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Belly Pain/Cramp Advice

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so it has not been a good week at all....I got home from talking to my lawyer yesterday, and when I got my 13 month old out of the car, I started getting a pain i the lower right part of my abdomen. I didn't really think anything of it at the time...except OW! But, within an hour or so, it got really intense. I called my ob office, but they were closed for the weekend (most be nice to be done at 1 on Friday!) So, I tried laying down, Hot packs, showers, bath, propping up on pillows......everything, nothing worked. I finally broke down and had the on call ob paged.....JERK! He told me, either the baby was sitting on a nerve, or a stretched something. Well, it only got worse as the night progressed.....I started having irregular contractions, and the pain spread more across my abdomen, and I got a slight fever. I ask DH to call the doctor, because I was feeling nauseaus and I knew if I talked I'd be sick. SO I tell him EXACTLY what to say, and in what order, OF COURSE, the idiot doesn't listen (it was too much of a bother to get him off the computer....did I mention that I was at my DIVORCE lawyer's office?????) And so, the dr. quickly gets him off the phone. I have a completely sleepless night, mostly spent in the tub, trying to get as much hot water on my belly as I can, the only thing that gets rid of the pain. Well, this morning, I am cramping, have excruciating pain across my belly, regualar contractions (well, they stay regular for about 30 minutes, then disappear for 20 minutes), and my belly just feels hard......
I don't want to go to the doctor if I am just overreacting.....I'm not spotting, or anything else. Just in pain!
Any advice or thoughts?
Sorry for the novel! I don't trust anyone but you guys right now!
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I'm not in your DDC, but read your post and it made me concerned. The symptoms you describe could be a number of things, but what I'm thinking is UTI or (hopefully not but with the lower right side thing) appendicitis. You could have a baby sitting on a nerve, or you could be having some dilation and effacement going on. But with the nausea, fever, and intense pain, I'd say screw your doctor and go to labor and delivery (if you plan to deliver at the hospital). Please keep us updated!
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Definitely get that OB off his butt and go to the hospital. Just getting checked out could be a big help.

My friend had an abrupted placenta and couldn't get anyone to listen to her when she said something wasn't right with the pain she was in... she went into PTL two days later. :slap

I'm sorry your stbx is being so unhelpful.
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I would head to the er or l&d to get checked too. Pain like that doesn't sound good at all. Any chance the on call ob has changed?
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go get checked out mama! who cares if someone thinks you're over-reacting, you got to take care of yourself and your baby! and wack your dh over the head with a frying pan as quickly as possible as well. i mean, you are in pain and he won't get off the computer?? please!:
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Did you get checked out Mama? How are you doing?

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well.....he decided to leave the house, and so, since I was left alone with my 12 month old, we crawled in bed, and tried to sleep. I think I had just been doing too much, because I feel much better today. I have an appointment with my OB in the a.m., so I'll talk to him about everything!
Thanks for the advice......I didn't feel like having to take an ambulance to the hospital!
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I'm so glad you're feeling better, but I'm so sorry about the situation with you and your husband .
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Sounds like a rough night. I hope everything turns out ok for you and your babe...keep us posted!
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Just wanted to post an update---
It looks like it was just some pulled ligaments, stretched muscles.....I'm not supposed to be picking up DD anymore, but since she is only 13 months and refuses to walk, like that will be happening! So, it looks like I'll just be in for a very sore couple of next weeks........
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