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Dh was once asked "is there a dog in there?" when dd was in the sling

I did a few odd looks when I was in school and I had dd in the mei tai on my back, with my computer bag on one shoulder. It was much easier to do it that way then to try to navigate the steps with a stroller.

When dd was about 9 months old I had her sitting facing out in the sling and she was learning to wave to everyone. Someone commented that she looked like she was riding a float! :
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Once when dd was like 2 mo old I was sitting up at the front of the store on one of those benches with her in the cradle carry in a MW, not far from the ride on toys. So this family comes up, and the mother shoots me this weird look. They stand there (wife, husband, and 2 kids) waiting to ride the dinosaur. Then the lady starts talking with her husband about how my baby probably cant breathe and its probably too hot and on and on. Now theyre like...15 ft away, so I can hear everything theyre saying. So my mama hormones are freaking out because it was so WRONG!! Finally I got up and walked over, right as they were ready to go, so the wife takes off out the door and leaves the husband to talk to me. I said, " I really hope you teach your children that its not ok to talk about people, because its rude." So he fumbled around saying he didnt know what I was talking about and walks out. I was livid. I guess it was just the mama bear syndrome. It was just that they were saying such mean things. Now I would handle it much differently....but thats the only negative experience I've had. Other than that I get the "oh she's gonna fall out!!" but only in a concerned way, and I usually just assure people that she's FINE and that she LIKES it!!
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Actually, I was just thinking about this the other day. I had to go into Walmart for the first time in a VERY long time (the nearest Walmart is 40 miles away in a town called Spencer - we were there to buy bread at the bakery outlet place and my oldest wanted to spend some of his birthday money on a toy). Anyway, my 11 yo son, 14 month old daughter, and i walked around the store, talking and laughing, and were on the receiving end of many, many stares. I was sort of perplexed about it until I realized that it was likely because a) I was carrying my baby in a rebozo, and maybe due to b) the tattoo on the back of my right hand (which I just got on Saturday). Add in the piercings, the bandana, and the bright orange t-shirt depicting a wide-open mouth with the words "look! no cavities!" emblazoned upon it, and I guess I looked pretty weird to everyone else in the store. And I loved it! Ha!

I've gotten stares, weird looks, and one "I can't believe you would wear that" remarks (wear what? the baby or the ring sling?) - but I've also gotten many smiles, and more than one "That's awesome"-s and "how cool! i wish i'd had that"-s. My all-time favorite, though, is "she looks so happy."
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Originally Posted by sweetest
Dh was once asked "is there a dog in there?" when dd was in the sling
(*chuckle*) This cracked me up . . . my mother and I went to the Sunday Market over the weekend, and one of the booths was a woman selling slings. At first I thought there were just baby slings, until I looked over and saw that she also had a small display of slings for (small-breed) dogs!

She noticed me checking out the slings and, since I was holding 4-month-old DD in my arms at the time, asked if I wanted to check one of them out. I laughed and pointed out that I WAS wearing a sling (my Maya Wrap); I just had it around my waist and DD in my arms, as it was about 85 degrees and we were both too hot for babywearing!
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Mostly I get positive comments (and that oh so prevalent "I wish they'd had that when my kids were little!... I usually bite my tongue) but twice now when I've been swinging ds onto my back (rebozo or wrap) I've had these middle-aged guys come running up to me and nearly snatch ds off of my back. If anything is going to make me drop him, running up behind me while I'm wrapping him and putting your strange hands on him is a very good start! I don't think I look that incompetent!
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We live in a very mainstream area so people are always looking at us, especially Dh. We usually get fairly benign comments like "that is such a neat invention, I wish they had something like that when I had my kids." If you only knew.
Last weekend we were at the mall for sidewalk sale and I had Dd1, 3.5 years in a sling on my hip and Dh and Dd2,11.5 months in a sling on his. A women commented "at least it can't be said that you don't know where your kids are." I'm pretty sure it was complementary.
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Even in NYC I was getting stares! I got so tired of it, I decided I was going to stare right back. My dh finally wore dd last night in a new Hotsling I bought for us to share (he was surprised how comfy it was), but it seems too big on me.

I mostly get these:
Is there a real baby in there?
I thought your arm was broken!
Can she breathe?
I wish they had those when my dc was little!
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I had a bus driver give me tips for how to adjust my sling to be easier on my back the other day, he had three kids and used similar slings for all of them.

