She hasn't nursed but came very close to it last night. I don't know what to make of it. Does she jsut want my persmission or to know that its ok? I probably should have just made a new post, but didn't because of some of the reacations on the board the past week on another post

Anyway if you see this post my dd is now 6 1/2 years old.
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Firemom, I hope you will come back to the other thread, I think the majority of us felt the same way as you but nobody else was brave enough to speak up. Your point of view and experience is needed and welcome there. Hopefully it will all return to normal again soon, or maybe a new thread is necessary....

I hope everything is going well with your daughter and her ear infection. I think that's wonderful that she is looking for comfort in your breasts, to me that is healthy whether she decides to nurse again or not.
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What an unfortunate situation.


There are herbs you can take to help you re-lactate.
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Thanks for the positive vibes

At this stage I'm not really interested in re lactating, but would be willing to let her nurse if she asked to. So far she hasn't asked to nurse just for my input.

Who knows with all those years of nursing I may even have a bit left in there, or the stimulation would automatically make my body respond. But, she hasn't done it yet, so I'll wait see what happens.
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Cindy, my children were younger but I remember them asking to nurse long after they weaned. I always said yes and that was it. I think many times they just want to know they can.
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Firemom, after all those years I'm sure your body would respond.

Months after DS weaned it was possible to express a drop or two.

I think it's sweet that your daughter talks about it with you and great that she's so knowledgable.
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firemom: I am sorry that I was away over the weekend, and so did not respond to this quickly. Your experience sounds much like my experience... I know I keep saying she's weaned, but she DOES still ask sometimes. I don't say no, and like you say, she is so affectionate to my breasts and loves that mama comfort so much, that she just sighs and pats them and relaxes.

She had a really nasty stomach thing last month, and I was lost beause she never once asked to nurse during it . (That was when i officially decided she was weaned [for the 7,000 time]).

But here's the deal. I am almost certain that by the age of 5 or 6, the child no longer things of bm as food; it is ALL about getting that comfort and closeness to mama. I feel thie even more strongly because a) after about age 4, she rarely nursed long enough to stimulate a letdown and b) sometimes when she did nurse long and hard, she would stop smile sadly, and say, there's no baaa there, mom. But one time she said, "but mom is still here."

so I guess like with everything, the only advice I'd give firemom, is to follow your heart...maybe like with me and tnrsmom, just hearing the yes will be the solution...or maybe the sucking will ease the ear pain...

hope this is helpful...all that BTDT.
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Yes, I think it was just the comfort she wanted, ever since she weaned back in June she has always laid on my breasts and patted and stroked them. I think being sick reminded her of how healthy she always was while nursing or(my talking about it).

She has been fine the past 2 days and hasn't talked about it. Feeling better too!

Your situation sounds just like mine.

I have to laugh at myself, since I've been giving everyone advice for so many years, but can't quite see it when it was happening to me
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I just want to say that after reading these past few posts I am in tears and feel the love that the mothers here who have made to 4 and 5 and 6 years old breastfeeding their babies...how emotional this whole thing really is.....
I wish that all the people who bring us down here could just get that feeling for one minute....just one minute....
I know I will let my son nurse if he asks once he weans himself aftre reading darlindeliasmom post "she would stop smile sadly, and say, there's no baaa there, mom. But one time she said, "but mom is still here."
that did it for me....
I know we are all right in our hearts no matter what is said here...
and what post did I miss that was not so nice....I have no issues speaking up.....
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