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First pregnancy nightmare

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I'm not so used to this site - I like how, on LiveJournal, I can post a warning and put the text of the story behind a cut so you can skip it if you want. This was a little gorey, so if you think you won't handle it well, please feel free to skip right by - I won't think anything of it.

I had my first ever pregnancy nightmare last night. Never had one with my son's pregnancy.

Baby was born yesterday at current gestational age (21w4d) - and died. It was a girl, and she was a really bloody mess... at least later in the dream. I do remember seeing a very small but perfectly formed baby. Geof and I were arguing about what she should be named... we have a girl name picked out, but he didn't think it fit her. So I suggested Sophie. He liked that, but didn't like any of the middle names I suggested (I remember Elizabeth, and I know there were others but don't remember them). I'm just a mess because I want our dead child to have a name and he won't settle on anything. We decided to get something to eat, and all of a sudden the hospital was like this huge multi-tiered mall. We were waiting in line at this Italian type restaurant - kinda like a Sabaro - a food court like place. Geof opened the cover on this foil meal tray thing that you couldn't see through. It was some sort of spaghetti meal - the container was about the size of a meatloaf pan... about the size of "Sophie." All of a sudden he said, "Marinara." I asked what he meant, and he said that the meal reminded him of what he saw of Sophie... and her name would be Sophie Marinara. I just started bawling, and we were next in line to pay. The cashier asked what was wrong, and we gave him the summary and that we had just figured out her name. He grabbed me by the hand (I was already holding Geof's hand) and he was running so fast we were almost flying down all the stairs to the hospital level so that we could name our dead daughter "before it was too late."

Yay for hormones.
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Oooph. Not good at all. I really hope that you can manage to leave that dream as a dream and not carry it around with you. I'm sorry it was so scary.

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: awww, sorry to hear that...I have had some disturbing baby related dreams and they are certainly unnerving! Here's to happier nights for all of us...
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Thank goodness it was just a nightmare!
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oh girl! 2 days before my ultrasound .. I believe it was Wen? I had a dream that I was at a check up and they told me there was no heartbeat and we had to induce and I was like no way! I know I felt kicks today!

I wound up laboring the baby and the baby was dead and turned out to be a girl also (which I have two boys so was slightly hoping for a girl )

I was soooo freaked out about it and have been since!
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