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Friend in San Diego needs help!

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Does anyone know a really warm and competent LC in that area? I have a friend who is having major nursing trouble with her 4-day-old baby. Her husband is in the military and has been deployed, so she's alone with her newborn. Yikes! She needs some support. Can anyone help?
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Go to the La Leche League website . You can search for a Leader by area. If they can't help her, they may be able to recommend a good LC.
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have her call eve moran. i've only met eve once, but she seemed great - she runds milkmade at home and does LC, doula services, pump rentals, etc. i hired one of her partners as my doula for this pregnancy. i believe they will do a free consult over the phone and also have free bf support groups three days a week at the office (in the north park area) - i believe it is mon-wed-fri, so she might call and see what time and can go to that - she might get some good free help. i believe the prices for an actual one on one in person consult are $50 for on in office ocnsult and $100 for a home consult, but i bet they'sd help as much as they could regardless of price. their website is http://www.breastpumpsandiego.com/ if she wants to check it out.
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oh, nd if she just wants some one local to vent to, let me know - you could pass on my # to her.
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Eclipse, I had to delete Eve's phone # as we are not allowed to have it posted without permission. Rachel, PM Eclipse for the #.

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sorry!!! i didn't know. you might also be able to get it off her website.
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Eclipse, no problem, she can just get from you privately.
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Strong recommendation for Eve Moran

I'm late jumping into this thread, but I wanted to second the recommendation for Eve. She helped me when my son wouldn't nurse for his first 6 weeks, and there's no way I would have had the willpower to keep pumping without Eve's help. Her rates aren't bad, but she also has (or at least had - I've since moved from San Diego) open hours every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday around noon, where you can come in, ask her questions, weigh your baby, and talk with other mothers. Tuesday and Thursday she has baby massage sessions. Her webpage (can't remember if someone already gave it out, is www.breastpumpsandiego.com.

So good luck to your friend, and I hope she gives Eve a call. She's a great lady.

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