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DS *clicks* and bucks while nursing!

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His latch is getting worse and he consistently makes a *clicking* noise while he eats. He also bucks around a lot, especially when he's not ravenous and/or my milk slows down. I've tried the breast compressions and haven't found that it makes any difference. FWIW, we're pretty sure that he has reflux and that may be what the bucking/constantly popping off breast is about. How do I get him to re-figure out a proper latch? He always sucks in his bottom lip and when he gets frustrated, he just bounces his head around on the breast and acts like he's never nursed before. I'm afraid the bad latch may affect my milk, but I can sometimes get about 2 ounces in a few minutes of pumping. I don't want an OAL, but would increasing my supply so that the flow is faster be good or bad? DS is 8.5 weeks by the way.

TIA mamas!
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Clicking can be a symptom of thrush. Does he have any white patches in his mouth?

If it is reflux problems, make sure to get proper medical and LC help right away.
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OMG! Yes, we battled thrush, thought it was gone and just the other day I thought I saw a white patch on his tongue (he didn't have outward signs last time, I had inner breast pain). Consider me dense, but do BF babies get a white coating of milk on their tongues or no? What do I do now?The patch is definitely there but isn't getting any bigger. The LC I talked to didn't even mention thrush as a culprit, even though she's the one who's been helping with the treatment. Argh! Guess those expensive meds didn't work!!

BTW, why does thrush make them click? Does it affect their latch? Is this fixable beyond treating the thrush?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but this is VERY enlightening!
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THRUSH! This was the main symptom we had too, and just like you- the lactation consultant didn't even suggest it as an issue. It ended up going into my milk ducts and causing all sorts of problems.

DEFINITELY treat both yourself and the baby for thrush (nystatin for the baby, nystatin ointment for you is a good way to start).

The click because- get this- the thrush makes their mouths hurt when they nurse. When I found this out, I got really upset, and then REALLY mad at the LC who didn't bother to even suggest it as a cause. Grumble.

Luckily, we have these boards so we can at least figure out what is going on sometimes! My baby had a mildly white tongue, no patches elsewhere in her mouth or anything like that. A little bit of white in her diaper area (a tiny bit) was also a clue. The nystatin worked great. -j
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Also try eating some good yogurt yourself, mama. If nystatin doesn't help your baby, gentian violet can also be helpful.

I am sorry your LC failed to help you in this. I have been really been let down by two LC's also - one of them is the head of the LC organization here in Florida too, and I credit her with ruining my nursing relationship.
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Thanks for the suggestions ladies! I have an appt. with the ped tomorrow and will discuss my options with him and the homeopathic pharmacist I know! Wish me luck!!
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I would be interested in hearing what your ped says about this. I had the same problem with my ds (who is no longer nursing, I am an EPer) and now he clicks on the bottle too. I have an appt. with an oral specialist tomorrow to see if it is weak oral muscles. I was referred to her by my LC who suggested this may be the problem. I'm almost hoping this is the problem so at least I will know what caused all of the problems with nursing!
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ditto on the information that you get, as my dd had oral motor and weak muscle tone in her cheeks and mouth. I can't recall if she was a *clicker* though...
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Well we had our appt. with the speech path. today who is doing a study on infants with feeding problems (so it was a FREE visit ). It looks like my ds has weak oral motor muscles! I can't believe it. She said this is probably the root of all our nursing issues(clicking, etc.) UGH! I want to post this somewhere else as well b/c she said there are so many mommies who just give up on nursing b/c of latch on problems and they can usually be fixed with a few therapy excercises. We'll see...I'm going to start doing them right away and will keep you informed as to how things are going!
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Heidi, what are the exercises? DD clicks too. No thrush, and she drains a boob pretty fast. She gains weight like a trooper. Born 9,4 and up to 13,7 at 6 1/2 weeks. We can't afford the therapist, so we are just living with it. So far no effect on my supply, but I would be interested in hearing the strengthening exercises.
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we are having clicking with thrush
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Aha!! I was justing to ask about clicking now that the boards are back. I was thinking bad latch and possible clogged duct because he's been clicking and I'm hurting a bit. I didn't even think about thrush! :

He's got reflux pretty bad, does that contribute to the thrush? I was told babes with reflux are more prone.
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DD has always clicked too, but only whan she nurses on the right side. We also have latch problems (she has a shallow latch, and keeps her upper lip really tense) and as a newborn, she used to pull off the breast and relatch A LOT. As of this writing I am in major boob pain. Not quite as excruciating as when she was a newborn, but getting there. Nursing is a stabbing ain, and the searinf pain continues long after (I have Reynaud's Syndrome from the breast trauma).

I've already seen several LCs (to NO avail). I'm thinking of taking her for a chiro sdjustment to see if that might help (I figure, if it's worse on one side maybe her alignment is a partial factor) and I would be most interested about the oral motor piece (exercises, how to have this diagnosed/find a specialist, etc.)
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