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I'm in!
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We went through the games cabinet. I'm ditching - Harold and the purple crayon game, Toy story yahtzee, money bingo, 2nd grade question cards, somebody game, a magnetic calendar, don't spill the beans and DD's talking vacum cleaner.

Thanks for the jump kick. This is the perfect goal/plan.
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Well count me in. I've been a declutterer for years, but it's serious cutting down time now. declutteringmylife.wordpress.com

Not quite seven things every week, because I know me and I know that's not going to work for me, but it'll be pretty regular. Thanks for the inspiration.
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posting for Sat, July 29.

1. parenting book
2. book
3. water pitcher
4. water pitcher
5. sponge bob plate and utensils
6. donated a new book to the library
7. stuffed animal
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My Saturday Seven is up.

Not sure how I'm going to keep up with my project while I'm out of town for the next two weeks. fingers crossed....
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here are mine
(I actually sold some of this stuff!)

3-bravado nursing bras that are brand new in the package- they are way too small and never got around to returning. sold for $65

1- fantabulous hippie dress, but I won't be wearing it anytime soon as I am nursing. I have too many clothes and nowhere to go.lol. sold for $55

1-pair of pedoodles shoes my DS outgrew. these are pending payment $10

1- box newborn baby gowns/sleepers/onesies for my brand new nephew Savion!

1- baby bouncy chair (going to a freind if he wants it for his daughter or else will donate this week)
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rainbowmoon, that's awesome! Did you sell here on the TP, or elsewhere?
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I sold the bras on the TP & the dress on ebay. the shoes are still pending though
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I decided to start blogging I might not keep it up but it really is inspiring (and fun!) so for now it's nice Today I got rid of 66 items but 64 of them were kid's books so it was easy (don't feel sorry for my kids - we still have hundreds left ).
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I don't blog, but will continue to post here. I will be gone next Saturday, so am posting for August 5 now.

2 beach chairs
w kiddy chairs
beach umbrella
growth chart
u-shaped bamboo poles
3 prong cord
educational game
guitar stand

all went to freecycle, love it love it lovefreecycle! :
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This week I am unloading - a basket, a beanie baby bear, 4 t-shirts(DS), 1 top of mine, and anything else I come across between now and when I get to the second hand store.

I try to get at least 7 and get them right out of the house. I think I will be doing another big book purge soon. We have a massive library of kids books and most of them don't even get touched. We are a library book kind of family.
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I'll attempt.

I'm not the greatest at this kind of thing, I'm pretty attached to my stuff and DH keeps bringing stuff in and trying to upgrade and get rid of stuff and I just keep going "no don't get rid of that!!"

But I'll try.

As of today at 3PM I will have gotten rid of a printer. (Sold it on my local trade and barter yahoo group for $10)


Does throwing away 3 empty boxes sitting in my bedroom and an empty printer box in the living room count?
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Oh boy... I've been out of town the past two weeks and will be away tomorrow so here's my 21 things for the three weeks: ( I might have to post a few more things on Sunday)
1. emptied and decluttered my scrapbooking box (lots of extra paper scraps and templates I don't use)

2. brown paper grocery bag full of baby boy clothes (to someone from church)

3. Well Woman cassette tape (donated)

4. Let Love Change your Life (book - donated)

5. Angela's Ashes (book - donated)

6. On the Road (book - donated)

7. Add- a - glance weekly pocketbook reminder (had it for 5 + years and have never used it)

8. pajama pants (too big) to thrift store

9. box of woolen scraps I was going use to make a blanket

10. simple abundance for men cassette tape

11. don't sweat the small stuff for families cassete tape

12. bird see no evil hear no evil speak no evil decoration

13. (this counts as many more than one) box of plastic building blocks

14. (this also counts as more than one, technically: ) big box of plastic toys... they multiply behind my back,

15. okay, maybe this doesn't count but I went through most of our writing utensils (pens, pencils, etc) and chucked the ones that didn't work.

16. Plastic zippy pocket thing that came in one of our many diaper bags.

17. heart beaded suncatcher

18. baby food recipie cd

19. wooden hook holders

20. journal
21. baby swing

I know I got rid of more stuff but I can't think of them off hand. I'll post more in a bit
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I just wanted to say that I posted a bunch of stuff on freecycle after a one liner about how I had joined "the seven things project" and one of the freecyclers emailed me on info to join the group
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I suck at this. I really really do.

DH brought home a couch (we've been using a daybed trundle and two matresses for a couch for almost 2 years now).

I was gonna get rid of the trundle/matresses...

but then I got nostalgic. And remembered that the trundle and one of the matresses was my FIRST teenager purchase (I'm 21) and the other matress is older than me, as it was my grandfathers... and it's the only thing I have of him...

So now we have the trundle in the garage and the matresses standing upright in the closet.......

and I still haven't gotten rid of anything...

HELP!! :
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this is just brilliant. i HAVE to join in, our house is getting out of hand. i'll post in my blog for the "public accountability" too.
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I'm having fun with this too It really is inspiring me to do *something* each week. I don't know if I'll make a whole year but that's ok I got rid of 8 things this week and still have some freecycles outstanding. They'll count for next week
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for 8/12/06

1. ds's old boots
2. sweat shirts with school name-2
3.Spongebob sippy cup
4. Book -Omnivore's Dilemma- donated to library
5. parenting books-2-freecycle

total 7 items
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Originally Posted by Ambrose
HELP!! :
Yeah, it can be hard. I was going to say just keep it all til I re-read and noticed you aren't using them. If the bed is important enough to keep then you should *use* it. If you don't have space to use it or it's not important enough to *make* space to use it then . . . . . Do you think maybe freecycling it and knowing it's going to someone who needs it and will use it might make it easier?

As for your Grandfather, when you see that mattress in the closet does it make you smile and think of him? Or does it make you feel guilty? If it's the guilt then bite the bullet and get it out of there. If it really does make you smile (the trundle too) then go ahead and keep them in storage and smile when you see them

(gee, look how I sit in my still cluttered house and spout off to someone else )
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I began a blog to join. My Decluttering Blog
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