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Do people ever look at you strange when you are babywearing?

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I could hear whispers today as I was slinging my son onto my back with the ergo...They were saying "she's going to drop that baby!" : Gah! No I'm not! I could see the glares and hear the whispers and it actually really upset me. My son loves to be worn. He likes being close to his mama and would prefer that over the stroller.

Do you ever get strange looks/comments?
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Oh yeah, I've had some crazy things said to me. Often times people don't recognize that I'm carrying a baby (I most often use my ella roo) and they'll walk right up to me and then yell "oh I didn't realize that was a baby in there" It is really weird. People also ask if they can breathe alright - like I'd be purposefully suffocating my kiddo. I've had people point and people grab the wrap to pull it so they can get a better look at the baby. It is all kinda weird!

I try not to let it get to me. I know that I need to carry my baby - it's the easiest and best thing for me - so they can sit on it. Plus I always just look at those sad babies stuck in the plastic buckets and it makes me want to go pick them up.
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Yeah, sometimes it's hard to stop caring what everyone is thinking/saying. It's really bad when you can hear them second guessing you.

I always smile really nicely and rave about how much DS loves it. OR, if I don't feel like making small talk, I just smile sweetly and walk off.
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I get some weird looks, but I usually get complements and things like.....the things they come up with. (ya, like 100s of years ago)
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A few weeks ago I was in line at the store, and DS was on my hip in the nojo. The middle-aged women behind me were talking (quietly, but not quietly enough!) about how DS looked like he could "climb right out of that thing..." - when I turned around after I cashed out, one of them gasped and went to grab for my son as if he was going to fall right out when I moved! I reassured them he was perfectly safe in the sling.

Also, last month we went to a local art festival and DS was in the New Native, and I heard a family joking about how I was carrying a baby in a "potato sack"!
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uhh ya! Just today a friend of mine said gezz the things they come up with then said she wished they had them around for her DD I really wanted to say woman have been carrying babies in sling for hundreds of years. She later commented on how calm my DD was and how much she seemed to love it.I was using my hotsling
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Once when DS was a few months old, a woman in Wal Mart was surprised when I turned around and she realized "there was a baby in there". She said "Oh my gosh I thought your arm was broken!" I've gotten a lot of the "Can he breathe in there??" comments, and just the usual curious "What IS that" stares every time I go to the store. Now that DS is 11 months old, I think some people think "He's too big for her to be carrying him everywhere". Oh well. DS loves the sling, and is much happier and can't get into the mischief he can if he's sitting in a shopping cart where he can snatch anything within reach!
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The first time I EVER wore my first out in public, a woman said to her friend as they passed by us, "That baby looks squished!" My DP had to literally hold me back b/c I was about to go after her. Not sure what I would've done if I caught her, but... the pp hormones were raging and I just thought that was so rude.

Nowadays I mostly get smiles, and nice comments -- "Oh, what a clever thing" and "she looks so comfy/content/happy" etc. At the playground it's a great icebreaker too, I can suss out other AP mamas by their knowledge of/interest in my sling.
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Luckily I live in a pretty liberal town so I don't get a lot of weird looks or comments (maybe I just can't hear them talking behind my back). There was one time at the store when the checkout lady said "He looks like he has no legs!" about ds who was in a New Native pouch. Mostly people say positive things about the slings and ds. A few people have even asked me where I got my MT.
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People love their huge stroller systems and can't imagine why anyone would want a baby strapped to them. They are clueless.

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Gosh, I hope I am not one of those people who slingin' mamas think are giving weird looks! I am so envious of mamas who use slings...I think it is soooooo practical and wonderful, I just had never heard of it when my DC were little! I don't think my 11 yr old would appreciate being put in a sling When I pass someone who is wearing their child I always try to smile or wink and hopefully they know that is in awe and admiration!!!!!!!
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Nah, mostly curious looks and smiles. If anyone comments, it's to ask me where I got my sling or ergo or if my backpack hurts my back.
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at our local pool a little boy came up to me to ask if my dd had legs since she was all folded up in a pouch.

At target I have had 2 people ask if I was carrying a doll *when dd was first born* yeah im 30 yrs old and carrying a doll around

At a baby shower a friends mom came up to me and said "she looks so uncomfortable all squished up like that" I said "she likes it, you dont hear her crying do you? and how do you think they are when they are inside of you?" she shut up really quick
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one of my good friends was wearing her 3 month old dd in her hotsling in the grocery store over the weekend. someone actually had the audacity to say loudly near her, "well, if you're going to be too lazy to carry your baby with your own two hands, you best have left it at home". she turned around & said..."i'd never leave my daughter at home just to go to the store. she's where she belongs...close to my heart." i thought that what she said was beautiful.
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I get odd looks all the time here. Thankfully babywearing is becoming popular here in Stockholm but unfortunately this is the country that gave the world the baby björn....everytime I see a newborn/small baby in one of those I feel slightly homicidal.

Once a woman was staring at me and dd on my back in the wrap so much that she walked into the side of the waiting subway train. And at the local store where I pick up my mail packages the man who owns the place (he's not Swedish) asked me where I was from and I told him Canada. I had dd in the sling and he said "Does everyone in Canada carry their baby like that?" I laughed and said no, only a few. He said it was too bad because she looked really happy and comfortable.

When I was in Canada several people made the "I wish they had something like that around when I had my child(ren)" like it's a new thing. I've also had plenty of nice comments made to me while travelling Stockholm-London-Newfoundland-Nova Scotia when dd was 7½ months, 15 months, and 22 months old.

Oddly enough dh gets less odd looks than I do when he has dd in the sling.
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I have only gotten smiles.
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If my dd is with me she is in her ergo 95% of the time. I have never heard anything negative, but I get countless positive remarks. I've had women stop me at the grocery store and then run out the next day and buy one. I've got 2 friends using ergos and just last week at the park a woman thought it was the nicest looking carrier she'd ever seen and said how happy dd looked. I was happy to share all the info about it with her. I can't even imagine someone saying something negative, I'm not sure how I would react. The worst I've heard is "does your back hurt?", but in a curious way...so I wasn't offended. Though my most annoying remark was "do you have license to drive that thing?", it doesn't even make sense to me :

I of course hate the strangers that come right up and feel the need to touch my dd's face, especially when she is on my back and they sneak up behind me....HOW RUDE!:
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I firmly attest that I stare at people who are babywearing.

But I swear its because I'm
1) jealous of their cute sling/wrap/pouch etc.
2) am trying to figure out what kind it is
3) working up the courage to just ask them where they got it.

I try not to stare, I try to be surreptitious, but if you got a wierd look from somebody it might have been me. But I promise its not disparaging in any way.
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I've gotten the "can she breath in there" several times as well as few people telling me how I was going to cause some kind of spinal damage or something, and of course a few wierd looks.

BUT! I've also gotten a "She just looks so cozy in there" and "I wish someone would carry me like that, too" a few times as well

And a few days ago when we were on a walk with dd in the Mei Tei we encountered two women, one of whom wondered "what if that knot comes undone--won't the baby fall?" and her friend quickly responded "Of course not! How would it just come undone? I mean, you would feel it loosening first of all..."
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I've had "are you sure she's alive?"
I had a woman who felt the need to tell me about a woman at a flea market who thought her baby was asleep in a ring sling on her back but the baby was dead.
but mostly I've had VERY positive remarks.
This past weekend at the farmers market though a client of mine, her sister freaked when I looped the top straps of the mei tie under dd's arms and then swung her up and over my back, she dropped her packages and then came running over to rescue my giggling daughter. Ummm, thanks....I think we're ok.
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