Only in Portland, I guess!
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I do get strange looks a lot, but I think it's only becuase people are seeing something they rarely see... it just takes them a minute to process, and they are curious. I've never gotten what I would consider a dirty look, except once when I was bf'ing in the sling.

When dd was an infant, I got a lot of 'can she breathe' and 'Gasp! I didn't know there was a baby in there!'

Recently, I mostly have had people ask where I bought my sling, interested in buying one for self or as gift. Many people comment on how neat it is, or say something like 'that's the best way to ride' or 'the best seat in the house'.

Of course I've had my fair share of 'I wish those were around when my kids were little', including from a woman standing there with her four year old daughter . I've begun replying with "They did, YOU just didn't know about it" in my sweetest voice.
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People ALWAYS think I'm going to drop her and ask if I need help.

But I get lots of compliments and alot of "did you make that?" (i use wraps, mostly...and I DONT make them)
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While trying out a wrap a few weeks ago we walked across the street to visit the neighbours who were out in the yard. They are an older Italian couple who really liked the wrap and didnt flinch when they saw me wearing the little guy.
Yesterday the Polish woman from across the other way came racing while I was watering the plants while wearing the mei tai. She informed me that babies spines arent strong enough to be carried like that. I was making a terrible mistake. She also told me that in the old country babies were only carried in arms or in a carriage. I didnt want to suffer the wrath of this neighbour (!!) so I didnt explain to her about how long the mei tai has been used, blah blah blah. I just smiled & nodded.
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I also wanted to add...that my other *favorite* comment is how people "wish that those kind of carriers were around when they had their babies"...I often want to say that families have been carrying babies around in wraps and slings for all time and so I'm sure that they had *those kinds of things* back in the day! (I know it wasn't as easy to find, but come on people.....)
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I just got back from a trip, and so had "my" baby in my pouch sling all around different airports and got tons of comments. I felt like such a great ambassador - my babe was so happy and so comfy (I think the sling is his favorite place in the world) - and everyone kept asking me where they could get one. Of course I also got the "I wish they were around when I had kids" comment. Really biting my tongue like the rest of you. Seriously, slings are not a new thing, but people seem to think of them as the new and improved version of the Baby Bjorn or other such backpack.

Oh, and I have to seriously thank all you mommas out there. I got several "oh, you must have your hands full comments" (also traveling with a three year old), and I just looked down at my empty hands (or maybe just my cell in one), and looked puzzled.
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I also feel like a Sling ambassador almost every time I wear DD on a sling!

Many times I'll be asked about where to get them, they're such a great idea, etc.

They'll also ask about getting tired holding DD in a sling, LOL! I just reply that I'd be holding her anyway, at least this way I have my arms free.

Only once was I stopped by a woman who said she'd never seen anyone else (other than herself) wearing a maya sling.
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I get rude comments all the time about my Hotsling. I always have check-out people make comments. Mostly they ignore me and "talk" to my dd. They say things like (in baby voice) "oh mom-I sure am squished in here", " Poor thing, where do your legs go?" and the most recent was a woman who asked me how old my dd is. I replied that she is 5 months (she is very petite). She said "oh, its time for your mama to let you out of there. She's keeping you all to herself!". I just ignore people. I figure they are jealous nobody id carrying them around.
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I think it would be easier to count the times I have *not* gotten a strange look or comment.
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I always get people that look with interest, I don't remember anyone ever being rude about it though. Most of the time I get compliments or questions. The other day some guy asked me if it hurt my back carrying the baby like that (I had him in front in a wrap).

A couple weeks ago though we went to get ice cream and these two girls - probably about age nine or ten just stood there staring at me with this look of utter confusion when I was putting DS in his wrap.
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I thought I was going to get a strange comment the other day from another mama on the bus. I had dd in the mei tai and it was our first long outing in that carrier, so I guess I was anticipating something.

Turns out she just wanted to tell me... "Your baby has a booger on her nose!"

Babywearing or not, that is a strange comment!!!!
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DH used our Ergo for the first time today (on his back) at Home Depot He has never carried our DD, but I was thrilled that he would rather wear her than stick her in a cart. I gave him a quick training lesson this AM and I was impressed how quickly he "got it". It took me forever I just wish I was there to see him strutting around in HD with our sweet little dd on his back. I wonder what all the guys thought of that
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I haven't really got any comments. Once my husband was wearing dd in the sling. I took her for a few minutes and he was still wearing the sling, and some teens thought he was wearing a sash!
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