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EBF finally!

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Well, we have made it! DD turned one this weekend, so I suppose we are now officially EBFing. I remember those difficult first few weeks of Bfing, just hoping I could make it to my goal of 6 months. Ha ha! Here we are a year later, with no thoughts of stopping anytime soon!

I just wanted to say hello and formally introduce myself. My name is Andrea, and my daughter and I continue to share a wonderful nursing relationship. We have a few friends who have nursed their little ones, but only one who plans to allow her child to self-wean. I have been lurking here for a bit, trying to find ways to explain to our friends and family why we will continue to nurse for as long as DD wishes. Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions in this area. I am looking forward to learning more from all of the experienced EBFing mommies here!

mommy to Greta 3/14/02
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congratulations on making it through the first year!
i can't believe i am about halfway through a SECOND! it goes so fast. i am so thankful i knew ahead of time about long-term nursing, because without nursing i would be one stressed out mama!
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me too

my lil one turned 1 last month. I have heard a few comments from the MIL and great grandma ( about time to wean?) I just say.."my milk is better for her than some cows and it will be a while before we are ready for that" I am so enjoying her!
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Congrats Andrea and Greta! My dd and I reached the same milestone last month. There is no end in sight for us either, and I am glad! Bfing is the best!
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Congratulations! What a great milestone, huh? My daughter is 14 months and I never though I would make it this far. She loves nursing and wouldnt be suprised if she went for another year
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My DD turned 4 in February and we are still nursing! I feel so connected to her. I have the great joy and privilege of watching her slip into sleep at least once every day. One nice thing is that we can talk about nursing. I am 6 weeks pregnant (!!!), and I'm able to ask her if the milk tastes different, or if there is a lot (or a little). Sometimes she uses nursing to get my attention (like crawling on my lap and helping herself when I'm on the computer and not paying attention to her), and I feel impatient. I try to remind myself how very, very fast she is growing, and that before long her nursing will be a sweet memory. Good luck!
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Thanks for all the support. I so enjoy hearing about your wonderful nursing relationships, and I look forward to continuing mine for quite some time to come. DD certainly seems to have every intention of nursing for a good long time!!!

mommy to Greta 3/14/02
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So wonderful!!!
Glad you made it this far !!!!
You sound just like me...Never thought I would ever be nursing a 34 month old...lol...
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