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My DS turned 3 thjis month and weights about 32lb. Don't know hight.......He was a huge baby (25lbs at 6 months) and hasn't done much since except get taller!
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Three years and 35 pounds.
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wow...I keep telling EVERYONE that ds is small. But they don't believe me. I guess because he was TEN pounds at birth they all just assume that he's big for his age.

Ds turned 4 on 2/28 and in May he weighed 33 pounds and is 39 1/2 inches. Most of the 3 year olds on here are heads taller than him and outweigh him too. That's okay...he's my sweet little peanut!
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My little one turned three in March and is 36 inches tall and 27 lbs. She's kind of tiny (wears 2 t) but has a big spirit!
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Dd turned 4 in Feb. She is 37lbs. and 41" tall.
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DD will be 4 in November. She's 40 inches tall and 38 lbs.
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DS is 4.5 and is 45" and 48lbs. He is a BIG kid. Often mistaken for a 6ish year old.
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DS is 4 1/2 (5 at the end of October). He weighs 50 lbs. and is 46 inches tall. He's a big, solid kid and has been since birth. Everyone thinks he's 6 or 7.
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My 4 1/2 year old is 47 inches, 47 pounds (so nice of him to make it easy to remember!)

My grandma has been saying "Finally, a normal sized one!" about DD (2 years, 34 inches & 25 pounds) because she's the first great grandchild she's still been able to pick up at 2 yrs!
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3 on June 3rd
28 lbs, 38 inches.
Still have to roll the waistbands on her 2t shorts. I'm guessing most 2T are still in diapers...?
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DS is 38.5 inches tall and 30 lbs. He is short and skinny.
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Maia will be 4 in Nov. she is 34 pounds and 40 1/2 inches. She is so lean and muscular it is amazing, she has a nice toned tummy, too bad mine doesn't look like that!
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My daugther is probably the smallest of all of your kids (although I did not read the whole thread). She is 3.5 years old and is 28 lbs and 95.5 cm. She is just a normal slim child but not skinny at all.
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DS is 4 yrs. 3 months, weighs 30-31 lbs. and is 37 3/4" tall
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Big Girl

My daughter is 4 and 2 months. She is 48" and weighs 50 lbs.

She is very tall, and lean, but strong and muscular (frickin' heavy to pick up!), and BEAUTIFUL! She's 20 lbs. heavier and 2 heads taller than her best friend who's the same age!! I'm almost 6', my bro is 6'5", and my dad was 6' 4", so I think she'll probably be around 6', full grown.

Plus, she still nurses occasionally! You can probably understand why I've stopped nursing her anywhere but in private or with good friends - people think I'm nursing a 7 year old! She's my baby...
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DD is going on 3.5 and is 30lbs. and maybe 36 inches. I've been a bit worried because she's growing so slowly in height--less than in inch in 6 months. She loves to eat, especially fruit and anything with JAM on it. She eats a lot--more than her string bean (43 in, 34 lb) 6 year old brother on most days, but she's so active that she doesn't gain weight rapidly at all. She's gained less than half a pound in the last six months. Her height percentile is lower than her weight one is, so I'm thinking she'll have a big height spurt one of these days. She has a gorgeous, strong little gymnast's body, and has a round little belly at the end of the day. Our tiny ds was IUGR (3lbs 5 oz, full term) and hasn't ever been on the charts for weight, but has finally hit the 4% for height. DH is 6 ft tall, I"m 5'5", so it seems like our kids would have the potential for more height, but dh was a late-bloomer, so maybe our kids will follow that pattern. We are also both naturally thin. DD2 is almost two and around 5% for weight and height.

They come in all sizes, and they're all perfect!
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DD was 39 1/2 inches tall and 32 lbs at her 3 yr checkup in May. She wears a 4/5 shirt or dress now to cover her torso, but can still wear 9mo shorts with them (well, at least she can since she PT'd and is underwear vs dipes )
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My ds turns 3 this month and he is 36.5 inches and 28 lbs. Small, but FAST!
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dd#2 is almost 3, and is 38" tall, weighs around 27 lbs.
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