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thanks shannon my posts will soon have my awful bedroom picutres... talk about terrible... i'm ashamed to say that's where i sleep!!!
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Heh, I'm too embarrassed to post my "before" pictures unless I have "after" ones to put up at the same time. Which would explain why so far I've only gotten one "before" up on my blog

I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures! Pictures are good
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I'm in.

Here are my giveaways this week:

2 bags clothes
birth/pregnancy books
rubbermaid tub of toys
box of cookbooks/computer books
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I'm so glad people are still doing this!

My Saturday Seven #8 is now up.
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Wow!! I'm just finding this thread and I'd love to join! I'll have to have a Sunday 7 though - Saturday doesn't work for me but I'm really excited! We moved from a small apartment to a big house last December but we don't have closets like we did and I feel like there's stuff everywhere! I'm stoked!
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Let's see, this Saturday's seven was:

- a large picture frame. When I was little it had a pic of me that my dad painted and hung on my Grandma's wall. I've reframed the picture but held onto the frame for several years.

- a body pillow that I don't use

- broken window blinds that sat in the bedroom floor for months

- 3 empty gift bags and several empty boxes that had been sitting in the floor of DD's room since June
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Just finished up my bedroom and my pictures are uploading now to my blog... Can anyone help me figure out how to link a word.... Like you have just the work "blog" in your sigurnature but i can't figure it out with just copy and pasting the link... http://moms3kids.blogspot.com
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kewl, I can't wait!

To link to a word, first copy the URL you want to use. Then type (in the post) the word you want to link to. Then you highlight the word and up above the post area there is a little icon for a link - It's the green circle with what looks like glasses on it (how that has anything to do with links I don't know!). When you click on that a window will pop up and you paste your URL in there. It does it for you!

I hope I explained that right :

I had a productive day yesterday! I finally ventured into the trading post and am mailing something off as soon as I get an address The TP is SO much easier than eBay,
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OK, I can't figure out how to join the blog ring!

I clicked the "Join" button and filled everything out (a couple weeks ago) but I don't know what to do now.

Help, anyone? I'm not normally this internet-challenged. :
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moms3kids, good job (wait, can I say "good job" on MDC? ) 150 items, wow!

LadyBug, I don't know, that's all I did. Maybe PM earthchick for help? (she started the ring).
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Ladybug, when I look at the ring list, Ladybug's Seven is there You're also on the Seven Things Project website
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The ring is really growing. Cool!

My Saturday Seven is now up. Personal total so far: 83.
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I just found this and love it. I'm setting up a blog to keep track of this pregnancy and my Saturday Seven. Here I go... I'm going to start with the bookcase.
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Today is my birthday I turned 37 so I sort of want to get rid of 37 things today. I thought that would be a cool birthday activity (since I have a cold and can't taste anything so there's no point in going to the restaurant I wanted to go to and AF just arrived this morning so there goes the other "fun" I had planned : )
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Shannon, happy birthday!!
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I just took a huge garbage bag full to Goodwill. I didn't realize how great that was going to feel!!
It had:
a bag full of toys
a bag full of wooden train tracks that don't match my son's M&D ones
loooots of clothes that were outgrown, etc.

I am working on another bag full for this week. I realize that it's more than seven, but it feels GREAT!
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Doesn't it thought? It's almost addictive

And thanks for the birthday wishes I didn't make my goal of 37, just 18, but I'm pretty happy about it I updated in the blog.

Everyone, update your blogs! I need more inspiration
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Great job shannon, i've been a little out of the loop the last few days... but will try to update my blog later tonight!
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Okay, so waaay back in the beginning of this thread, I was IN...and then I didn't do it! I am here to do it now though, better late than never!

Yesterday I got rid of:

An old futon and mattress (felt sooo good)

The rest I will be getting rid of today..so I will post again this evening!
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Okay, I'm bumping us back up. Anyone out there still with me? I've been going for 12 weeks now and am up to 90 things gone. But if it HARD. What about the rest of you?
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